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Day 500 – On Becoming

July 16, 2018

Hi there. I only have a few minutes before I clock into work, but I want to write a bit. What shall I write about today?

Monday morning motivation: Don’t believe everything you think.

Become the thing itself. Become the woman who is happy. It’s a mind trick, and if you think about it too long, you lose it.

Become the woman at peace. Merge with her. Be her. How does she move her head? What does she do when fear tries to usurp her attention.

Become the BeLoved. Oh, she has forgiven everything. See the bounce in her step, as if she has never been touched by pain.

Become the one who is taken care of. There is an ease in her breathing. Breathe easy now. You are taken care of.

Become the vision of your life fulfilled. Who is this person that has been gifted with a body, animated? Go deep. Go deeper… Who is this life that is manifested as you?

For a moment, become the fearless one. Become the faithful one. Become the Loving one. Become integrity. For a moment, step into yourself fully. Allow, allow, allow…. Allow yourself to be whole and holy.

Time to get to work.


Day 500
On Becoming

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