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Day 497 – Focus

June 21, 2018

Brain sort. Quick run through. Focus. Focus. Focus. The word of the decade. The lesson of the decade. Focus. If thoughts and beliefs create your reality, then what do you want to be thinking of now? Abracadabra.

What should your focus be. Hoodwinked for so long, I’ve been. Focus. Turn the love back around and pour it into yourself. Don’t worry. You will still Love others. Turn the forgiveness around and give it to yourself.

Focus on yourself for once. Focus on your life for once. Your life is important, too. Your dreams are important, too. Your destiny is important, too. And it is up to you, and your focus, to make anything you want real.

Focus. Painstaking process of extricating myself from the patterns and habits and relationships and thoughts that feel like they have been clawing into my back for years, keeping me bound in one place. I remove the claws one by one by one.

In my back there have been hooks
holding me here
holding me here…

I release them one by one.

Through my focus and attention I am set free.

Vampires buzz around. “Give me your energy!” they scream. “Give me your time!” they scream. “I will feed you nothing.” I do not look to them. I do not give them my energy, except for my Love and Blessing. I have finally figured it out.

Thank you, God.

I do not give them my energy, except for my Love and Blessing. Loving them and Loving me, too, means I leave them alone, tell them what I have to say, give them what I have to give, allow them to learn their own lessons, and breathe life back into the holes in my back.

Redemption and absolution are options at last. I see them. I focus on them. Forgiveness and Love are possibilities. I see them. I focus on them. I hold tight to the connection to the Spirit that answers all that I do not know. The Spirit that carries me places I would never imagine. I hold tight to you, God. I hold tight to you, Love.

If I were my own mother, then I would say, “Laydie, take a break now. Take good care of your own self now. Find people who will hold you and not ask you for shit. Yes, these people exist. Find people who will ask you for the things that you give willingly, like love and joy and fun. My baby, you can be strong. Strong is not a bad word now. Strong doesn’t mean you will be alone. Strong means you will make it through. Finally. This time, you will make it through this nightmare and your life will become a dream. You know what to do. You have known what to do for a long time. Now, do it. You can. See how, when you listen to me, your life blossoms. Focus. On your health. Focus. On completion, mainly. On absolution, mainly. On Love, mainly. Follow the energy of Love. Go the places where your Love is received. Be with the people who do not hurt you. Don’t worry. Once you decide that peace and Love is all you will accept, people will change the way they treat you, or they will disappear. And new people will show up to offer you more Love than you can imagine. Focus now. You are on the brink of a major breakthrough. Epic. Jump into this part of your life with all your intention. With all your heart. Be brave about it. Be bold about it. Let go the parasites. Just like you are doing this body detox cleanse. Do it in your life. Let go the parasites. Don’t hate them. Look at them with interest and love. And let them go. Time to stop typing. Nourish your body temple. Be completely selfish. At this moment in time, yes, it’s all about you. You’ve paid your dues and made half of a life all about everything except the blossoming of your heart and soul. Make it all about you, now. Make your life all about you, now. You can do it, my baby. You can do it.

Focus, focus, focus.”

And so it is.


Day 497

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