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Day 517 – Someone to Love

September 30, 2019

I feel afraid to write. Afraid of all these emotions. Don’t even know where they are coming from. Deep and raw.

Mission accomplished. Mission over. All the stuff I was supposed to do, I did. And now? I am here. Some man in my life didn’t come and see me today and my heart is all heavy.

Don’t know whether to cut him off or don’t trip. Someone I met at the festival. I made it to the festival. Magic. I don’t know if I wrote about it already, but I made it. Made it to LA, and from LA, hitchhiked to the festival. It was amazing. Too amazing to talk about here because it’s over and I’m gonna start crying…

My friends were there. They welcomed me with open arms and big hugs. They got me food while I was sick, gave me gifts, toted me around on their bikes… I went to an amazing workshop. I danced under the stars in the desert. I watched a temple burn and prayed while people roasted marsh mellows. I exchanged hugs…

Somewhere in the celebration, I met a man there. Nothing happened. Just an easy, safe cordial exchange. I was working at the information booth of my camp, and he stopped by to talk. We had a connection. He’s not my type at all. Never ever dated a man of his race before. Sometime later, he came by my camp again. This time, we listened to music together. Just sat down and listened and chatted.

He asked me to come by his camp the next day. I told him I would. I came, but when I came, neither him nor any of his campmates were there. I left a note with my number on it.

After the festival, he called. Told me he had found the note while he was packing. Actually, he didn’t call. He texted. We texted back and forth. I asked him what he wanted. He said to get to know one another. We don’t live in the same state, and we agreed that we would visit one another. Be kind, open, honest, and caring towards one another…

We messaged some more. I started getting tired of messaging. The magic of the festival was wearing off, and he was becoming a guy who didn’t seem too interested in getting to know me. He wasn’t doing anything. Wasn’t setting up any time to meet up. Wasn’t calling. Only sending little messages every now and then… Finally I asked him when we were going to meet up. It took him a day to respond. In his response, he apologized for taking so long to respond and said he had had to think about things. I told him it was ok, and now… I’m actually looking through my text messages and see that he never addressed when we are going to meet up…

So, as fate would have it, one of my sister’s lives in the state he lives in, about thirty minutes away from him. He asked me if I ever come to visit my sis and I said sometimes… Then I told him that I was coming to visit my sis this past weekend. He said he’d be gone on a training this past weekend. He asked when I would be leaving town and I told him and then didn’t hear back from him. Then today I told him I was still in town… He messaged me and asked if I’d like to meet up tonight. I said I would. He gave me a tentative time.

Then a few hours before the time, he messaged and asked to reschedule for Wednesday. Said he had a bunch of work to do. My heart cracked a little. I know, it’s silly. I guess I had already judged him as an awesome man in my mind, and then realized he’s probably an ass… or scared of good things. Or unavailable. Or a coward. Or married.

I went back and forth in my head. Should I tell him, no, the jig is up, and I don’t want to meet him anymore? Was it really a big deal for someone not to call you in a month of knowing you? Especially when they certainly had a life before meeting me?

He said he didn’t cancel. But he did cancel. He didn’t say sorry. I get the feeling he has a mean streak. I’ve been here before. I got on a plane and went to a whole other country, as fate would have it, in a whole other country happened to live a fifteen minute walk away from my friend the Advisor. And then, actually lived right in his same apartment complex. Thought if I was near, then we could get near. Then we would get near. But we didn’t. In six months, I only saw him once. He avoided me like the plague. He only wanted to have sex with me, and when he found out he wasn’t getting none, he didn’t want to see me. I don’t want to believe that that is the truth. I want to believe that he was in love with me and scared and the feeling was too intense… or that he had a psych problem… or that someone put a spell on him.. or that he secretly had a pee problem and peed on himself and didn’t want me to know. Anything except he didn’t really Love me.

With Dream Lover, I wanted to believe the same thing. But then I found out that the truth was, he was married. He was married. And talking to me about our future. And our kids. And wanting to go look at houses with me for us to buy. He was lying to me. About everything.

This new guy? He is not lying. Well, he lied about canceling, talking about he didn’t cancel. I think I feel heartbroken because he felt like such a safe place. I thought I had met someone who could hold me, if even for an hour. I didn’t feel pain when I sat next to him. I felt relaxed. But now I feel afraid and doubtful. I have been here before. I can’t even tell you if I’m overreacting. Do you think I’m over reacting? This is how I scare guys off. I tell them how I feel and then they think I’m making too big of a deal of stuff, and they had a life before they met me and they can’t just drop everything and I’m supposed to be patient and see how things go… but I’m not buying it anymore. It’s bullshit.

It’s just bullshit. I scare them off because they’re assholes with no good intentions. Single to this day or dating some woman and wreaking havoc in her life, because they never set a good intention for her. They never set a good intention for me. Had a thought of a nice first date but never followed through. Had a thought of a nice anything, but got scared, or had to fast their real feelings, their attachments to whoever else, their insecurities, etc. etc. Had to come to terms with whatever fantasy they were living.

I can hear all the men who ever really loved me telling me that I’m too fine to be worrying about some man who ain’t coming to see me the second I touch down in his town. A lifetime is ending. A whole entire way of relating to men is coming to an end.

I am sad… I am feeling so, so sad. I thought I had finally met someone who had the right vibe. Someone who could hold me and not hurt me. I am really in need of someone to hold me. I am really in need of a touch filled with Love. I am really in need of someone to love.God, please send me someone to Love…


Day 517
Someone To Love

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