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Day 570 – What To Do In A Day

November 15, 2022

Five hundred seventy days. It’s a weird day today, y’all. I don’t quite know how to start it. So I’m here, sorting. I woke up exchanging messages with a sister, my secret cheerleader… I feel the Love and appreciate my relationship with this sis. We are honest with each other, even about things we don’t agree on, and somehow we are still able to bond even though we don’t agree on some things…

I am here. In LA. In the only dwelling in the world that has my name on it. I’ve been here a little upwards of a month. I’m kind of proud that I’ve kept an apartment in LA for over ten years. And I’m ready to leave it now. It’s full of stuff. People gave me furniture and I collected my old things from my brother’s place. So the apartment is stuffy because I haven’t sorted through and gotten rid of and organized stuff. And I realize I’m actually a minimalist. I don’t like to see a lot of stuff crowded everywhere. I like to have space to do cartwheels.

I’d like a house. Can you imagine? I’ve never in my life thought that I’d like a house until recently. Or a family. Or all these things that normal people have. I’ve been in the mud for a long, long time, y’all, but I’m finally coming out. I thought family was my birth family, and have been tied to them for so long in a way that just don’t make sense for a grown woman. Didn’t even think of the idea of family being a new family with a man and kids and you transition to a place where your birth family is still there, but they are now your secondary family, not the primary…

Sometimes it’s embarrassing when I look back and see all the things that have kept my focus for so long. Most of it has nothing to do with the things that I feel I came to Earth to do… “Forgive yourself, Wonoh”, a voice tells me.

I am wondering what’s the best use of time today. I’m not depressed anymore. My whole life has changed even though it doesn’t necessarily look like it on first glance. Well, it looks like it in my skin. My skin looks great and young! And my eyes and teeth look bright and white. My body is OK. I have fat pockets here and there, but it works mostly. But what others can’t see is how I feel these days. Some days are awful and some days are awesome, but most days, the awful doesn’t sink me. I don’t run away from feeling things. I just feel them and cry or tremble or sleep or sometimes jump into action, but most times, there is a part of me that didn’t used to be there. The part that knows that the feelings will pass. The part that knows that the sky isn’t in fact falling.

This is new and amazing. Because it allows me to grieve until I’m griefed. I know griefed isn’t a word, but you get it.

On my potential list for the day is put out for money making opportunities, write, sort out and clean up my apartment, reach out for a man, connect with friends, return a million emails, phone calls and messages, put stuff online to sell so I can move stuff out of my garage and park there, do my therapy work and set goals and intentions and follow up on our group communications, follow up on social media communications, prep for a meeting tomorrow, follow up on a meeting I had last week. One thing I already did on the list is clean up some of my email so I can receive messages again, go and exercise at my friend’s gym and say hi to friend, wash car…

I’d like to complete some things today and I’m wondering if there is anything on my list that I could actually complete today and if there is anything urgent to complete. My house needs some cleaning and space. Also, I’d like to do my therapy work because it helps keep me intentional and aligned, I’d like to see my friend at the gym because his energy is amazing and it’s good exercise. And I really need to get some money coming in and get my car off the street parking so it will be safe.

Spirit says defer to Spirit to get clarity on where to point arrow. I had been under the weather for the past four or five days. I did something different than I usually do. I just chilled. Slept. Drank water. Ate. And now my energy is restored. Quickly I am guided to get rid of things and make space for the new. Finish my therapy work today, my Spirit says, for it is a good guide for action in the direction of things that are important to me. And put in for lots of money so we can get that monkey off our back and coast into the new year. Exercise today, but go and see your friend tomorrow. Pray about a man. You need your partner now. It is enough of being alone. This part of your life is not meant to be alone… You are not meant to be alone.

I wish My People would have picked me to be his wife – such an awesome guy – but he didn’t. There is much to muse about, but my thirty minutes of writing is up. So what did you tell me to do, God? Go check on my car on the street. Put in prayer/meditation time, put things online to sell/get rid of, FINISH therapy work, and reach out for one money, honey opportunity. That’s three things. Do them well. Three things a day works miracles. Write for 15 min and up to one hour max. Get your room in order if you have the strength and energy…

Later Alligators!

Have a Blessed day.

Day 570

What To Do In A Day



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