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Hi- What this Blog is About

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for reading.

I’m sure that many of you are asking the same questions that I have asked at times, ” Who are you and why should I read your blog???”

I’m just a woman trying to learn how to live the life of my dreams, and I’m aware that after reading my writings you might think I’m arrogant, or silly, or just downright stupid. For a long time, the thought of not being accepted has stopped me from doing the one thing that I love to do most: write.

You know what I realized, though? One day I’m going to die. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe ninety years from now. And nothing anyone thought about anything I did will matter. What will matter is whether I lived my life doing what I thought was best.

So I think it’s best that I write this blog…

Where This Comes From

In about January 2010, after yet another break-up with a man I thought I was going to marry,  I had a major breakdown. Nothing in my life made sense any more. I didn’t know what to do or where to go for help. I was crying every day. Over something. Over nothing… I felt like I was just floating in the middle of a vast ocean.

I really don’t know how I made it through that time, but about a year later,  in January 2011, I realized that I had made it through the hardest year of my life without dying and so I decided that it might be worth the effort to learn how not to cry every day, since I was gonna be here for a while.

I told a good friend of mine that I was going to do a self-experiment with becoming un-depressed, and he suggested that I write about it while I’m going through it, noting that most people forget what it was like over here when they get to the other side of happy. Sounded good to me, so for a while I did that. I wrote my friend a journal-esque entry every day about my adventures in not crying. That worked out at first, but then it didn’t. So I stopped. In the meantime I learned some things…

We write in our journals and hide them in the deepest, darkest places, closets, drawers, even under our beds, pretending all the while that we don’t want anyone to read them, when truly it is the only thing we really want. For someone to care. For someone to clean out the drawers and find out who we really are…

Why This Comes

My hope for this blog is that it will help. Both you and I. I think the world will be a better place when people can be honest about who they are and get over this notion that we have to be ashamed of the struggles we have been through. We’ve all had issues and oftentimes, our struggles are the greatest catalysts for our forward transformations.

It makes me happy to share my life with others and feel connected to people, and, since I mostly eat dinner by myself these days, I hope that I can come home and tell you how I’m doing.  Your interest helps me to be accountable for continuing on an authentic path of integrity …


This blog started out with two categories, but has since evolved to many sections.  It starts with “How Not to Cry Every Day Then”, which are the original writings I sent to my friend when I embarked on this adventure in January 2011, and  “How Not to Cry Every Day and then Some”, which are written in real-time. It then continues on to “How to Live With Integrity” “How to Blossom” and on. The topics change as major shifts are made in my life and the current topic is “The Initiation”.

It is organized by days. Although the most current blog is on the top of the page, the story begins with Day 1, and I invite you to read whatever interests you. I started off writing an entry every day, but I have stopped crying every day a while ago, so now I just write when I am inspired, but they are still numbered by days. Every blog heading is titled with something I learned on that particular day, and they are in order from Day 1 until Day…

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There is a place in the in between. The space between a thought and an action. The space where you know that the thought you just thought will come to pass. Insha’ Allah this is going to be good…

This Is Over

This is the end. And the beginning. This is over. The other day, I almost died. Again. In fact, I’m pretty sure I did die. Hallelujah and Amen finally. This is over. I think family has been my theme. The theme that I didn’t know I had. Go figure.

Dear Laydie,

I’m sorry. For everything. Where do I even begin? Long lists of wrongdoings perpetrated against me still being reenacted in real time. I could give it my energy, go over the story over and over again until it defines my identity and reinforces a past perspective of life, that yes, was real, but no, isn’t true; or I could not. I could say “This is over” and let it be so. Without having to change anyone else. Without having to fix anyone else. By a simple shift of focus. Onto me.

And honesty. About me.

And so I say it. Abracadabra. This is over. Say it like I mean it. This is over. Yes, indeed. The toxic family entanglements? They are over. The toxic family entanglements? Over. Yes, you could write a letter and tell everyone to fuck themselves and maybe that is necessary if you feel that is the best use of your time and energy. But honestly, those who are fucking themselves are already fucking themselves and when they are interested in knowing how or why, you won’t have to write them any letter. They will write you.

“But they don’t know what they did. I didn’t give them a chance”, the part of you that wants to believe in fantasies pleads. What is more true is that you want to tell on them. You want to tell the world about them. You want to let everyone know that you were good and they were bad. And maybe so. Most likely so. And also more complicated than that.

You are good and they are bad. There. You’ve said it. Is that enough? Somehow it only leaves you with teeth chattering.

You wanted to be seen as good. Because somewhere, somehow someone saw you as bad early on. Your brother. We know. Your best friend. It crushed you. Broke your heart. You want compassion. Pity, even. You want someone to say sorry to you. They see you. They see your broken heart and they will help you mend it. You are a good person. You are not that bad. But nobody came.

Instead, your mother added on to the mantra of seeing you as bad and you tried so, so hard to show her otherwise. Going above and beyond to win her approval to the point you never even bothered to understand what bad and good was for you. But nothing was enough. The slightest argument – I mean you could have ten witnesses telling her what actually happened, and somehow she would find a way to blame you for someone else disrespecting you, hurting you or violating your boundaries. You didn’t state your boundaries loud enough. You smiled too much when saying it. Folks thought you were joking even though you said it five times on five different occasions. Or you said it too meanly, in an attacking fashion, putting them on the defense. You wrote it, but you didn’t write it clear enough. You wrote it to too many people, shaming the offender.

Whilst laying on a bed drained and sick, telling someone, “You are offending me. Please leave me alone. You are asking for my attention, but you are doing so in a negative way. You are going to get negative attention” is too little if it’s not done with a stern face. Throwing water at them or slightly pushing them is way too much. And even still, you are the bad guy if they still continue to disrespect your boundaries.

Do you see where we are going with this, Laydie? Don’t expect someone to think of where you might sleep or thrive or put your own clothes even if you welcome them into your own apartment. That is asking for too much. And if you dare call out the fact that you have nowhere to live, expect that their feelings might be hurt.

I know. You wan to get it all out. And we can do this all day. Write about the things they did to you. And maybe it is necessary for you to process and move on. It is OK if that is what you need. We will be here to listen over and over. We will be here to validate you. I’m sorry, OK. I’m sorry they never saw you as a good person, no matter how hard you tried to prove otherwise.

I’m sorry they accused you of the most heinous of things and the most heinous of intentions. Why do they think you are so bad? Are you really that bad? Are you as bad as the way life has been treating you? Are you so unworthy of being stood up for? Is it that your feelings just don’t matter, but other people’s do? Your back begins to hurt as we ask these questions and that is good. Because something in you that has needed to process this shit and let it go.

“Are you that bad” is the question you ask yourself as you look at all your relationships and the status of your burnt down barn. And we can make it easy for you. You won’t want to hear this. But yes. Yes, in their eyes you are. That bad. Or that unworthy. Or that unimportant. Or too much. Or not enough. Or invisible. Yes, to some people, your needs don’t matter. And you wish they did. I know. You wish so much that it mattered if you said you don’t feel safe or protected in an environment. You wish someone you love would say, “Why? What’s going on? How can I help you?” But they won’t. They didn’t. They told you in so many ways that your needs don’t matter. Your feelings don’t matter. In fact, they told you in so many ways that your feelings are quite burdensome or not that important. Not as important as theirs or someone else’s. Or they didn’t even recognize that you have feelings at all because you are invisible to them. It happened, Laydie. I know, it feels bad, and I’m sorry. We are going to get through this now. We are finally going to get through all of this junk and get to the other side. No, not in theory. No, not just in a blog. For real for real for real. This part of our life, this story is over. Yes, it happened. Yes, it was real. Yes, people you loved dearly saw you those ways and treated you accordingly.

And you want to know still if you were that bad. You want to know if you deserved it. Was kissing a twenty year old man at eleven years old of age bad enough for your brother to tag you as unworthy of being talked to? I know that hurt you so deeply and has affected you for so long, but we are going to heal that now, now, now, because this wound has thrown everything else out of whack. Answer the question. You see your little nieces and nephews now. If your sweet, passionate little niece fell in love young and kissed a boy – if she just couldn’t understand why kissing a boy when you want to is prohibited – would you tag her as bad? Would you say she is unworthy of being talked to? Would you class her as contagious and hell bound and go on a valiant mission to invalidate any of her fundamental beliefs for the rest of your life? Would you encourage her brother to do any of those things? No. Would you encourage her to tag her brother as bad?

If the only way he could make sense of the world was through the rules and then she broke them? And he thought she was down with the rules like him? He would feel betrayed if she broke them. And he would feel she’s bad if she’s bad according to the rules.

So there you have it. Is your question answered? Are you that bad? Yes. To him you were. And this is hard to swallow, but he has a right to his opinion. It is an opinion. He will deny thinking you are bad or treating you as if you are bad because he cannot accept. If he accepts that he has been bad to you, then it will mean (to him) that he is bad. And that is not acceptable. Rather you than him.

But none of it is the truth. Here is the big one. You are bad in his eyes… maybe in all of their eyes at some level… for some thing you did or didn’t do that you didn’t even mean to hurt anyone by. Something you didn’t think too much of. You run late and don’t keep your word (at least not on time) often. That is deplorable for some people. They may not ever tell you, but oh, they will tell other people, and their actions towards you will let you know that resentment is indeed around. Lateness is not a big deal for you, but you did and do break your word as a habit when it comes to time. So? Are you bad? Or are they bad for not telling you how they are offended by you and giving you an opportunity to change? Are both of you bad?

These are the questions that have had energy buzzing at the bottom of your nerve roots for decades. These are the questions that stop your breath and tingle your hands even up to this very moment. And the answer is….. drum role…. You get to define who you are. My baby, we get to say, “I am a good person” and let it be so if we choose it so. I know. It hurts and makes you all uncomfortable. But you are a magician. The best of kinds. A good one. You can say, “This is over now” and let the past be over.

It doesn’t mean that anyone is going to change their opinion of you. They may hate you even more if your wrong, inferior self (according to their opinion) doesn’t cow tail to them. And I know, you wish you could make them like you. But you can’t. Well, you could. But that would mean just doing everything they want you to do. And then won’t respect you. And they will think you are invisible. And they will resent you for being a failure and think you are a burden and that you don’t matter because you act like it. And then you’ll feel unsafe and worthless. Do you see where this all starts and ends?

It starts with something someone did to you. OK? It’s not your fault, Laydie. Understand that it’s not your fault that you wanted your mom’s approval. You’re supposed to. It’s normal. It’s not your fault that you wanted your brother to continue being your friend and like you. You’re supposed to want that. It’s not your fault that you tried to do things and hoped that people would like you or accept you or think you’re a good person because of it, and instead they liked you less and pushed you away more and thought you were the pits. Yes, you were bad (and whatever other negative synonym). To them. The cat’s out the bag. I’m sorry that happened to you. I’m sorry life happened to you like that. I’m really, really sorry. But we have been hanging in the mud with this beginning for years on years on years. And now we get to write the ending. Yep. You and me. Right now. Now, now, now, now, now.

Like any juicy story, the ending will take time to unfold, but we start with a definite resolve to end it. “This is over” we say to ourselves when our back starts to tighten up as we think of all the things that happened. And we open up our hands, imagine our back smiling, and let it go. We move on by saying that “other people’s opinions of me have no power over me” and break the spells upon spells of identity ties that have been holding us. And then we look at our own opinion of ourselves. Have we thought that we are bad? Obviously. Look how our head hangs low. I’m sorry, Laydie. Please forgive me. I Love you. It has taken us so long. Here is where our power lies. We get to change the story of ourselves. Our first mind goes to thinking of changing the story of others because that is how our program is. We don’t think we’re so important, so it’s better to start thinking other people are good so we can help them first instead of helping ourselves. That is where our first mind took us out of habit, but that is not where we are going today.

With purpose and practice, today, and this whole week, we are going to do an experiment. Yes. We are going to say that we are important enough to think about first. We matter. You matter, Laydie. I matter. Your feelings matter. Your needs matter. You are important, too. I know that’s hard to swallow, given all you have experienced in life, but take the pill please. And detach yourself. You don’t have to make anyone happy just because you are. You don’t have to make anyone succeed just because you are succeeding. It would be nice if it flows that way, but it will not flow that way if the other is hurting you. Repeat. It will not flow that way if the other is hurting you. One more time. It will not flow that way if the other is hurting you. Do not let people hurt you whilst you try and help them. Break that agreement. Your feelings matter. Others will get the memo once you get it for yourself.

Nobody has to like you in order for you to like yourself. You have a moral compass. You know right from wrong. You know good from bad. You get to judge yourself according to your own compass. Not your brother’s. Not your mom’s. Not your siblings’. Not friends’. Not lovers’, past or present. You get to forgive yourself even if they don’t. And if it feels like the right thing to do, according to your own compass, you get to apologize for past wrongs. Or you get to say “fuck ’em” or help them or do nothing at all if your compass says that’s not the answer.

Ok baddy bad? Do this work not because you want them to like you. I know this is hard because you want them to like you. You do. And the vibration in you wanting approval from others is strong. But is there anything stronger? Remember when you thought you were dying and your life flashed before your eyes and you were crying about all the things you didn’t do with your time on Earth? Did you cry about anyone not liking you? No. As far as relationships were concerned, you felt bad about not telling everyone the truth about what shits you think they are and how much they wronged you. Why was this important to you? Because you thought they didn’t know and you thought that maybe you could impact them to change and make the world the better place if you could juuuuust show them how full of shit they are. Then they would see and then they would get it together and do better by others and all your suffering at their hands would be worth something… But it doesn’t work that way. All of your suffering by their hands will be worth something if you do something with it. If you grow from it. If it teaches you how to be Sovereign. If it helps you embody your power at last. Your suffering will be worth it if it plants such a deep seed of compassion in you that you can reach the most hurt human beings and help them. Do not do this work because you want them to like you. You do, but don’t let that be your impetus. Your impetus in healing, because that is what we have finally come to the end of – healing and moving through and breaking through – Your impetus in healing is so that you can live a life that you feel is worth something, a life that you find fulfilling according to your own values, my grown up big woman now. You’ve suffered enough. Suffering is not your lot anymore, Laydie, not even at the hands of family. Suffering is not your lot anymore. Suffering is not for you anymore. Speak to any part of you – any part of your life that wants to bring it to you out of habit and declare that “this is over”. This is over. This is over.

And then put all your focus, 100%, on what was really important to you in your life. You know what those things are. You cried about them when you thought you were dying.

You cried about not fully loving anyone and not having a child. You cried about no movies or books that came from you and not doing stuff in the heal the world country at the level you wanted to. So you know what’s really important to you in relationships. Foundational honesty. It’s not important to everyone else, but it’s important to you.

Time to build. Not in that hard, I’m all alone, the world is against me way. Yes, you are mischievous, but not in a bad way. You are playful and you like fun. It’s important to you. Joy is important to you. You are so passionate, but you have no sex. Passion is important to you. You’re an all-the-way, wholehearted person, but you’ve been half-assing everything. It’s time to start a whole new life – oh, you are so mega creative, but you haven’t been making anything. Do you see why life has been the shits? I’m not blaming you. I’m just making it make sense. How is your big ass heart gonna be sitting here not Loving anyone???? Not having anyone who can see you and Love you fully? No, no, no, no, no.

This is over. Resolve. Say it with a different voice. This is over. Forget about everyone else. In you, worthless, unimportant, bad, not mattering is over. For you to experience a better life. That is the practice. For these next three months. If you can do it – and you can do it – If you can tell yourself that you are worthy and act like it. If you can tell yourself you are a good person and you deserve good things and you deserve to be treated well and act like it… If you can know that you matter and walk like it – how does someone who matters walk? With their head held high. Not high high, but chin up. And if you were worthy, then every time something good came your way, you would do like your nephew and just relax into it.

Now relax… let go. You’re not going to do this on your own. Say it with your back straight and chin up. Say it with your chin powerful. Say it from your belly WITH LOVE and let yourself see and hear yourself as you do. Say it with passion, fun, playfulness, joy or whatever way represents what’s important to you. Say it all the way… And do it every day. Yes. Every day like brushing teeth… You are worthy of the very best in life. You are important just because you exist. Your needs and feelings matter. You are a good person and you deserve a good life and good things and you deserve to be treated well. You are not a burden.


I am not doing this on my own. God is with me and not against me. Others are for me and not against me. I am worthy of the very best in life and I now lovingly and gratefully accept it. I am important just because I exist. My feelings and needs matter. I am a good person and I deserve a good life and good things and I deserve to be treated well. I am not a burden. And I claim, resolve and declare all of this because my life is worth something. My life is worth something. My life is worth something. Suffering is not my lot anymore. It is over. Suffering is over. This is over. Relax. Let go. It is done, it is done. IT. IS. DONE.


All Of Me (Light Force, Activate!)

Y’all. So. My vibe is leveling up and I’m feeling inclined to run and celebrate. I met a man… It’s always about a man, I know. The kind of men around me change according to the kind of life I’m living. I can tell what’s going on in my world by the kind of men around me.

Men have started being nice to me. The mean asses still exist, but I don’t spend too much time with them anymore. And possibility is on the mind. Y’all I’m so antsy I don’t know if I’m coming or going. My sis lives in a house. I’m at my sis’s house. It’s nice. These ideas. I’ve never really had them. I don’t know what happened to me. This idea of a family. I mean, I’ve had it as a fantasy waaaaay off somewhere in the back of my mind. Not even a real fantasy. Just a cloud somewhere in my mind.

I’ve never thought it was possible to be safe with others. Up until now. Well, I have learned to use my words. To curse people out and set boundaries. Yep, I said it. Curse them out ahead of time before things go so far. I want to forgive my sister. I want to forgive everyone, to be honest. Now. Now now. Just right now. It doesn’t matter if they ever change. It so doesn’t matter. They can be assholes all they want. But they can’t be an asshole to me. Yesterday, one of my sisters was going too far in the way she was speaking to me. In the past, I might not have said anything and just held it and felt hurt and made up a whole story about how she doesn’t like me and why her energy had shifted and she was talking crazy to me. But I didn’t. Well, I made up a story of sorts as far as the why. But what I did was tell her “I don’t like the way you’re talking to me. Stop.” And she did. And that was enough. Her why doesn’t even matter to me. I still love her and I don’t have to worry about whether or not she loves me nor all the complexities of what is or what isn’t in her life.

What I’m trying to get out on paper this morning is that I’m learning how to live life, y’all. Finally for the first time. For the first time in my entire life, I am aware of when my thoughts are my own thoughts and I’m able to say no to people. This is a big deal. I’m exciting about finally being able to let go of an entire way of being that wasn’t serving me.

My brain started working the other day! Y’all, my brain hasn’t worked in so long. Since October 2015 when I sat at work and was trying to work on processing some paperwork and I couldn’t remember what I was doing. I couldn’t remember what I was doing. I was under loads of stress and I couldn’t remember what I was doing. I sat there at work and I just couldn’t remember what I was doing. I busted out crying and called the psychology department of my insurance. It was the first time I had ever called a psychology department of anything. I went in to see them. I had indeed undergone a breakdown of sorts. They put me on work leave and I went to a group behavioral therapy program called work clinic. Now that I have done so much self healing work since, I know that the clinic was quite extraordinary. We worked on grounding without calling it grounding, positive emotional attractors, orienting… I should have been a therapist. I love this kind of work

Anyway, this blog doesn’t have a focus point, but I’ll post it anyway. Since my brain skipped a beat in 2015, it has been skipping beats ever since and not remembering the simplest of things. You know, people go through so much and many of us are not even aware of all the ways trauma and stress and heartache and feeling unsafe are impacting our quality of life. And not telling the truth. Not telling the truth is such a big deal. We start by avoiding the things that hurt and lying to ourselves about how we feel and never quite resolving or fixing anything. And then we disassociate and we start lying to others. And then we completely forget who we are and what we wanted to be doing with this thing called life…

I’m sorry. If you’ve been going a hard time or you forgot yourself. I’m sorry. If your brain went offline a long time ago and it’s been offline for so long that you don’t even know the difference now. I’m sorry. If your heart stopped working that one time someone stabbed it so deep and you don’t even remember what it feels like to love or trust or be able to relax around anyone. I’m sorry. If you’re not in your body because you don’t feel equipped to feel the pain that is there. I’m sorry. And I’m super sorry if you have no idea what’s going on with you, but you just know that life isn’t working and everything hurts. I hope it gets better for you. I hope you get better.

It’s getting better for me. I want to encourage someone. My brain came online after being offline for almost seven years. It wasn’t easy. In fact, it was hell. Disappointment after disappointment after pain after pain. Maddening thoughts that I won’t even write about more than once. Body tingles I wasn’t even aware of for years on end until they became body aches and paralysis. I don’t know what happened to me. But I want to tell you I’m back. I’ve been healing and healing and healing and finally I am able to tell people know and not feel like my life is over if people I love reject me or don’t understand me.

The other day, I was looking for my keys and I couldn’t remember where I put them as usual, and then I asked my brain to come online. I literally said, “Brain. Come online and show me where those keys are.” And my brain remembered! It remembered! I remembered! And I found the keys. And then I asked it about other stuff. Where did I put some crayons. And how to get from one place to another when I’m driving back home in the exact same direction as I came. I didn’t used to be able to remember that stuff. But my brain has been showing up for me. I even ask it what to do when I’m making difficult choices, and sometimes it tells me, “I don’t know. Ask heart.” Or “bring Soul online”.

And then I make choices that I’ve never made before and I feel things that I haven’t felt in years and I am hopeful. Not only hopeful, but acting on hope. And so I want to share that with you. Because I don’t want you to give up hope. I heard Esther Hicks say, “I have decided that I am a good person and I deserve good things.” You can make that decision for yourself. You are a good person and you deserve good things. And good things deserve you.

Today, I commit to live my life fully. Yes, fully. It won’t happen all at once, but maybe it will. But I’m deciding to bring my full self here. My full presence as a light being. I may not be able to hold it all at once, but slowly slowly I’ll get used to it. And my soul and my brain and my heart and my body can help.

You know, sometimes I think that I don’t want to say all this gung ho stuff. I don’t believe it. I might mess up on stuff and I might write this “bring all of you” blog and then not bring all of me tomorrow. But little by little, I will bring more and more of myself…

Y’all. Someone just wrote an angry text message. A guy I used to date who I am unfortunately linked to on a work project who just asked me to get back with him and I rejected who is now letting out his anger on work. My back is starting to tingle. How to navigate, new Laydie? Don’t engage. Let the energy pass. Stay the course and stay focused. His anger doesn’t have to hit you. Light shield! Activate activate activate! Sometimes people don’t even know what they are doing when they attack you. Sometimes it’s other forces working through them. Sometimes it’s other forces working through you or all the subconscious nonsense that so many of haven’t processed… When I activated light source just now, my back calmed down. I am now telling my back it’s safe. You’re safe. Nobody’s anger can destroy your peace. Nobody’s mood can destroy your peace. Nobody’s thoughts of you can destroy your peace. You don’t even have to put your focus onto fighting or defending yourself from others.

Light shield activate. Activate activate activate! Bring your own intentions forward instead of being at the effect of others’ intentions for you and you control your life at last.

Today’s intention – Light Force activate. Give and receive Light. Give and receive Love. No matter happens, that is what you really want to do, Laydie. And tap into all of you to help you find your way. Soul Activate. Brain Activate. Light Presence within me, activate. Heart activate. Body, accept your own energy now and be nourished by it.

I love y’all. I love you. I love you.



All of Me (Light Force, Activate!)

Day 568 – Confessions of a Former Codependent Empath with No Boundaries (More Work)

Y’all. These feelings get in the way. And when I don’t integrate them, they just keep me unstable. So here I am, processing things again. Through my therapy group yesterday, we had to do an analysis and talk about what we have to celebrate for the past five years. Five years ago was when I came back to the world after being sick and disabled for two years.

It was a lot. Being sick and disabled after spending a lifetime of being ridiculously in shape and healthy without even having to work for it was something else. So many people say sickness can be a Blessing, and now I see it. Yesterday I saw it.

My sickness totally made me re-evaluate everything. Any my entire life has been falling apart since 2017. Relationships, family, friends, everything readjusted…. And yesterday, I was celebrating all of it. Do you know what I was celebrating? Not going to Disneyland. I know. Wait for it. It’s a good story.

Five years ago, after recovering from being sick for two years and promising God I would do what he wanted with my life if he let me live, I lived. I got back relatively healthy and functional. And I got a big check to boot. Not a super big check. My check actually was not even enough to get me out of the poverty line and food stamps eligible for me. It was $40k, which was actually about $30k because I had about $10k worth of debt, but I know how to live on very small amounts of money, and so it was enough for me to manage my life for a year without having to work… And so I made a plan. I was gonna get my life together and become this super writer and not have to work for a year.

I had my apartment in LA. I had a car. I knew how to navigate resources in LA… I started a new life. But it didn’t last long. Soon, my mother’s job deployed her to LA. Another sister had just had a baby and my mom was babysitting said baby. Another sister had an infant and was in a very tumultuous relationship. Another sister was in LA with mom visiting. And another sister came to visit and that visit would be the visit that had her disappear from the family ever since because she thought things were happening that really weren’t. My teenage niece and nephew were also in town at the time. And my brother got into a car accident that summer that changed his back ever since… My plans were to be hot girl, single, film obsessed Laydie and get my life together, and for a while I was. It was amazing. I had a power partner and everything. And then I wasn’t. My family saw my unemployed status as an open ticket to ask for help. And I like to help my family and at the time I had an inability to say no to people, so I was going here, there and everywhere helping folks. I was hosting friends at my place. I was helping others get over sicknesses… I was dating unavailable, abusive men nonstop, and my friendships were becoming toxic. I was doing everything and anything except being hot and happy, film obsessed Laydie following through on her goals…

At the end of the day, some things worked. I have a farm in the heal the world country. I finished writing a script. But mostly, everything was hard to do and not completely done and emotionally, I was defeated. And when I started setting boundaries (I didn’t know what boundaries were until my power partner gave me a boundaries book in 2017), most of my relationships that I had been bonded to my whole life fell apart. It has been a hard, hard, five years. But it has culminated in a.woman girl who is starting to like herself at last.

And I was celebrating not going to Disneyland. Why? Since around April this year, I started to take my life more seriously. I mean, less seriously but more seriously. I started to put myself first. That statement is so loaded and I have grown up my entire life thinking that to put oneself first is the absolute worst thing one can do. But after realizing that I had set up relationship matrixes where people expected me to always put myself last, forfeit my time and energy to help them thrive at the drop of a dime at all times and become upset if I decided to actually use my time and energy to do things that were good for my life, I realized that putting others first at all times was kind of not the thing to do. I was dying. I was hurting all the time. I was feeling so unloved and so under supported…. I’m glad I chose to write this blog. It’s what I needed. These emotions have been all stuck in me since yesterday and keeping me floored and physically in pain.

So, since April, I started doing what I said I was going to do five years ago. I started listening to what God told me to do. And I started focusing on doing my work. And I started giving my energy and love to people who show me love and kindness and respect through action. And I started trusting people who show themselves trustworthy… But most of all, I started showing myself love and kindness and respect by being kind and loving and trustworthy and honest and true to my own self. By asking myself, “Is this good for you, Laydie? Does this support the life you are trying to create?” And it has been amazing. It has been the best time of my life.

At the beginning of June, I went on a self created retreat. One of my best day ones supported me to stay in their house and get my life together so I could prep for meetings in LA. My meetings in LA kept getting delayed, and to make a long story short, I ended up spending time with my mom for three weeks. I hadn’t planned that. I was back in a bed with mom, struggling with keeping boundaries. Mom and I’s relationship was better, but I was in a family house, and no matter how you paint it, in a family house, there is an expectation to spend time with family. And I love this particular family. But I would have much rather been in nature and doing my therapy work and dating men at night and working like a film maniac to finish my film stuff and getting my farm stuff in order because that seemed like the best use of my time at the moment. And visit family every now and then, when I’m interested in being fully present with them. This may sound selfish, but it’s ok. I’m late, you see.

I’m late for getting pregnant. I worry every day if I’ll even be able to get pregnant. I should be spending all day trying to find some man to sex and baby daddy me at my age. Not coming home at 8p because mom either gets worried or disgruntled if she doesn’t see you by a certain time. And I’m late to get my career in order. I’m at the age and stage where it’s kind of like, either I’m going to do it or I need to give it a rest and do something else. Not fake do it. Not dream it. Not almost do it. Just do it. And if I want to do it soon, I need to do some catch up focus. And I don’t have kids or any of that. I’m supposed to take advantage of this time so that I can create a situation where I can have kids soon and I can work how I want soon, not spend all this time with fam until my money runs out and then I’m forced to be busy nine to fiving… So, it was time for me to leave mom and go back to the focus I had set for myself.

Mom wanted me to stay longer. She wanted me to go to Disneyland with her and fam. Kids wanted me to go to Disneyland with them. One nephew asked me to give him one good reason why I can’t come. Kids won’t understand that I have stuff to do right now and I will be absolutely energetically drained after going to Disneyland and a week trip will really end up being a three week trip for me because it will probably take me two weeks to get stable after sleeping my introverted behind in bed with mom and then engaging with kids and fam from sun up to sun down. I didn’t want to go, but I told them I was going to go anyway, because the pressure was too much for me. I was supposed to meet them at Disneyland and I was going to drive out there a little after them and after I had gotten a little bit a rest.. I laid down to rest, and I woke up with Covid!

Yep. My mom had had Covid, too. Almost everyone had gotten Covid. They wanted me to stick around till everyone got back from Disneyland, but as soon as I got a little functional with the Covid (I’m 100% better now), I left. It sounds so bad to write it out loud, but it made me happy. My family is amazing. But if I had told them that I am working on a thesis paper that is guaranteed to get me a million dollar job that will change our life, they would not ask me to stick around for any reason.

They would tell me to go far, far away and find a library, find someone to have some stabilizing sex with and put my head in the books till I’m done. They might even sponsor me or help to support this venture. They don’t see what I’m doing as a million dollar guarantee, and it’s because I’ve taken so long on it. But I see it. Yep. And I know that when I win for real, all my family is going to win. And the ones who know me know that as well. So I did it… I’m doing it. For the first time in my entire life, I am started to treat myself like I actually have a shot at a good life. I haven’t even been dating folks if I don’t think I can go all the way and have a family with them, or if they aren’t fully willing to consciously do the same without having to be tricked.

So I’m celebrating today. I’m not used to it. I’m not used to celebrating myself. I’m not used to saying any of this stuff out loud because I fear people won’t approve of it. But I know that I need to be OK with the idea that others may not approve of me. It’s a big one. I’m celebrating believing in myself enough to say no to anything that’s not supporting what I’m up to, whether consciously or unconsciously. I’m celebrating a mind that works… My mind hasn’t worked in so, so long. I’m celebrating my wonderful body, who always breaks down when I’m not doing what’s good for it. I appreciate it for stopping me in my tracks, draining my energy, giving me aches, doing whatever it has to do to get my attention so that I can heal, realign, think clearly and do what needs to be done to have a life aligned with who I really am. I can get used to this. I can get used to celebrating myself.

Can I tell you a secret? Sometimes I get scared to post about happy stuff or tell people about good stuff happening to me. I feel like people will hate on me or they will feel like I’m doing so well they can ask me to shift focus to them now. I’m trying to find a new belief as a foundation. Why not me? People get happy for others and support others while they are thriving. Here is my new belief: Others are happy for me when I’m thriving. Others support me even more when I am doing well and want me to focus on myself enough for me to continue to thrive and be stable. Oh, I like this one. Others support me even more when I am doing well and want me to focus on myself enough for me to continue to thrive and be stable… One more time. Others support me even more when I am doing well and want me to focus on myself enough for me to continue to thrive and be stable.

I am willing and choosing to accept Love.

You guys, there is a huge correlation between our inner and outer worlds. If you’re reading this, I want you to know that life can get better. Not just in a one blog way. You probably gonna have to put in some intentional work, and it might be really really hard. It might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done and it might hurt for a while. But it gets better if you keep doing the work. Once you’ve found a clear direction (and you’ll know once you’ve found a clear direction. It’s different for everyone.), keep putting in the work. Even if you stumble. Even if you pause. Even if you backslide along the way. Keep putting in the work and you will see that things do get better. Be honest with yourself. Stop lying about being happy if you’re not. Stop lying about what’s going on in your relationships. Tell the truth to yourself at least. Stop lying about what you really want. And fix the things you’ve broken if you’re led to do as much. Forgive yourself. Fix the broken things inside you…

I Love you I Love you I Love you.



Day 568

Confessions of a Former Codependent Empath with No Boundaries (More Work)

Day 567 – Planting Seeds and Tending Wounds


Life is moving. Fast, fast, fast. Where to begin and where to end with this one? I started off intending to share something good with the world. Because I’m on overload of good things and need to share. Then I looked at the heading of my last blog post, “betrayal”. I wondered what I wrote in there, but I can imagine. Then I felt the feelings of betrayal again. Thought of a situation of someone I love being so OK betraying me. Then I felt sad and I feel really sad right now.

That’s where we are starting this blog. I looked at a pic of myself a year ago. Then almost two years ago, right around the time my grandma died. Since I’ve had so many health issues, I’m really good at spotting a nervous tick, dull eyes, lopsided facial expressions because you are just trying to keep it together. I was doing really really bad. I didn’t even know. Just trying to keep it together whilst people kept asking me for shit. Man, the last two years have been the roughest. The most heartbreaking. The most life changing and devastating.

My coach said I was a codependent empath with no boundaries. Recipe for disaster. Taking in everyone’s shit to the point you don’t realize what’s yours and what’s another’s. Fearful people are always happy for a hero and resent them afterwards… Life has been something. I guess I’ll just sort through my thoughts with this entry with the intention of getting somewhere after I take off all the top layers.

A family member was sick the other. I was able to help. I was so happy to help. Nobody was helping this person in the way she needed. I don’t understand what’s wrong with us humans. It’s not that we don’t know. Some of us don’t know, but even for the ones who don’t know, when people tell them what they need, they don’t honor it. And then start talking about “I love you I Love you”. This person just needed someone to give her food. Tell her to drink water. Sit with her and don’t ask her for shit whilst she was in the hospital. Care. Like, not because it’s an obligation and that’s what you’re supposed to do. Care because you care. Care because you want her to get better and it doesn’t cost you that much time or energy to care.

I was sitting in the hospital with her and realizing that that’s the only thing that matters to me. Caring and being cared for. Everyone is not able to do so. Everyone is not interested in doing so. Many of us think the sky is falling down and we have to survive and that is our life focus. What is yours? What is mine?

Can I tell you a secret? The sky is not falling. For some people it is and for some people it’s not. And it’s not because some are privileged and some are not. I’m writing this as a person whose skies have been falling for years on end. Yes, I was born into tough circumstances. Yes, a lot happened to my sweet behind before I was even aware of what’s really going on and how it was impacting my sense of self, belief system, etc. Yes, I had my reasons for developing a lifestyle of disassociating. Stuff hurt and I wasn’t even conscious enough to see exactly what was eating Gilbert Grape. We have our reasons. But there are people with our same backgrounds and worse – our race, our gender, our socioeconomic background, our level of beauty or lack thereof, our level of talent/skills or lack thereof… and their skies are falling, too, but they are thriving. I want to tell you the secret I learned. The secret I am learning and starting to put into practice.

You have to plant seeds.

That’s it. That is the way out of all of this. I’m a farmer. It’s weird to write because I really never thought of being a farmer. But I’m a farmer. I have a farm overseas. From the start of planting our farm three years ago and up until now, so much has happened. People have died. People have tried to kill me and others on my team. I’ve gotten sick and heartbroken enough times. So many relationships have fallen apart. And the farm is still there. Growing. Do you understand?

Relate it to your life. There is something important to you in life. There is something you want to be. Something you want to do or feel. Create, contribute, express, experience, as Claire from Feminine Power would say. There’s something you want to create, contribute, express and/or experience. You’ve probably wanted it for the majority of your life… And maybe you got disappointed. Of course you did. And the sky started falling. Or you started drowning for one reason or another. Someone broke your heart. I understand how much it hurts. And I’m sorry. Trust me, I understand. Someone betrayed you. You thought they had your back and they would never do a certain thing, and then they did. And they never said sorry. In fact, they kicked you and said you ain’t shit and you deserved the bad treatment. And your Earth shook. Your foundation broke. And the sky felt like it was falling. I understand. It hurt like hell and you couldn’t distinguish coming from going and only wanted to not walk into the ocean when the thoughts came your way. I understand… Your heart is big. Your Love is deep. And they didn’t see it. Or if they did, they hated for it or tried to take advantage of you because of it… And your focus became survival. It’s understandable…

But it hasn’t been enough for you, big heart. You understand? You can’t stop caring about folks no matter how hard you try. Because you care. And that is part of your gift… This season has been the best time of my life. Why? Because the sky has been falling and I have been planting seeds.

My own seeds. I have been thinking about what I want to do with this life. Really. What matters to me. Really. And what matters to me is sharing the stories that are in my soul, helping the heal the world country that I’m invested in, and sharing as much Love as I can with the people I love. And receiving Love. I want to have some kids, too. And so, by planting seeds, I mean to figure out what matters to you and start putting energy towards it. The sky will keep falling. Eventually, holding it up won’t be that important to you and you will realize that there are ways to be safe in this world.

I know it might feel like a foreign concept to you – being emotionally safe. It was a foreign concept to me when I first heard it about six months ago. My nervous system was so dysregulated. And I was so used to being that way. I joined a coaching program that’s been helping me. I encourage you to join a program. Get help. Don’t try to get out of this place alone. Get help. Help helps. People with training and experience can offer perspectives you don’t have on your own. I got help. I joined a program that helped me get in touch with my body. It helped me get in touch with my feelings. But mostly, it helped me recognize what my issues were… I was just going from hurt to hurt to hurt. I had taught people to believe that my life force was for them only and if I dared focus on me, I was marked as selfish. People didn’t care about betraying me or hurting me or respecting me or being kind to me… they weren’t even aware of my needs when making decisions that impacted me. But I participated in the creation of those dynamics. I didn’t care about betraying myself or respecting myself or being kind to myself or being aware of my own needs and preferences when making decisions that impacted others… I had spent so much time putting out fires that people really could have put out themselves – enabling others to be assholes and teaching them not to value me – and the coaching program I joined has just been helping me to recognize behavior patterns so that I can change them.

I’m not perfect still and I do believe I’m going to stop aspiring to be so. We get it twisted. We think that self care means you have to be selfish. It doesn’t. You can care about others and care about yourself at the same time. We’re not so used to it, so it’s a practice to be learned. I’m thinking all over the place now.

I just wanted to touch bases with you, World, really, and tell you that I’m all right. I’m better than ever. I’ve been living in my body and healing. I’ve been planting seeds that I want for my life. And the world is still falling apart. Assholes are still being assholes. Some people I love don’t like me and might not ever. And it hurts still. But it doesn’t overpower me like it used to. Some people who were mean are changing and starting to be nice. I don’t trust it fully yet, but I’m willing for action to change my mind. I don’t run from my meltdowns anymore. They happen at least once I week. I face them. I am teaching myself that I’m powerful and able. Power stopped being a dirty word for me. I stopped associating it with being lonely and being a martyr. I learned that it can be a good thing. It can get you out of dark places. I started doing affirmations and then taking action aligned with them. So if I say, “I am powerful”, then I take a powerful action, like writing out a blog even though it makes my back tense up to feel all these emotions. I am powerful, so I can look at my pained back and have my wounds speak to me. They tell me they are afraid to be seen. They tell me people won’t like me. They tell me I am making myself too vulnerable and I don’t know who all is reading this blog. People will judge me… Wow… This is what I came here to unearth. This deep seated fear of being seen.

Because I am powerful, I can bring all my power to the forefront. I can bring all my Love to the table. You see? This is planting seeds. It is about doing something intentional because you want to create something important to you in the midst of the sky falling down. Here I am trying to express myself. And my body wants to explode from resistance and fear. And in the past, it would. And I would get off this blog and shiver and cry and it would be delayed for a month and this message would not come through. But today, this thought is being completed and this blog is being posted. And we will talk to our pain with Love and power and use the tools we’ve learned.

We touch our back with love. We touch our pain with all our power. I can see that you feel pain. I can see you feel afraid. I can see that you feel wounded. What do you need?

-You need me to show up for you. You need my care. You need my attention. You need me to take safe action. You need me to protect you.

Is this blog safe enough? People might judge you. They will. Some people will not like you, even ones you like. Some folks might ask you for stuff if they think you’re doing too well and it might be hard for you to say no. How can I keep you safe from that?

-Protect me, please. Tell me I am good and likable. Give me nutrients to soothe and heal me. Take me around someone who won’t judge me for my pain, please. I know you have excess energy today. Turn it towards the seeds you are planting for us, please. Don’t give it to the mean folks today. I am your wounded self. Your trauma right here lodged deep in these nerves of your back… Please show me that you love me – show me I am safe – by tending to me.

How can I tend to you today?

-Feed me powerful words. Tell me I’m good and worthy of good things. Tell me I’m worthy of healthy love and healing. And what will heal me? You have someone in your life who wants to breathe life into you, but you’ve been scared to accept. Try it out and see. Accept. Help. Today. And take one step towards watering the seeds of stories you have planted. Let’s do those two things first. Bring your power, your soul, God’s soul in you, your strength, and all your Love to the forefront if you get scared. The sky is falling apart. You are falling apart. And you are growing still. We are growing still… Planting seeds.

Day 567

Planting Seeds and Tending Wounds

Day 566 – The Answer To Betrayal (And So Many Other Things)

Brain going bezerk. Just sent out a request that could change a lot of things. Body going into rebellion. Why is it so hard to accept good things? I know, subconscious patterning saying you’re not good enough, spells, hooks, whatever. I know. But I’d like to be done with this now. I feel sorry for myself. My emotions running wild and fear trying to take the lead. Sorrow following for seconds. Grief. Sadness. Where’s my sweet sister? Wish she was here with me as I’m breaking through. Where’s all the folks I started with? Not here to cheer me on. Well, some are here, but still… Did they ever cheer me on, or was it only the fantasy that was OK?

Oh, man. You know what? I hate to believe that folks can be as bad as they are, but evidence has shown me that they can. And God says don’t dwell on that because it will take me down a hole. I broke up with Liar Liar. Again again again. You know, there are several breakups in a breakup. First the words are spoken. Often one party persists in trying to stay together and then there is that game, lasting anywhere from days to years… Then, finally the decision is made. You move on and entertain others, but still there is that sadness, like now. You reach a benchmark that you and your former “with” or “withs” had been speaking of. Maybe they were even a significant part of you getting started. But somewhere along the way, y’all fell off. You realized they were jealous and only wanted you to win if they could win win first, and even then. Why is it God, that so many people in my life just couldn’t stand by me and watch me win? Even if I take them with me? They want to do it by themselves. They want to say they are better than me.

Sometimes I feel embarrassed. Like a little kid. It took me so long to see the realities of the world. It took me so long to be aware of energy that has always been present. I get afraid. I wonder if I’m special ed or something. I’m sure I’m undiagnosed something. I didn’t realize that there’s a whole better than worse than dominate suppress ego game going on and it’s very, very serious for some people. Life or death serious. Like, I’m on the bottom of the bottom of who is supposed to be dominated in this world. And I’m dark skinned!!!! The bottom of the bottom of the bottom… I got offline to look for my debit card so I could pay online to extend my parking 25 min. I hope when I go back, my car is there. I figured out a way to pay with Apple Pay, but there was a twenty minute lapse in between.

Whilst the lapse was there, I was going through my pics to see if I had taken a pic of my debit card, which I do on occasion. No such pic was found, but what was perused was a pic of me about ten months ago. I can’t believe how bad I looked. Like the life was drained out of me. I am thinking of my life at that time and sad for myself. I was so betrayed by so many. I don’t quite understand it. When I think about the things that have happened to me in life, I wonder if I’m a bad person. Why do people feel so comfortable doing such bad things to me? Why am I kicked when I’m low and chastised instead of helped? I think I’m a little mad at you, God. Why has my life been so hard? I guess I’m not the only one. Why have so many people’s lives been so hard? People nicer than me, even more innocent than me. You didn’t send them protection or the ones who were the ones who were supposed to protect them hurt them them and betrayed them in the most serious of ways. Why, God? That is what my feeling could latch on to… Wow. I guess I was still hurting from all that.

I thought I was a good person, God, but people have not treated me so. They ask me for stuff. All the f*ckin time, like a person who can help others, but they don’t treat me like I’m good. They don’t treat me with respect. They aren’t one bit loyal to me and even try to sink me. They do the worst of things to me. They say the worst of things about me. Would never say it to my face and deny it if someone else spilled the beans. It’s been really hard for me to swallow.

This is the sadness sitting deep under my psoas muscle. This grief my pent up body has been protecting me from feeling. This resistance to good is this. This fear of feeling such deep deep levels of betrayal ever again. We found it! This fear of being hurt is so strong, because this hurt has been so strong…. I just looked up “How to Heal from Betrayal” and I didn’t like the timeline they gave me…. I just looked up another website that was more helpful, and another one. These are the two:

I suppose those will help. Going to get off this blog in a bit and see what else I can do with this day. My hands feel stiff. My low back/psoas muscle wants to tense up, but I’m telling it to relax. My body is trying to get super horny so I can feel better. I’m not going to do anything about it. On this day, July 11, 2022 at 7:03p in the biggest library of the nation (which is where I am right now), I am going to do something different than I do believe I’ve ever done before. In the midst of feeling like I want to run away and shut down and resist change and resist healing and get all overwhelmed with negative thought and negative emotion and feel sorry for myself and throw a pity party so big that it takes me months to clean up, I’m not going to do all that. I’m going to do something different. These have been the heavy things I’ve been walking with – the chords and wounds and fears preventing me from accepting much good. My angels are applauding me.

I’ve found the secret pathway. It’s through. It’s through it. Not gaslighting. Not pretending you don’t feel. Not avoiding everything. Not necessarily confronting and addressing everyone, though that may happen one day. The pathway is to look at your feelings. Feel them. Go somewhere where you can. In this library of strong and brilliant men (and the women who helped them), there are stories of strength and resilience and overcoming. I am sitting in my seat instead of jumping out of it. I am feeling the deep ache in my low back and choosing to open it instead of bracing. I am choosing to be here, with all the wounds and all the aches and all the judgements against me… I will not defer to online distractions before we end this blog. Nope. Not perusing Facebook or getting caught up on a text. I’m going to be right here until we reach the end of this blog.

The answer to betrayal. The answer to fear, debilitating and hurting. The answer to healing. The answer to staying in your body. The answer to healthy relationships and healthy Love. The answer to living in alignment. The answer to feeling good and great. The answer to breaking through. The answering to all of it is to seek the answer and then follow through with action. Bring your whole self to the table. Yes, the pain is there. Yes, the hurt is there. It’s got you shaking and tremble and teeth chattering and backs hurting and stomach’s tensing. Trust me, I know I know I know. But there are other parts of you there, too. Your deep Love. It is still there somewhere. Find it. Even if it’s in your pinky toe. Your gonna need it. Your power is still there. I know you’ve been rejecting it for long. It hasn’t served you well. Got you in all sorts of trouble. You didn’t know what to do with it. I know it’s been a long time. I know you feel too old for this. But what are we gonna do with our lives? Really. What are we gonna do with our lives? We can’t be trapped by all these subconscious things forever. We can’t be sad forever.

I know it is hard. Trust me. I know what it is to look into the ocean and want to drown there because you think it might be easier than feeling the pain you feel. But you didn’t go in it, OK? You didn’t drown. And you are tired – we are tired – of almost living. Of only broken hearts. Of only betrayal. Of only almost everything. It’s not meant for us, which is why we are so depressed. We are all the way people and we have to choose now. Not to be all motivational. I know we’re supposed to be being sad. We have to take some action now. I’ve reached the end of this blog and there is only an hour left for me to be in this library.

The answer to betrayal is to decide that you want to heal from it. Everyone’s path will be different, but the first step will always be a decision. I didn’t realize my energy was so deeply wrapped up in this wounded wounded feeling I have carried for lifetimes. I will not do like others, though, and resent myself for it. I choose to heal from betrayal. Yes, I do. I am already in a group coaching program. They have assignments for us to do. It’s been helping me big time. After you have decided you want to heal from betrayal. Or after you have decided you want an answer to anything at all, believe me, you will be guided in the strangest of ways. You will get an email that resonates. Someone will say something that touches somewhere deep in you. You will just have the thought to go somewhere. You will remember to do or say or follow through with something you had forgotten about. Someone you love will come to mind to reach out to. Someone will reach out to you. If you’re really, really in tune with your intuition, you will hear it talk to you and it will tell you exactly what to do to heal. Listen to the messages. Take action. It doesn’t have to be so much that you set yourself up for failure. It can be small. In fact, I am finding that it’s better when small and full. Little by little, bring your whole self to the table. What you are doing is, you are learning not to betray yourself. You are learning to trust yourself. You said you were gonna do this, that and the other and be this, that and the other a long time ago. Don’t be too hard on yourself for not having done it.

Forgive yourself. Start small. I forgive myself for writing this blog so long instead of getting to work. I was afraid. And now I’ll take some action to keep my word to myself. I’ve written a long “to-do” list. First, I can accomplish at least one by doing my full amount of PQ reps for the day. PQ reps are mindfulness tools that I have. I’m going to do them now to show myself I’m trustworthy in at least one way today and to show myself that I am powerful and worthy of healthy love (those were my affirmations this morning).

Have a good rest of your day, everyone. Let’s get out of this together.



Day 566

The Answer to Betrayal (And So Many Other Things)

Day 565 – Tools

I want to write about this. Maybe it will help some folks understand. Maybe I’ll make a show about it. I am sitting at a cafe, tearing up. I have shades on, so most people can’t tell. But there’s a pit in my stomach and my teeth are chattering a bit. I am wondering if I’ll always have to live with this like this.

I took a moment to breathe. And getting on this blog to process this out. Trying to feel the weight of my seat on the chair and the weight of my back against the chair… rubbing two fingers together so my hands will stop shaking. Breathing… This is my life. This is almost every day. Not every day since the beginning, but probably for the past year or two, since I came back into my body and allowed myself to start feeling. It’s much better than not feeling at all, but my God, sometimes its really hard.

Today it was a phone call. A phone call with a man. I had a phone call with a man. He’s nice enough. Maybe even more than nice enough. Nicer than expected. Met him online. Made a crazy, silly online dating post one day when I was bored. At first I didn’t put my pick. Got a few responses. Met one really, really nice guy the other day, but he’s separated from his wife, and we both kind of liked each other a lot. And then he made me think, wow, maybe what I don’t want is just some silly post to meet guys, but to meet a guy for real. That’s what I say I really want. And this guy, in my mind, was unavailable. He lives with his separated wife. Supposedly they agree they both are dating, but so complicated and so much time will be spent disentangling if they ever do decide to part for real… But I kind of liked him. Then I put my pic online out here and lo and behold badabing badabang. So many messages I got! I guess guys like girls that look like me out here. I’m out here, btw. Down South. It was nice to get back to the natural order of things. Where stable, handsome, mature, available men go head over heels for girls like me and I have my pickins from a plethora of eligible men who want exactly what I want. It doesn’t happen as often in the dystopian dating land which is Los Angeles. I mean, some guys like me, but they act like I should be happy they like me and they take sooooooooooooo long to be intentional about anything.

But I digress. My panic attack is slowing down. The writing helps. After putting my pic, I had my picking from fine men. A fine man called today. Former basketball player. I kid you not. We super hit it off. He wants to meet tonight. I’m currently in the same house with my mom. Me and my mom’s last two fallouts was about me being in the same place as her and wanting to go somewhere at night. I kid you not. No, I’m not fifteen. This is my life. We never reconciled our fallouts and now a man asks me out on a date. I know it will be quite a dramatic ordeal if I leave our house after 9p at this particular moment. I feel sad. Sad because this is just the way it is. I am not allowed to be me in all ways if my family knows about it. I am so different than them. I feel alone. I am highly touch deprived and have been so for a while…

I feel afraid of this new guy because he is aggressive. And because I might actually like him…

Then I think of my ex. And how he wasn’t aggressive, but he was. But not so pushy physically. And a bit more understanding culturally of how a mom could act like my mom for her grown daughter who’s been living on her own for over twenty years. I feel sad about my ex. I used to like his face. I liked looking at his eyes and eyebrows. And I miss him so. But he wouldn’t be true to me to save his life. Now he is somewhere, meeting other girls. Fucking whoever… I am somewhere, meeting other guys, doing whatever I want with whoever.

And it all makes me sad and scared and has me here crying and emotions everywhere… Mom misses me. I haven’t spoken to her much in the three days she’s been here. I wish I missed her more. I miss what we never had. There’s definitely deep Love and a deep bond between us, but we are worlds and worlds apart from each other. “Try and find the place where you connect,” Spirit whispers. “Try and Love your mom.” I do. “While Loving yourself.” I can’t even go on a date, Lord. What kind of shit is this? The guy is a writer, and we could both be up all night writing right about now…

I feel afraid to move on. That’s why I’m here. Because this time, this time, we will not let fear lead. I don’t care if we have to write three blogs a day and do affirmation breaths all day long. God, I want to move on now. Even if I have to rub fingers together all day long for the rest of my life. I’m choosing to move on now. And I’m asking for your help. You said you gonna help me if I do your will, and I am doing it. Thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done they will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done thy will be done. I have tools. I’m gonna use them. Even if I only walk forward fifteen minutes a day. My stomach wants to hyperventilate. Devil ain’t gone get me today. I relax the reflex to tighten. We’re not about to get all muscles sick again. I relax the reflex to tighten. I am safe I am safe I am safe I am willing to be safe I am willing to be safe I am willing to be safe I am willing to be safe I am choosing to be safe… So I have the power to let these men know just how scared I am and just be upfront with them and ask them to move slow with me. I ain’t having sex with nobody… Not right now. I have tools and I’m gonna use them. I have tools I’m gonna use them. I have tools…

Day 565



Here we go again. So much happens in so short a time that sometimes I annoy myself. But I’ve been wanting to post a blog post for some time. Had a session with my therapy group this early morning at 2:30a. Yep, I’m in a therapy group. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I also started my period late last night and couldn’t sleep. Yes, it’s too much information, but if you’re reading this blog, you want to know. I started my period late last night, and a few days prior, I went and got a chiropractic adjustment complete with active release technique disentangling nerve and muscle blocks for the first time in two years. And prior to that, I did a therapeutic process called affirmation breath walk where you breathe and walk and say affirmations at the same time. All four events this week were thoroughly destabilizing.

I also had psychic dreams this week. In my dreams, my ol’ cheating ex’s cheating babes sat down and told me the truth of what really happened with them and my ex. In real life, I reached out to them to confirm my dream, and the truth in my dream was the truth in real life. He was straight up cheating on me with this girl he was calling his friend and telling me the best of lies. He was telling her the best of lies about me, too. And now we know the truth. She knew about me and was ok with me being blind sided by their cheating, but she thought I was the side chick and she was the main chick. She didn’t realize that he was treating me like the main chic and dissing her and lying about his relationship with her.

My ex has been my ex for some months now… In the past few months, an ex from over ten years ago, I’ll him the Opportunist, resurfaced. I needed a friend and in a desperate moment reached out to him. He offered friendship and then got tricky with things, as he’s prone to do, and tried to make me his wife. It all felt so bad in my mouth. I broke up with him – my non boyfriend – as well this week.

On the tail end of so much energetic movement, I had my group therapy session this morning whilst feeling just about every single tingling nerve sensation in my body at the onset of my period. I was in so much pain. I literally couldn’t sleep. My thighs were on fire. My low back was on fire. My womb? I’m surprised an ovary didn’t fall out. I couldn’t get a hold of my emotions. I felt terrified because I knew I was going to have to take quick action and didn’t know what to do. Didn’t feel safe anywhere in the world. Had had a dream life for two weeks. For the past two weeks, I’ve been living a dream reality. Safe. Surrounded by nature. A forest, a lake, deer, birds, light bugs… even stink bugs sending me signs. Spiders, sun, nice people… Nobody telling me to do nothing I don’t want to do and me being able to do exactly what I want to do when I want to do it. Recognizing what’s good for me and being ok with doing what’s good for me. I healed this week. I literally found myself. You know how people say they need to find themselves? Well, I wasn’t thinking I need to find myself. I was thinking I need to get in touch with my Soul. And I did. I courted her. I kept courting her and then, one day, I was deep in meditation, and I found her. And I found myself as well. My innocence. I found my true nature. Innocent Laydie. It was me. I was seventeen. I was ridiculously pure. I am a ridiculously clean hearted person, y’all. So much so that I was easily fooled and fooled and fooled by others because I thought they were clean hearted, too. Until my heart broke. Over and over again. Schemed by the best. Schemed by the worst. Giving my everything to people even when I knew I was being schemed.

Eventually, seventeen retreated. Created a shell over shells over shells. Life has been pain over pain, even before I started writing this blog. So many of the same mistakes over and over. The good news is, I saw the mistakes this time. I saw how I never really asked what was good for me when making choices. Or if I dared to think about what was good for me, I always deferred to what was good for the next person before me, so much so that people were trained to resent me if I dared think about myself. I saw how many people in my life really didn’t like me but felt so comfortable asking me for the deepest stuff that they would never ask anyone else for. It was quite trippy to recognize patterns. I saw how I never really liked most of the guys I dated all the way. Like, even if they had treated me right, I didn’t really want to be with them for one reason or the other. Mostly I just wanted their companionship or I just wanted to be with part of them, and I just wanted to give them part of me. It was very rare that I was interested in going all the way to the point that I could marry someone or have their child. And the few men that I was actually willing to go all the way with were inevitably some stinking cheater with a secret life – some secret wife and kid(s) somewhere – that would never go all the way with me. I would see a room full of eligible, available men and inevitably choose the one whose heart would never be won by me. So I’d either be dating someone who, unbeknownst to me, was already some woman’s man, or I’d be dating someone who I had no plans of ever going all the way with for 3 months, six months, a year, thereby keeping me unavailable to ever even meet someone I could Love.

And so went my Love life. And years passed, surrounded by others but mostly feeling very much alone. Some successes here and there. Went further than whoever wherever. Helped some people here and there. Felt almost none of it. Except the pull. Always felt pulled and out of control by life. Always felt like a victim of this, that and the other. I’m not gonna write a strong woman blog, and tell you how I’m all empowered and no longer a victim anymore, although I am a strong woman. I want to tell you about my period this morning, and all the awful feelings I’ve been feeling and how I melted down with my therapy group and told the truth this morning – that I feel terrified of coming back to the world. That I don’t know what really happened to me, but it feels a bit unfair. Can I say it out loud? It feels a bit unfair that so many painful things have happened. Because I was a really good person. So many people think I have or had bad intent for this, that or the other, but I really don’t. I really didn’t. I hardly ever start an offense. I pray for people’s progress, even the ones that don’t like me.

Oh, but I have been hated by people I love and I have felt it. It’s this mouth of mine. It’s sharp, now. And it’s my only weapon when people come for me. And they hate me because I see straight straight through their bullshit and call them out on it, in places where no one else has… I don’t know if I’m gonna stop that. I kind of like that side of me. I can hear one of my mentors cheering.

So this morning. My body was in excruciating pain. Like, my nerves felt like someone lit a fire on them. Everything was tingling and aching. My thighs, my shoulders, my head, my womb. My womb felt like organs were falling out of me. My mind couldn’t think. I was terrified that my amazing retreat was coming to an end and I was going to have to learn how to be in the world again. I realized where I went wrong. All this time, I didn’t have anyone with me. I mean, I can’t say it like that. I’ve had many people with me who have supported me and given me money and help get me out of binds. I don’t know how to explain it. I have had much help, but I have felt mostly by myself on my own journey. Us humans are interesting… That way of being just wasn’t going to work moving forward. Something in my Spirit knows it can’t work. It’s maybe not about needing someone to help you with stuff. It’s about Love. You need someone to Love. You need someone to share smiles and joy and goodwill with. Someone who you can Love as well. Someone who will receive your goodness and give you smiles and goodness back. Someone who is not going to do you too dirty, or at least say sorry and try and change behavior if you let them know they hurt you. Someone who will let you know when you hurt them and give you a chance to say sorry and change behavior instead of just holding it and holding it against you. You need a with. When I say you, I mean me. It doesn’t even have to be a man. I don’t mean gay stuff. I just mean that everyone needs someone to Love and be Loved by. That’s what my seventeen told me today.

My heart had been so, so broken, especially since last year. So, back to this morning again. I realized I need to be doing life with someone I can Love fully, someone(s) I can align with, someone(s) who actually likes me and wants to be around me not just for what I can do for them. Someone who is interested in breathing life into me in the ways that I need and someone willing to accept support and Love and life breathed into them from me. Someone aligned and compatible. I had done all the work. I had literally gone in meditation to every blessed man I had dated in my life, and to all my relations, family, and friends, and mended, reconciled, forgiven, taken back my energy and given folks back theirs… But there was no one on the horizon that I could think of who could really be that person I needed. There was no one quite interested in living the way I wanted to live… Not many who respected me or my way, although they stayed coming to me for advice and support and comfort. How was I supposed to live in this world by myself? How am I supposed to live in this world by myself? How am I so by myself?

The fear of being back in the world took me over and my body and emotions acted a fool this morning in my therapy meeting. Had a meltdown. The tingles. Do you want to hear something? As I am writing, I feel the tingles in my right thigh. Here’s the interesting part, though. I think they are on the way out. I think these painful tingles have been lodged in my body as vibration for quite some time and I have finally accessed them. They are the pent up trauma and stress responses that I never released. And they are releasing now.

What I wanted to say about my period is that it hurt so much today that I recognized that I might be coming to a time where my periods will be ending soon. And if I want to have a baby, I need to have one soon, because one day, maybe one day soon, one of my periods will be my last period, and I’d be so devastated if I never had a child… I will reach out and let others know – others who can help me – about my intention. It’s time. It’s finally, finally time to have and be my healing. Can you believe it’s never been real until now? The thought of actually making my movies and projects has never been real until now. It’s just been some someday, maybe dream somewhere. Now it’s real. It’s urgent now. I used to want to do these things because they were exciting, not because I was worried about failing. Like, I used to Love these things. I used to Love telling stories. I used to Love helping people. I Love having fun with others. Indeed, I am like an innocent little kid when I am my real self.

So, what’s this blog post about? First of all, I’m gonna post it no matter what it’s about. It’s about me deciding, finally, to let go of trauma and drama. It’s about letting the shakes pass through. It’s about finally, finally, pulling down a dream and planting it on Earth. It’s about living wholeheartedly. My whole heart was missing from everything. Nothing had all of me in it for a long time. And now it was time to call all of me back home. Take me back from all the mens. Take me back from the unresolved issues with friends. Take me back from family dynamics that were not founded and grounded in Love and good will. And let them go. Let them be. Let them free. Anyone who was not aligned. We will meet again where the Love is. This blog post is about me making a decision to Love wholeheartedly, even now. Especially now. It doesn’t mean letting people hurt you or disrespect you. Wholehearted and Safe. You understand? There is a way to be safe in the world, y’all. I know it may seem impossible if you’ve been really hurt for a long time or if someone betrayed you deep or if your whole identity has been shattered. And I understand. I understand you want to withdraw. I understand you don’t want to be open and risk being hurt again. I understand you only want to go for the things you think won’t make you feel too vulnerable. I understand if you fell too many times and stopped dreaming or trying to get back up. I understand. You were not safe. I don’t blame you… But there is a way out. You have to make your own self safe. You have to say fuck everybody else if they are hurting you and won’t stop after you’ve given them a chance. They are hurting you, you understand. Don’t let them gaslight you. Your feelings are real and valid. Shoot, you might be crazy or have PTSD or adjustment disorder or broken mind parts and all that is valid, too. They are hurting your PTSD behind, and no, it’s not your fault that you have PTSD or you’ve been broken and you’re sensitive. The same folks that are still hurting you are probably the ones who gave you those issues through their hurt or neglect or abuse. It’s their fault that they won’t respect that you have PTSD and treat you with the care that a PTSD person needs… Don’t let anyone blame you for feeling hurt. You know what hurt is and you know what Love is. Everybody knows what the energy of Love is and all you have to do is ask yourself “Is this coming from Love?” if you are confused…

That’s what I want to say. If they ain’t researching your condition, asking you how or why you feel how you feel, but just got a lot of judging and attacking, put them in time out. That is how you keep yourself safe. Time out for attackers. You say no to them. It’s gonna be hard at first, especially if people are used to you being their doormat. People are gonna talk about you. The ones you love are gonna say and to the meanest things to you. They might. They might try and manipulate you in the worst of ways. And you might see some ugly, ugly truths. When you see how dark people can be and how far they can go, forgive them. And forgive yourself, too, for how dark you can be and how far you can go. And then decide what you can put up with. Decide what’s good for you. This is the self Love people talk about. It’s as simple as choosing to do what’s good for you. Why wouldn’t you? Why would you choose to do what’s good for someone else instead of what’s good for you? Why would someone who claims to love you want you to do as much? Why wouldn’t you both try and respect each other and do what is good for the both of you? That is Love. But many of us haven’t been taught that way. We are not well trained in Loving. So, now is the time to train yourself. Start with yourself. When you are making choices towards you and towards others, ask your own self, “Is this coming from Love?”

And heal, OK? It’s gonna take some intention to get over every assh*le who f*cked you over. But you have to do it. Why? Because it’s getting in the way of you. Those bitter things are blocking your Love from shining. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to give justice where justice is due. It doesn’t mean you don’t hold folks accountable. All of that fake forgiveness is just the same as holding bitterness. Hold folks accountable. Tell them “You f*ucked me over and I’m not interested in trusting you again until you demonstrate through action that you are interested in doing things that make you trustworthy”. But leave it there. You don’t have to hate them. They can be happy with other people. They can have a good life even if they never tell you sorry. That’s a hard one for me. It feels unfair, and doggone it, it is. But what is even more unfair is if they hurt your ass and then to add insult to injury you keep blocking your blessings because your energy is all negatively tied up with needing them to get retribution before you can feel good. Feel good without them having to pay for anything. It’s a practice. Imagine they are you. We are really all One. Imagine they are your hip. It has hurt you indeed and made some dumb choices over and over, constantly stopping you from moving forward and constantly asking you for shit. But you can’t beat it up because its failed you. You still have to Love it, because it’s a part of you and that Love is the only thing that will make anything flow. If you start focusing on retaliation or needing someone to do or be something, you suffer. Your heart closes up. Your focus is nowhere leading anywhere towards the life you want to have for yourself. So, if you find yourself rolling your eyes because some asshole who did you dirty is smiling or something, just stop. Stop rolling your eyes and say, “I wish you what I wish for myself”. This ain’t for everyone. This practice is for who it’s for.

The innocents who lost their way because of asshole motherfuckers. If you feel like you want to retaliate, retaliate by not letting them take the best of you on top of everything else. Don’t let them take your innocence. Don’t let them take your clean heart. Keep Loving them. Look at them like silly kids with tricks and keep yourself safe. Stand up for yourself.

And when you learn to stand up for yourself, you will learn how to start to craft a new life. You will start to trust your own self. It’s not about being selfish, but it’s about standing up for what’s good for you, whilst loving who you want to love fully, too. That’s what’s new here. That is my experiment on life. I’m giving up my attachment to pain and crying. Me and seventeen have found each other. I’m relying on her and my old, wise self that can smell a liar a mile away, to trust ourselves now and guide my way on. Here’s to a new life. Here’s to giving birth…



Day 564 – Reality

Hi. How are you guys? A lot going on. I am fine here. My heart hurts a bit. Will try and move knives from it when I can. I’ve been a lot of places since my last post. Been a gypsy without a home unpacked. Lived in hotel. Lived with friends. Visited family. Touched base at the only place in the world with my name on the address. Now I’m upstate at a family member’s graduation, and next stop will finally be home.

I didn’t manifest a man or a mansion in a month like I wanted to, although I did manifest part of what I had written down in my goal book: “Be at peace with family and complete past relationships”. As fate would have it, my gypsy life and visiting people led me to connect with past relationships that needed closure and the raggedy parts of my family relationships were brought to the surface, so there is finally a possibility of peace.

I feel hurt and want some comfort. I have an imaginary council of elders that I go to for advice. They are here now with me. One says love your mother and love yourself. Friends have been supporting me. One sends me a message as I write. I have been supported by GIANTS. I am grateful even as I hurt. My other council members tell me to be strong. And powerful. Those parts of me that I’ve always rejected because I thought folks would kill me if they knew how outstanding I was… I accept them. Don’t give up on love. Don’t have a lot to write. Just wanted to touch base.

I saw Phillip. Dream Phillip from years ago in my blog. King Phillip. The only man who gets a name this blog. I saw him. Three times. He’s old now. I guess he’s always been old, but his age is showing now. He wants to have a baby together. I’m not making this up. I’m pretty sure he probably has a medical diagnosis that won’t allow him to live too long and he wants to have a baby before he dies. Maybe he has cancer. I’m sensing cancer… Ummm, yeah. But I saw him. We hung out. Talked. Lived a dream. I don’t even know what to think or feel about him. Don’t know if I’ll have his baby. I probably will, though. I’m getting old. Why not? I’m not sure. Not sure what I’m writing this blog about, but I’ll keep writing till I get somewhere.

I’ve said this before. For some reason, this blog is the best therapy I have. Better than a journal that no one sees. Better than a therapist and even group coaching. All those other things are good, but this blog puts me in touch with myself and helps me process in a different way. I Love writing. I thank God for this tool.

That’s what I was thinking about before I starting writing. Love. And joy. And feeling good. Vibrancy. Passion. Emphatic yes’s. Connection. Congruence. Alignment. Focus. In the midst of this this moment, joy popped in and landed on my brain. Vibrancy, dormant, raised its hand. Told me look at it. Forgiveness somehow seems possible. I embrace it. A different experience of being seems possible. Not just in a fantasy, but in real life. This is the way it was supposed to be.

I embrace the thought of dreams being real. Simmer with it. Sit with it. Bring it into body. We can handle it now. We are strong enough. We have the tools. We are wise enough. Ameen.

Day 564


Day 563 – Intentional

He told me he is always worried about me

And my heart busted open with grief

He wanted to take care of me.

I felt it.

I hadn’t felt it in so long… I hugged a friend. I’ll call him Friend. Had forgotten the feeling. Been water wells for hours since… I ended up in a hotel using hotel points and also couch and car surfing. My friend made me realize just how scary and sad my situation is.

My friend made me realize how long I’ve been struggling. I’ve known him long… My friend made me realize what I really wish for. That I could be close with the people that I used to bond with, but that our relationships would be different than they used to be. My friend made me realize that maybe it’s not possible. My friend made me realize that I have grown far, far away from so much I used to know, but everyone doesn’t see it as growth.

The fakeness in families is flabbergasting… I’ve been crying for a few hours. Sobbing, really. I don’t remember the last time I sobbed. My friend busted my stone cold heart wide open… I’m grateful for a friend. A real friend who has known me since back when. A friend who finally thinks I’m worthy of being protected and taken care of and treated nice… Somewhere in his hug and glance there was an apology. Maybe I’m making it up, but that’s what it felt like… We have come a long way with this Love.

My chest literally feels busted open. My back nerves and thighs busted open. I won’t write too long, except to say hello. I felt afraid after meeting with friend, like what am I doing? Could I just go be with family? Why do I feel so far away from them? They mostly don’t mean no harm, but, oh, I feel so hurt and unsafe still…

I want to reach out to my sister. I miss her. I hope she is well…

You, reader, I want to reach out to you and encourage you. Sad feelings are not necessarily something to run away from. You see, they don’t go away by avoiding them. They go away by looking at them, processing, letting them pass through and touching them with Love. It’s not easy to do. It hurts. It might be too much to do all at once. They may never go away fully and I’m not giving you no advice, just telling you my own experience.

I’ve been out of body for a long, long time, trying not to feel stuff. I didn’t even know I was out of body. And I’ve been running in circles for a long, long time, not going most places where I wanted to go. Where I want to go is Love. Where I want to go is belonging. Let’s stop pretending that anything else really matters to me. Yes money and success and film and farm and heal the world, but more than that, Love. Belonging. Arms. Safety.

I got all discombobulated after feeling the feels with my friend. I’m avoiding stuff a bit by writing this blog. Avoiding making a decision on where to go next. Where to live next. Feeling all the fears. I do believe I will face at least one fear and reach out to someone who can actually help me this evening.

I’m grateful for a friend. I’m grateful to have at least one, but really many more, people in my life who have the capacity to help. I’m grateful that I finally see the loop I’ve been in and I’m willing to face fears to remove myself from it. I’m grateful that I’m able to face fears. I’m grateful that my brain works and can be resourceful. I’m grateful that I can feel the ache in my hips and the ache in my shoulders and the ache in my feet and the ache in my belly as I even write this blog and call resistance to progress by its name. And give it love and tenderness instead of anger and judgement…

This part of life will be intentional. The most intentional part we’ve ever had. Living fully. Finally. Making choices we can make wholeheartedly. Finally. Finally finally finally.


Day 563


The Past

I do not have a title for this yet. Hello world. I am on a plane. Flying from Belgium to Chicago. Prior to this I was on a plane flying from my heal the world country to Belgium. Prior to that, I was in my heal the world country for the past six months. Trying to heal myself.

It has been tough. The toughest. I know I’ve probably written about some pretty crazy things in this blog and just been through a lot of doom and gloom and pain, but this last six months has by far been the toughest – tougher than my whole body acting a fool and breaking down; tougher than whatever man relationships and heartbreaks I’ve incurred; tougher than being broke or almost homeless. The toughest.

I stopped writing for a while. Maybe I should start at the beginning. I will start at the beginning. The beginning of the culmination of these past few months officially started for me sometime in 2018, I believe. But it probably started in 2017 without me knowing. I should start this blog by saying it has been challenging for me to write blogs these days because I got in trouble for writing. I got in trouble because someone(s) close to me thought I was writing things publicly in order to tarnish their image. I wasn’t, but I did write some pretty dark poems. What is funny is that most of the poems I wrote were not inspired by the people who were offended by them. But some were. But I wasn’t meaning to offend.

I wrote poems about my feelings, and most of them were dark and desperate during this particular season. So, I wrote a poem. I had been writing poems. I write poems. For fun. To express myself. To process. A group of friends and I used to write thirty poems during April, which is poetry month. The group was led by my best friend who is no longer my best friend and for the past two years, I haven’t been writing with him, but I’ve been writing. He used to do this challenge for us to write 30 poems in poetry month, but I never finished the 30 poems. We extended our 30 poem a month timeline to 30 poems a year, and last year, for the first time since starting the 30 poem challenge over four years ago, I wrote 30 poems. They were about feeling safe in one’s life, jealously and rivalry, dysfunctional relationships, wanting acceptance. All sad stuff. I wrote about sad stuff on purpose. Because I never do. Nobody, besides the people who read this ol’ sad blog, really knows that I can get sad. Most of the people in my personal life are not comfortable with me not being the sunshine all the time. At least that’s how I feel. They rely on me to bring the party and resent me when I don’t. 

But I was sad and I had no party to bring in my poems. I was going through it. I was experiencing and witnessing so much darkness and I know so many others who were going through the same and worse and I wrote about dark things. My mother doesn’t like me to write about dark things. At one point, she had advised that I don’t write this blog. She will be mad if she hears that I wrote anything about her on this blog. I messed up at the beginning of writing this blog and told people about it. I didn’t realize that certain people might read it and then they will judge me or talk about me or say I’m trying to diss such and such in public. It’s why I use code names mostly when I write. But sometimes you can’t use a code name for your mom. And sometimes you can’t use a code name for your sibs. And sometimes, you just don’t want to because it somehow seems important to tell the truth.

So I’ve been struggling. Because these issues with people who don’t want me to write about or talk about them or their issues anywhere in the world except with them – and who honestly don’t want to deal with the issues even if you talk to them – are the issues that have been sinking me.

And talking about them and writing about them helps.

But I understand. Certain things can mess up a person’s reputation, especially if they have a reputation of being everything except who they are behind closed doors. Then you go and tell the world that they moved into your house and labeled your internet something offensive and didn’t change it even after you asked them to change it over five times. They trying to front like they are loving, cooperative beings who never do anything wrong and the world is just against them. Or if you write a poem talking about how you’ve felt about you and your sibling’s relationship for most of your life when he’s trying to show the world he’s the best brother ever. Or if you tell the world about some crazy, risk your life task that your mother tried to manipulate you into doing when she’s showing a face to the world that she’s the best mom on the planet.

A lot has happened over the past six months, and it’s mostly revolved around the breakdown of family relationships. I don’t even know where to start. I wonder if this is everyone’s story. The beginning of the end started with a breakup from a man. And then it was me disassociating and running in circles living in a movie I didn’t write and having however many dysfunctional relationships with men. And then my whole body and mind decide to collapse and breakdown. And then it was a breakdown and breakup with friends. And then finally, family. The hardest disentangling and dissolution of all.

I suppose family was the toughest. I won’t write too much about them because they don’t like being written about. But I’ll write enough to move through this, because it is in the way of whatever is on the other side of it. I’ve seen the sad side of happy. But there are other sides to it which aren’t necessarily happy. There’s this side, where you look at the sad things. I kind of have to look at them and call them by their name before I can be honest about what is really going on and move through them…

So, I’m on a plane. I’ve been overseas for the past six months, running away from everything and looking for a safe place to process and heal my heart. And in a hotel in the heal the world country and out on a farm, I found all my sad, sad pieces. My broken, broken heart. My stifled sexuality. My voice, pushed down, down into my back. My power, flickering. Anger and resentment never acknowledged. I felt the trembling, deep down in the nerves of my lower back, which never quite goes away and sometimes attacks like waves in my whole body when I feel particularly emotionally unsafe…

I kind of went off on a lady on the plane today. She was talking crazy to me. The flight attendant. People be talking crazy to each other in this world. But I digress. I would have never gone off on her in the past. Would have just sat there and let her talk to me like I’m somebody’s child while my nerve waves just kicked in. But I pulled her to the side and told her I didn’t appreciate her tone. She was telling me to put my mask on. She raised her voice and said she had gotten angry because my mask was off. My mask had fallen off while I was asleep and she couldn’t see that it was actually hanging from my face. I told her she didn’t have to be rude to me. She apologized. I think I’m sharing this because I never would have said anything to her in my prior post six months incarnation…

Where was I? On a plane. Coming from a hotel room for the past six months. Family relationships broke down. l won’t get into all the details, but one by one, I had fallouts with almost every family member. A sister disappeared. We would find out later that she disappeared because she thought I had started a rumor about her amongst our family members. I never did it, but till today, even though we’ve had meetings with family all saying as much, she, nor some family members believe.

Shortly after that, I went out of state to help another sib with babysitting. She literally called and asked me for help whilst I was in the emergency room because I was having chest pains and the doctor thought I was having a heart attack. I went. Did the gig. Thought we had agreed to two weeks, but honestly, there was a miscommunication and she thought I was staying longer. When miscommunication revealed, big tension. Mom called and talked to me like b*tch on the street. Like I planned to come out of state and sabotage my sister’s life. I’d been in sister’s house, in my home city, for literally two weeks. Hadn’t seen a daggone person from my childhood or been out of the house besides to go take the baby on walks. One night, went to the movies with an old friend. Told my sis ahead of time that I was going. Told my sister’s husband ahead of time that I was going. They didn’t indicate that they had a problem with it. Friend picked me up down the street because the GPS led him to the wrong house. The door locks with a code and I accidentally left the front door unlocked when I left.

Before I could come home, whilst I was at the movie theater, I get a message from my mom about how I’m disrespecting my sister and bringing people over her house and exposing her kids to things they shouldn’t be exposed to and living a certain lifestyle at my sister’s house. I didn’t know what my mom was talking about. I asked my sis. Actually I accused her of slandering me. When I got back home, me and sis got into a physical altercation. Actually, she assaulted me and I didn’t reciprocate. I left her house the next morning. What was most painful about the whole situation was how my mom talked to me and what she thought of me. Like, I left my home the day after getting checked for a heart attack so I could go help sis babysit because she had started a new job. And mom thought I was trying to sabotage her. And also that my mom had assumed that I had brought someone over my sister’s house (which never happened, and which I never in my life have brought anyone over any family member’s house without their permission) and my mom assumed I was doing whatever in front of my sister’s kids and that she told my sister all of these assumptions and my sister never said, “that didn’t happen”. She just let my mom believe all the false allegations against me knowing my mom was going to attack me about them. 

That incident and my runaway sister’s incident were the official beginnings of the dissolution of my family dynamic. My thinkings about my place in my fam was a bit shook. 

We carried on. This is a long story. That year, my mom went overseas to take care of her mom. I went overseas to help her. She was falling apart at the seams. Me and mom also started a family farm whilst out there. It was fun and exciting and painful. My overseas family is a whole movie. But my mom and I’s relationship got really bad by the time I left and I got really sick. I’m sure I was being food poisoned by the cook in our house, but my mom didn’t take it as serious as I did. I’m pretty sure I was about to die. I was so weak. My mind couldn’t think. I couldn’t really get words out without concentrating for a long time about what I was going to say. I slept for hours and hours in a day. I was saved by a cousin of mine, who got me out of that country when she heard how sick my voice sounded, and I went back to the states and got diagnosed with a bad case of food poisoning and very, very low iron.

I came back to the South, to my brother’s place. 2019. My brother took care of me. It might have been the first and only time in my adult life that someone had taken care of me and given me the energy of love with no strings attached and without asking me for anything. I didn’t have to give him attention, advice, money, help with whatever… I didn’t have to bring the party. He was just taking care of me. I was so happy. He bought me ice cream every day. He researched my condition and fed me foods that I needed to get well. He’d make me breakfast with a smile and leave it at my room door if I wasn’t awake yet. He noticed that I was kind of not fully in my body without me having to tell him. He noticed that any slight emotional thing might have me knocked out for an entire day, and he let me sleep. He noticed what was going on with me and did things to help me…

Then another sister came to live with us. She wasn’t about me eating no ice cream and she thought I should be doing more. I don’t think she meant any harm, but my ice cream made me so happy and I really was so glad to finally be able to rest. She wanted attention from me and I wasn’t in a space to give it. I’d tell her to leave me alone and that I’m gonna give her negative attention if she don’t stop vying for my attention, but she wasn’t taking me serious. Her and brother would start the day debating about any and everything. Brother stopped making me breakfast with a smile. He started forgetting to make breakfast. My health started regressing and I started getting scared that my healing time was over. At some point, sis got mad at me because I fell asleep during a meeting we had scheduled. She started saying stuff about me. I’d be lying if I told you what she said. But whatever she was saying, I was feeling attacked and sick of it. I swung at her. Yeah, I did. It was wrong. But, yeah. I did. I kept swinging at her till brother broke up the fight. So, yeah… That put a dent in our relationship. I was sorry for swinging at her…

Then, shortly after, me and best friend fell out. He had slept with my other friend and tried to sleep with me after. It was much more complicated than that, but that was the final incident that caused our breakup. So it was a double break-up. A break-up with my best guy friend whom I’d been doing life with for over twenty years and a break-up with my close female friend. Slightly devastated about our breakup.

End of 2019? An almost marriage that went awry.

2020 Covid hit. Right before Covid hit, a sister asked to move in with me and asked me to help her babysit her son. My brother, the one who took care of me while I was sick, was also getting married right at the time Covid hit. There had been a few situations that happened around his wife to be, and he was mad at me for saying certain things about her… 

Mom came back to the states because nobody knew exactly where this Covid thing was going and international flights were about to be shut down indefinitely.

I started the pandemic babysitting my nephew, first on my own, and then we went and joined his mom, my sis, on an island where they had sent her to work. The experience was OK, but not. Neither of us were telling each other why. I think we had a misunderstanding about money. At the end of the day, sis said that all the ways I had helped her over the years, she never felt “helped”. This hit me really hard. I’m not even gonna talk about the ways I had helped her over the years. We are just going to state the facts. Sis felt comfortable enough to call me and tell me she was having issues and within days, she was at my apartment with her son sharing a room with me. Within weeks, I had changed my entire schedule of what I had planned for those months in order to skip town and be there babysitting my nephew so she could get a handle on her new job and whatever else was going on in her world. Whilst I am in the midst of said babysitting, sacrificing whatever I had planned for myself, the girl tells me she doesn’t feel helped by me. I was livid. And heartbroken somehow. And over it. Camel’s back was broken.

I was over my family.

Went back to Cali after my babysitting agreement was over. I was taking some derm meds that had really bad side effects – potentially could cause suicide. I was massively depressed. My head felt like it was closing in on me. I was dating whoever. Dysfunction dysfunction. I think I had went to my brother’s house first to stay with him. I don’t know what happened. Covid had just started and after my trip from the island to his house, I was feeling a bit sick. I had seen somewhere that if you steam your face, you won’t get Covid. I boiled some water to steam my face. I think I put some lemon in the water. Maybe orange peel, too. Food stuff. Steamed face. Brother didn’t seem to be in approval but he didn’t say anything. I left the water on the stove overnight by accident. The next morning, I heard him yell my name from the kitchen. Y’all know how you might see those little jittery kids and how they react when they have a really harsh abusive parent that talks to them crazy? That’s how I felt when he called my name. He told me something about the water. Then he asked me what kind of scent I wear, or what kinds of lotion I was wearing, because apparently spiders had been coming to his house since my arrival and he thought it might have something to do with my scents.

I went home. I told him, texted him rather, that I didn’t feel welcome at his place because of several reasons. He texted back and said it wasn’t true and that we’d talk about it sometime. That was in April or May 2020. We ain’t talked about it yet. At some point, we did talk on the phone. I told bro about my depression issues and what was going on in my life. Bro asked me if I wanted his advice and I said yeah. He was so harsh. You know, maybe my family are just warrior people, but they are a bit like this flight attendant. We. We are a bit like this flight attendant in our communication with me and with some of each others. Just always harsh. Always angry. Always rolling eyes. Always annoyed. Always assuming that the other intended the worse. But my brother’s tone was so harsh as he’s giving my depressed, almost suicidal, ass advice. He basically told me not to worry about how people treat me and worry about how I treat them instead… And something to the effect of taking a particular action. I don’t remember the action, but in response to that advice, I told him that what he was saying was like telling a baby (me) who is sitting in a corner crying to get up and do something monumental out of their league. His response was to tell me that first of all, he doesn’t like metaphors, and secondly, I’m not a baby… I don’t remember what else he said after that.

I got off the phone. It had to be April 2020 because it must have been poetry month. I wrote a poem inspired by my brother and I’s conversation, but I didn’t post it online. Will come back to that poem later… I wasn’t mad at brother, but just sad. Just sad.

I had about one close person left in my life at the time. A friend who lived about an hour away. Long story short, we fell out, too. During the time that George Floyd had gotten killed, I had wanted to come visit him. There were riots on the streets in LA and the atmosphere was volatile. So anyway, I’m on my way to take the hour drive to see him. My almost suicidal, shaky nerve self is slowly telling my body what to do so I can get in the car and go see my friend. I call him because I don’t remember directions to his place. He doesn’t answer. I message him asking him for the directions. He doesn’t respond. He’s always on his phone, and I know he has seen my message and multiple missed calls since the hour or so when I started reaching out. I head his way anyway. It’s dark. I’m scared. I go as far as I can go without directions and then park at a parking lot hoping to hear from him. It’s a racist part of town. I hear gunshots. Finally he calls me. Tells me that I should have gone online to get directions to his place and I know he’s busy working.

I had to look myself in the mirror and ask myself just what kind of wicked person I am. Am I as wicked as the way people treat me? I had to really ask myself what I had been doing wrong. I asked the people, but they had no answers except that I should know. Maybe I talk too much. Maybe I call people out on their bullshit too much. The thing that was really getting to me is that the same people who want treat me like some booboo on Skid Row are the same ones always calling me asking me to be a part of their lives.

I was over it. I was over everyone in my life. I was heartbroken. I felt this thing called bitter for the first time. I’m fast forwarding a lot of stuff. Thank you for reading if you’ve read this far. This is really just me trying to process what all has happened and trying to connect some dots so we can get to the part of me being on the plane with no where to go and figure out how not to make this part of my life another chapter on depression, confusion and all the things I don’t want. 

So, around September 2020, I’m feeling heartbroken and over everyone and everything. My mom comes in town before planning to go back overseas to see her mom. A bunch of stuff happens. I tell my mom that I think folks are trying to kill my grandma. Nobody takes me serious and I’m not able to incite action soon enough. My grandma dies six days after I make the statement. I’m devastated. Everyone is. I don’t think her death was natural and say as much and get into arguments with fam for saying as much… Some of us go overseas for grandma’s funeral. I stay overseas because I want to investigate how grandma died, because I don’t want our farm to die, because I don’t know what’s going to happen with grandma’s house, and eventually because I get an opportunity to do film stuff overseas. I meet a man. He’s everything dysfunctional, but the only friend I have. We date. It’s dysfunctional.

I come back to the states about six months later. 2021 May. The farm is saved. Grandma’s death is partially investigated but no conclusions. The only conclusion is that five different people have five different stories of how she died, and depending on what day you ask them, some of the stories change. So lie lie lie. Why? Because the truth isn’t something folks think I want to hear… Grandma’s house is still there and unoccupied by the folks whom I think could have killed her. 

Back in LA, sis who said I don’t help her a year prior has moved into my apartment in my absence and turned my apartment into a home. We had agreed that she was moving in with her son and we three would be living together when I got back. She has decorated the place beautifully, but the first thing I notice is that all the closets are full with her stuff and there is not one empty shelf for me. There are two lovely desks, one child’s desk for her son and the desk I used to use has her desktop on it and looks like a work space. It looks lovely. Two designated work spaces but no designated work space for me. Sis had told me she wanted to redo the apartment and I gave her free reign. The only thing I wanted input on was the couch. She had went to look at certain couches and told me about it. Tried to get one and told me about it, but it didn’t work and when that didn’t work, I asked her to wait till I get back and we’d pick a couch together. She agreed. I got back. She had already picked a couch that was on its way. I wasn’t happy. The couch she picked was not a futon nor a sofa bed. Where was I supposed to sleep???? On the bed with her and her son???? On the floor? On the couch that’s not made to sleep on? As a long term “this house is a home” arrangement?… I felt offended. I just couldn’t see any evidence that this place was designed for me to live in, too. My place. My sanctuary that I had welcomed her into so it could be our sanctuary… She had considered my taste whilst picking the decor that she had already wanted to pick, but I didn’t care. I didn’t care about the decor and had told her as much from the beginning. All I cared about was the couch. Because I figured someone was going to have to sleep on it. I had had a lovely black futon prior to her redecorating and for over seven years, when I had housemates, one person slept on the futon and the other person slept in bedroom on bed…

Anyway. Her birthday was coming up and she had planned a big extravaganza. I ain’t have no space in the house. A bunch of people were over. Had to do a bunch of stuff. I was tired. I wasn’t happy… She had named our internet a name that I really didn’t like – an embarrassing name – because she was trying to poke at some neighbors, and I had asked her to change name over four times and she wasn’t taking it serious. Long story short, a lot of things happened. I told her how I felt about them. She said she didn’t feel welcome at the house and left shortly after.

I went to stay with my brother, who had just had a surgery, for about a month. I enjoyed being with him.

At the same time, another sister was planning to come to the heal the world country I had just left and start her business. I will tell her story another day because I’m tired of writing now, but long story short, I felt like I was put in a position that I had said in advance that I didn’t want to be in and it didn’t have to be set up that way. She didn’t force me into that position but I felt like her project wasn’t gonna succeed if I didn’t help and I hadn’t planned to help at a certain capacity at that time… Our relationship suffered and distanced. That was Sept 2021. I left my brother’s place and went back to the heal the world country and helped with the tail end of her project. Stayed to file some paperwork for a family member and check on the farm. Was supposed to come back in November, but by November, I had had whatever arguments with my mom about whatever.

I can’t tell you what the whatever was. I think she was blaming me for this, that or the other. Blaming me for one of my sister’s actions towards extended family. I don’t remember the convo, but I just remember the tone. I remember being on the other side of the phone thinking, “Why is my mamma talking to me so crazy?” and I remember my back nerves hurting and I remember being tired of folks talking to me crazy and telling my mom I’m getting off the phone. I wasn’t looking forward to coming home. There was nothing to come home to. My mom was always yelling at me or blaming me or criticizing me for one thing or another. 

My baby sis and I hadn’t talked anything substantial since she moved out and I was really hurt about our whole situation. My other sis and I had drifted a bit since her project situation. My other sis who had assaulted me was living her best life and we were on good terms now, but she’s married with kids and super busy and you gotta get with that program if you come stay with her. My other sis had disappeared and was blaming me for doing stuff I didn’t do. My healer brother was now married. And my other brother, whose house I had just left, was cool enough, but I know I have to do and not do certain things in order to keep the peace while living with him. My other sis, whom I had swung at, was on good terms with me, but, you know, I had swung at her, and trust takes a while to build when things like that happen. And she lives with other family members. And if I’m being honest, I wasn’t in nobody’s mental state to build anybody’s trust. I was quite broken and really just wanted to be somewhere where nobody asks me for anything and people are just nice to me.

I didn’t have anyone to come home to in Cali. My friendships were extinct, besides a few new female friends who were super busy. I ain’t have no man besides my dysfunctional overseas man. So I canceled my November ticket and just decided to stay in the hotel overseas until I found something better to do.

I’d work on my writing projects, slowly get our farm in order, cry as much as I want to, swim in the ocean, walk on the beach and dance until I was ready to do something else. And that’s what I did.

Some time in December, I posted the poem online that was inspired by my brother two years earlier. I didn’t think anything of it. The poem starts out by saying a line from a conversation me and my brother had. No one would know the poem was inspired by my brother except my brother. Poems I write are generally mixtures of make believe and the reader can’t tell if the poem is an observation or a true story. But anyway, the poem starts off by saying the line and then goes on to talk about how a person wishes another person they’ve lived life with would accept them and like them as they are. I didn’t think anything of it.

I started a group therapy program in January because my nerves kept shaking and my body kept hurting and my brain was slowing down and I didn’t quite know how to get over all this grief and all these negative feelings but I didn’t want them anymore. Gratefully, the foundation of the program is on regulating one’s nervous system so that one can start to feel safe in one’s body and find ways to feel safe in the world.

In late January or early February or so, I had some extra money and reached out to my brother asking him if his bank account was good so I could send some to him. My brother responded with a text telling me that he had read my poem lying about him not liking me, and due to that poem and about three other things that had happened in our recent history and all the things I had said and done against him and his religion my entire life, he doesn’t trust me and I should find somewhere else besides his place to come home to when I return from overseas. I wrote him back just apologizing for everything and telling him I loved him. I was devastated and heartbroken. I still am. Later, I found out that he felt like I was trying to debase his character through the poem…

Shortly after that, a good friend of mine died. Shortly after that, my family called a meeting where I was the focus. We were going to talk about all my issues with family. We only got through me and my sister’s issue – the one who started the project. I don’t know if anything was resolved. Nothing, really. Not at that time. But in this moment, I have accepted that she is she and me is me and I do believe we have good will towards each other. I just don’t know that that inspires any action on my part.

At some point after meeting, me and my mom finally talked. I told mom what was going on in my life and mom asked how she could help. I told her she could help me by believing what I’m telling her about my health and she could also help me by not asking me to do stuff for my siblings and coupling criticism with praise. ‘Cus she has a history of always asking me to do stuff for my siblings and I have history of having a hard time saying no, so I’ll feel bad and do stuff I really didn’t plan on doing, but then I’ll be mad when I don’t complete what I really had wanted to complete for myself at that period of time. I told mom that I only had three things I wanted to do this year – reach certain benchmarks with farm, produce and distribute a film, and do all I can to make myself available to have a baby, and I didn’t want to take on anything else.

Mom agreed to do her best to help in the ways I asked and she also agreed to come overseas to help with farm in the near future. Shortly after our talk, I found some new workers for our farm. Just to give you context, every time I go out to our farm, I worry for my life. Just believe me when I say my life is in danger every time, please. I will explain more on a later post, maybe. So this one time, I went out to the farm and we realize that we have coffee there. A coffee tree. My “you don’t help me” ungrateful sister had spoken about wanting to do stuff with coffee once upon a time. I sent a picture of the coffee tree to our farm group, knowing my mom, who is a partner on the farm, would see the picture, and knowing my mom would tell my sis about the coffee tree and maybe she’d do some coffee stuff with it later. Mom saw the pic and asked me if I could tell our new workers to nurse some baby coffee trees and I told her no because that’s extra stuff that I don’t have the capacity to do at the moment, but we can do it in the future. Mom said OK. A few days later, she sends a message to our family group chat saying she’s not coming overseas until me (she pointed me out specifically) and some of my unnamed other siblings, cleanse our hearts of jealousy, bitterness and hatred.

I asked God why he hates me, but he didn’t answer… Mom and I went back and forth about her message. I also informed family about the exchange between me and brother and sent them a copy of our text exchange and I also informed family about an overview of what happened between me and ungrateful sis before she moved out. Nobody said anything about anything publicly, although three sibs reached out privately to tell me sorry and tell me they think I’m a good person. Another sib posted a general message on the family chat saying we should respect each other.

Then, with no mention of the message my mom had said about me, mom sent another family message asking who in the family wants to join her and ungrateful’s bee business that she plans to come overseas and start. People start responding. Brother sends a message telling folks about something he did in his career. People start responding. I’m sitting here like, are these folk really gonna sit by and see all that’s happening and not say nothing about it publicly and then be talking about mom’s business when mom just called me everything but a child of God and essentially said she ain’t supporting me on nothing??? And bro just sent me a text message while I’m out of town telling me not to come to his house because of a poem??? And now he talking bout his career and y’all congratulating him and responding to mom’s request but y’all not gonna say nothing about what’s going on?

I addressed the family myself. Either y’all aren’t there for me, or y’all feel like this treatment towards me is justified, and if y’all feel this way, that I’m just that foul of a person where it’s ok for folks to treat me a certain way, and/or if you don’t have the guts to stand up for me when folks are dragging me through the mud but then feel perfectly comfortable asking me to do stuff you won’t ask anyone else to do in order to help you? Get outta here. I left the family chat group.

My mom and sis came overseas in March/April to work on sister’s project. I supported. Mom stayed and helped with farm stuff. We fought. We bonded. At the end of the day, I Love her. But I don’t have the words… My back hurts. Me and sis didn’t fight fight, but had tension and bonded, too… Mom asked me to come back to the states. Told me not to push my luck. I’d stayed alive overseas for this long. A lot of people died. I booked my ticket to come back to states a day after her.

And here I am. On a plane. Going to Cali. But I don’t where. At this particular moment, I don’t really know where I will live. Somewhere in the past week, bro told mom I could come back to his house. I have a sub-letter at my place. I could go back and be his roommate, but he’ll hit on me sooner than later; or I could stay at my place by myself. But staying at my place by myself with no real friends in LA is super depressive… I could go to the South and be with mom or one of the sibs, but I don’t trust it. Because… Well, because of everything in this blog post. We Love each other, but… I really don’t want to babysit when I don’t feel like it or be sequestered at home or have to give anyone any attention I don’t feel like giving or spend any money I didn’t plan on spending or move faster than makes me feel safe and healthy.

So here I am again. What do you want, Laydie? My family relationships are not the same. They will never be again. My friendships are not the same. I finally got tired of dysfunctional overseas relationship and broke that off. And here I am. What do I want? I don’t know that I believe my family relationships could be good. They are all good and loving people, but everyone feels justified in their stances, including me. Everyone behaves and is behaving exactly like they choose to. Full of shit.

I need to make a choice before this plane lands. I want to believe that good stuff is possible, but sometimes it’s hard to believe as much when you have been sad for so long. I sometimes imagine what it would be like to just be taken care of not taken advantage of and seen as good. What it would be like to be able to be as nice as I really am and somebody just say they like me. They are OK with that. It’s enough. Good job. And not hurt me. Not lie to me. Not cheat on me. Not see me as a thing to use. Not compete with me… I wonder what it would be like to be able to cry and be held. To be able to mess up and be forgiven. To find an equal with a big, brave heart who liked me just as much as I liked him and wanted to be with me… Who would be good to me and I wouldn’t have to worry about him trying to cheat or lie or use or abuse me… 

I don’t want to go back, y’all. To anything I’ve known in the ways I’ve known it. There were and are good parts to my family dynamic. Many good parts. And friends. I’ve had awesome friends. And even the mens. So many good experiences. 

The words on top of my awareness are wholly and fully. What can I choose wholly and fully? About living? About my home? There’s nowhere on the list I can choose wholly and fully and I don’t want to be going to live anywhere by myself any more. I don’t want to repeat this decade again. I can’t do it. There’s a baby in me needing to be born…

So let us speak truth about what we really want, and in spite of all the disaster, because of the holy, holy ruin, let’s close our eyes and realize there is nowhere else to be but honest and loving and forgiving. Easier said than done, but not as hard as it seems. I was going to start talking about what I want for the farm, but Spirit said let me talk about what I want for myself first.

What do I really want? Really? I want to be happy. I want to feel safe with somebody. Like there is someone I can care for who won’t hurt me. I want to have fun and never have to think about money again. I want to be able to be in relationship with my family that honors myself. Not fake stuff where the energy is always like they judging me or wanting me to be or do something that I have absolutely no interest in being or doing. Really… The dream that I don’t dare to dream is that I meet someone really really nice. I can’t even write it because it feels challenging for me to believe it’s possible, but I’ll write it. The dream is that I would meet someone really really nice. A nice man. Like now now. At the airport. He’d Love me. Don’t look anywhere in your past, my Spirit tells me. If the past changes, it will find you. But be here for now. Present. You meet a man and he says let’s move in. And you do. Now now. And I do. I live with someone I Love. A man. I don’t want to do no roommate stuff or family stuff honestly. I want to know what Love is. Even with my family. 

Radiate, You say. Forgive everyone. Forgive everyone. Morning and night. You know the answer to all of this. Interface with humans every day. 

-I know I sound so weird to anyone reading this. LOL. 

Find someone to hug every day. Pray one more time. Prescription. One week fasting. By Monday see results. Tomorrow go ahead and reach out. Tonight – Do Feminine Power and right out clear intention. If nothing else, forgiveness every night and morning. Complete and total and forgiveness for yourself as well. One hug a day. A really, real hug. Find somewhere to cook. Two hours a day self care. Set a time now and be disciplined. Three hours if you need. Make a plan. Find somewhere to go and reach out to those you know. No more detail here… 

So if you don’t know what to focus on, if you don’t know what to choose, your prayer is that you do know what to focus on and you do know what to choose. A hot tub and a bath. Love songs. Choose Love songs. Choose to find something holy and love it. This one is for you, Laydie. Stop writing for a minute and be still. Just really, really still… 

It’s a week and four days later. I got off the plane and landed in LA and tried to sort out what to do. Thought about not posting this blog because it tells all my business for real for real. But I’m gonna post it, complete the past and move on. I’ll write a new blog today. 

Thanks for reading.



The Past