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Day 415 – On Writing Love Poems

December 19, 2015

Dear You,

I miss you. What I miss most is the feeling of flying and the pure joy. I miss the honesty between us. I miss the way your house felt, like open space: clean and pure. I miss the wisdom and compassion in your eyes. You said you would hold a space for me, and so I am speaking to this space: I am here. I am here. I am here. I know I have a lot of growing to do, but I am ready now. I know how to Love now. I know how to be in my own skin now. I am no longer afraid to live. I know, all my dreams are ahead of me. I am sure that I can do it all by myself, but I feel no pride in doing it by myself anymore. You don’t have to save me. I can save myself. I just want you to be with me sometimes. Hold my hand sometimes. Smile with me sometimes. Pray with me sometimes. Sit and be quiet with me sometimes. Share love with me. Talk about limitlessness. Plan things and do them… Let me dance for you. Let me dance for you…

The war is over.

The fighting is done.

And all I have are love poems, because I don’t care about anything but Love. No, I don’t care about anything but Love. Finally, it has come to this.

They wanted to break me. The others. They wanted me to die. But somehow I am still here. I can not take credit. I don’t know how I’m still here, writing Love poems without a place to put them… But they told me, the pieces of myself, they told me that if I kept writing, if I kept digging deeper, then a place would be made, and you would come and find the poems that I have been writing just for you.

They would be like a beacon of light guiding You my way.

And so I write. I write for my life. I write because there is nothing left for me to do but believe. I write because I will explode if I keep these words inside. I write to sing my own lullabies. I write to set myself free.

Dear You,

I am here. Writing Love poems. Come and get them, baby. Come and get them…


Day 415
On Writing Love Poems

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