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Day 493 – Every Little Abuse (The Luxury to Contemplate)

April 20, 2018

It’s my birthday, and I thought I was going to write a post about miracles, but instead I have another story. Going to see if I can make this story a post about miracles before the day is over.

But let me tell you what happened. I’m sitting in a hotel room. A beautiful room. A lake outside in view. My sister is in the shower. She came into town yesterday because both of us thought our lives were going to change.

My sister is in the business of real estate. Earlier this week, I received a text message and call from a guy named David. I know two guys named David. One of them I know professionally, and one of them I haven’t spoken to in eight years.

My sister just got out of the shower and said I don’t have the luxury to contemplate every little abuse unless I want to stay in the house all day… Hmmm… lol!

But I digress. I’m going to tell this story, and then I’m going to go on with my day and have a good birthday. David told me that his neighbor, an 87-yr-old man, was getting rid of all his assets so that he could qualify for a medical program. The old man was selling 5 houses, valued at $600,000 to $900,000 for $50,000 a piece. David asked me if I would like to buy one. I immediately reached out to my sister, and I told David that I would see if I could get some people to loan me the money I needed so that both me and my sister could get a house each.

My dreams were coming true. Me and David talked all week about the houses. I started thinking about what life would be like if I owned a home on another part of town. I thought about what I’d do with all the money I made: I’d finish all my writing projects and actually make them into movies. I’d sublet the apartment I have now so that I could have passive income. I’d take a loan out against my $900k house and use the money to buy several other houses at the auction, sell them until I profited $900k times 9, and keep one house as a rental property. I’d rent out a room in the house I was in, and thereby have at least $7,000 a month in passive income. I would go down south and buy a house and start one of my heal the world projects, where I rent out rooms to college students and give them the support they need to realize their dreams. I’d get started on manufacturing two of the inventions that I have, inventions that will help make the world a better place. I’d find a community of support so that I could keep working on my creative projects and make it fun. I’d buy a nice new wardrobe and shoes that are comfortable, which I’ve needed for a long time. I’d get into the group cellular cleansing program that I’ve wanted to get into for some time. I’d pay off all my college loans and every single ounce of debt I’ve ever had. I’d fix the dents in my magic car… And I would paint and decorate and bless my new home with so much Love….

I’d take a picture in front of my new house and post it on Facebook. The caption would read, “The best birthday gift ever. Miracles of God are real”….

Well, you’ve probably guessed by now that me and my sis didn’t get the houses we thought we were going to buy. My sister flew into town yesterday in order to give the money and sign the paperwork for her house. She and I had tapped into all the resources we could find, dipped into savings, loaned, borrowed and begged in order to get this money to invest in an opportunity that would change our lives forever. We were in constant communication with David. We went to the bank to get my sister’s money out. She was giving $20,000 in cash – all of her savings – and getting a loan for the remainder of the $30,000. We were to meet David and the old man at one of the houses, and then go to the court house to sign off on all paperwork.

So David sends the address where we should meet. As we drive up, we realize that it’s a Home Depot. David says that we are meeting there in order for him to get some lumber that he’s supposed to give to the old man, and that all four of us will meet there, and then we’ll drive to the house. So, me and my sister arrive. David is not there. It’s almost 4p.

David calls and says that he’s running late, but he needs to pick up the lumber from his friend before his friend gets off at 4p. He asks if we can pick up the lumber for him, and we say yes.

So his friend, who says his name is Brian, comes out of the store and tells us where to park. David is on the phone with us. Brian tells David that the lumber costs $21,600, and all he needs is the money and he’ll give us the lumber… You know where this is going. David tries to convince us to give his friend $20,000, and as soon as he arrives he will give us our $20k back. He asks his friend to loan the other $1,600. His friend agrees.

My sister is the one who has the $20,000 and the pressure is on her. She is not feeling comfortable with giving this dude $20k in exchange for some lumber, on the promise that David is going to come through and pay us back. She and David go back and forth on the phone until finally she agrees, but she says that she is going to walk with the Home Depot guy into the store, and if the guy tries to run off with our money, she and I are going to tackle him. When the Home Depot guy hears this, he gets very nervous. His hands start shaking and he tells David to hear what we said.

David gets on the speaker phone and we agree on how we are going to do the money/wood transfer. I’m about to hand over the money to the Home Depot guy, who says he is the manager of the store, but then I think, “What would I do if this was my money?” I tell the Home Depot guy to hold on. I’m going to make a phone call. I call Home Depot and ask them for the name of the manager of the store. While I am on the phone asking for the name of the manager, and while my sister is standing outside of the car, preparing to walk with the Home Depot guy into the store, the Home Depot guy tells us to hold on. He says he is going to go into the store and figure out if there is a way for him to get us the lumber without us having to pay the $20k up front.

He walks into the store. We call David. David’s number is disconnected…

We make a report to Home Depot. We call the police to try and report the scam, but the police says that since we weren’t actually scammed – we didn’t give the guy the money – no crime was committed, and they get so many instances like ours that they don’t file a report unless a crime was committed. The police agree to send an escort out so that my sis can put her money back in the bank without us getting robbed by David and his goons on the way…

We could have gone back to my apartment afterwards, but I have a stupid roommate who is living there, who hasn’t spoken to me in at least two weeks, since I gave him his notice to move-out. So my sister used her hotel points for us to come spend the night escaping the tragedy that happened yesterday.

And here I am. On my birthday. There is no house and no Facebook pic talking about the goodness of God. Instead, there are feelings of sadness and betrayal, questions about the nature of life and reality. I am wondering if there is really a war between good and evil in the world or if there is no good and no evil. I am trying to make sense of all the things that don’t make sense to me, but they are still not making sense to me.

I thought I was getting a miracle gift for my birthday, but instead I got my hopes up higher than ever for my life and ended up almost getting scammed. My sister almost got scammed for all of her savings and it would have been my fault. And now, I am wondering what I should say about this birthday.

My life is back to what it was before the thought of miraculous change. What if I allow for a miracle gift anyway? I do have the luxury to contemplate every little abuse, and I believe that, for me, it’s necessary to deal with things as they arise, otherwise they will eat me up inside, but I can let this abuse go now. That is what I will do now. For my birthday. Choose.

That is the only gift we always have. Choice. I can choose to let this little abuse, and every other little abuse go. That is the miracle that I am allowing for on this day. To hold fast to the goodness of God. To be strong in a different kind of way. To keep my hopes up higher than ever before and take action on the vision that my scammers allowed to be real for me. To let every little abuse be an opportunity to let go, to grow and to accept the miraculous change that pulls me ever forward… Amen… Happy Birthday to me.

Day 493
Every Little Abuse (The Luxury to Contemplate)

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