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Day 417 – The Words

January 3, 2016

Good morning World! How are you?

I have touched the source of my being this morning… I watched a service from my spiritual center online this morning. That center was my favorite part of living in LA. I received so much food for my soul there.

And this morning I am in Love. Not with any particular person. I am in Love with life. Oh, I know. Life sucks. But it’s also beautiful. I was listening to My People give a speech online. He was speaking about claiming one’s inheritance. He was saying that all of us are given everything we need…

My People called me on New Year’s Day. I hadn’t heard from him in about a month and I was missing him. His presence always inspires me to go deeper within myself. Emotions wake up, and I start thinking about the purpose of life. The thing about him is that I never feel hurt in his presence. I never feel like he will hurt me. There is a profound sense of safety with him and there is so much honesty between us. I don’t want anything from him. It is the strangest feeling. I just want to be connected to him, and I want him to be happy. And if being my man would make him happy, then I would want that for him. But if he doesn’t feel the connection and the love and the excitement and all that he would want from a partner with me, then I would still want him to be happy elsewhere, and I would Love him and I would still want to be connected to him in the way that suits us best…

What would make me happy, you ask? Well… I’m already happy right now. I can honestly say that I am sitting here on an island with absolutely no guarantees about anything at all in life, and I am happier than I’ve ever been. And this makes me happy… What I would want from a man is someone who is sure that he wants to share his love with me and someone who wants to build a life with me. That is not the only requirement, but that is the one thing that is necessary… For now, I know that My People is interviewing me and figuring out what he wants to do with his life. And I have a little more preparation to do before I will be ready to fully partner up with a man, so everything is going well. I am faithful that my life partner exists and I know that when the time is right, we will connect with each other and continue on a new journey together…

In the meantime, I am thinking about Love… I am thinking that my Hawaii healing will be ending soon and I must face the world again. This place was designed for healing. It is a place for ease. It is a place where children learn how to smile and get along with one another. I really Love this place and I would like to always be connected to this place. Maybe I will have a home here and raise my children here and connect with the rest of the world on a project to project/seasonal basis. I think it’s important that we all take some time and space, at some point in our lives to be renewed and refreshed to know what it is to feel at peace…

This is another post about nothing. If I keep writing, I will get somewhere. I just felt like reaching my hand out and offering something to someone who may be wanting what I have to share. I felt like touching the world and being a part of everything. Because I touched the Source of everything and there is no point in knowing anything if you are not going to use what you know and share who you are.

I can not dance for you, and you probably wouldn’t want to see me dance anyway. And I don’t have money to give, dear reader. I can not make your dreams come true and I can’t take away your pains. But I can give you words. And don’t say that words are nothing, because words are the beginning of everything for many of us. In our human agreements, they are one of the first expressions of thoughts, and after them, action follows.

Words can identify your pains and words can help you find a way to release them and heal them. And words can name your dreams and words can plant seeds in your mind that help you actualize those dreams. And dear reader, words can type, write, talk and plan your way into jobs, situations, and opportunities that can get you money. There is power in words. I recognize this.

And this New Year, my only resolution is to use my words more wisely. This is my gift: the usage of words… We are not victims anymore. So let us get over this idea that we have no power. Even the most destitute of us all can get up today and say, “I choose.”

I choose to drink a glass of water.
I choose to get off the bed.
I choose to smile just to see what that feels like.
I choose to touch my toes.
I choose to imagine what life could be if I had a choice.
I choose to write a poem and share it with someone.
I choose to say I’m sorry.
I choose to forgive.
I choose to take a bath and touch my skin.
I choose to eat so I can live.
I choose to live.
I choose to live.
I choose to live.
I choose to find a book to help me.
I choose to find a voice to help me.
I choose to find a song to help me.
I choose to demonstrate the wisdom and knowledge that I have gained.
I choose not to fight.
I choose to fight for my life.
I choose to choose.
I choose to look at this word, “power”.
I choose to think.
I choose to think of what power means to me.
I choose to think of what I would like power to mean for me.
I choose to participate in the creation of my own experience of this life.
I choose to allow myself to be helped.
I choose to participate. I choose to participate. I choose to participate.
I choose to let the fullness of my potential be actualized in this incarnation.
I choose to radiate life.
I choose to actualize the fullness of my potential.
I choose to give.
I choose to receive.
I choose…

I choose to give something, anything, good to someone who will receive it. Even a word… Even a word.

Thank you, God.

Day 417
The Words

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