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Day 421 – Ground Zero

January 30, 2016

Ground Zero

Of starting over
Of starting anything
I can not write poems when I lay on my belly
The words don’t flow
I have to get up
Sit up
Stand up
Here at ground zero
Everything is behind me
Everything is in front
Everything is here and now
Pure choice, they call it
Decide who you want to be
Decide who you want to be
Decide who you are
And Live it
Be it
Bring it
Share it
Decide what you will receive.
Decide no Fear.
No Fear
No fear…
No fear.
Who was I before the war?
Survivor’s guilt.
My smile remains in tact and I am nicer than before.
How have I become invincible, God?
Will I be enough?
Will I be OK?
Decide no fear.
Without fear, ground zero is a trampoline and not a desert.
It is fertile soil. It is an adventure. It is anything you can imagine.
Without fear, I am smarter than I’ve ever been and golden light surrounds me, welcoming me home.
Love pulls me forward.
Can you feel the air here? There is the sweet caress of gentle nothingness.
Choose and it shall be.
Decide no fear. Decide wisdom. Decide brilliance. Decide Love. Decide humility. Decided happiness. Decide abundance. Decide to be supported. Decide to be supportive. Decide. Decide. Decide.
Decide to be brave. Decide to be kind.
Choice is all there is, my Love.
Choice is all there is.
This is your new life
This is your new life.
The war is over.
Welcome home.

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