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Day 432 – Dear One

March 18, 2016

Dear One,

You are at another crossroads. You have lived many lives, but this you have never known. The beginning. The place of no obligation and all support. It is not what you imagined.

Here, there is much responsibility. There is no one to blame, for everything you need is given to you, and you have managed to free yourself of all that has held you down for so long.

My Love, do not fear. You are enough. Hear my words. You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

Do not underestimate the work you have done. Do not underestimate your preparation for this here and now. You have done much and all of your suffering was not in vain. You have already arrived at the place of mastery on so many levels. You have learned the greatest lessons of all: Love, Faith, Forgiveness, and Courage.

Do not be afraid, Dear One. I know the pressure is much. Your failure or success will be determined only by your choices. And there will be discomfort. And there will be opportunities to make a statement about who you are and who you wish to be. And there will be hard truths that must be told.

But this is the journey you signed up for. This is the dream you have wanted all along.

You Are Enough.

Embrace this new perspective. Embrace the beautiful precipice that you stand upon. They will say it is not fair, but they do not know of the dark nights of your soul, nights that they could not have lived through. Do not compare yourself to them. Do not give in to guilt.

You have arrived. Stand up, my Love. I will sing to you. I will give you words and food to keep you strong. Stand up. I will send you angels and strength. You need but open up your arms. Let all that hangs you down fall away. Stand up, my Love.

Dare to know the Light that shines through you. Dare to be the fullness of your beautiful soul.

Stand up, My Love. The war is over and a new life calls your name.

The war is over.

And a new life calls your name…


Day 432
Dear One


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