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Day 369 – Before The Flight

November 10, 2014

I have so much to write about. Where to start?

I just started an entry but didn’t like the direction it was going, so I’m starting over. I’ll start this one with my eyes closed first. I have so much to tell you.

Most High Creator of All Creation, I come to you with Joy in my heart and gratitude. I thank you for the gift of words that comfort, inspire, uplift, entertain, and instigate. I thank you for words. Beyond words, I thank you for all that is not said, but only felt and seen. I thank you for dance and expression. I thank you for intelligence and the ability to choose and create. I thank you for free will.

Thank you.

Will comes to mind. The man with the big hands at my spiritual center, whom I prayed with so long ago. The most beautiful man hands I have ever seen or felt in my life. Enveloping, comforting, so much life flowing through them. Such beautiful hands. I thank You for the experience of being able to connect with an absolute stranger by praying with him and holding his beautiful hands.
Life is beautiful. I thank you for the experience of being able to see that and know that right now. In this moment. Not in retrospect or after an event has passed, but right now, as I am living, I know that life is beautiful.

Thank You.

It’s all up to us, isn’t it? I can capture it for an instance before it stops making sense. I am sitting in a huge metal machine, weighing over a thousand pounds, suspended in the air thousands of miles on top of the clouds with about a hundred other people. We are flying and yet we are not birds. But we are flying. As if it’s just normal. And it is normal now. We call the machine an airplane and we take it’s invention for granted.

The machine didn’t just appear on Earth. It appeared in the consciousness of somebody first. Someone somewhere a long time ago believed that anything was possible. He or she believed that objects could fly. Isn’t it crazy when you think about it?
If objects can fly, then surely smaller miracles are possible. Like one person being debt free. LOL. I don’t think that’s such a hard thing to be, given the span of possibilities in the Universe.
I close my eyes again because I want to see. I see that life is falling into place for me. An inner compass is being fine-tuned and it tells me which direction to walk. You put it there, didn’t you? I know you did. Thank you.

My compass led me to board a plane to go to an island to see the brand new baby that my sister gave birth to yesterday. It led me to see my healer lady yesterday, who in turn recommended a doctor for me to see to help heal and align my body so that energy can flow more fluidly.

And I am shaking my head no because the way things are transpiring could seem too good to be true, but my inner compass, You, are telling me to shake my head yes. And so I am on a plane, with my eyes closed, shaking my head yes and looking like a fool.

What shall we do with our lives, now God, now that anything seems possible? I am tempted to say… but you say don’t even write it. Write the Truth instead. Like you write your stories. Write the Truth about this part of your life. Write it into existence.

The… Woman.. on the plane, Laydie, is tempted to doubt the good things that are happening to her and question her worthiness. The familiar feelings of guilt creep up in the back of her subconscious. But instead of giving them any energy, this time, she does something different. She thinks about the opposite, and she says “I can believe how good life is!” Notice her heartbeat accelerate and her nerves get on edge. She doesn’t believe it yet, so she says it again. I can believe how good life is! I can believe how good life is! I can believe how good life is. I can believe how good life is I can believe how good life is. I can believe how good life. Until her heart beat slows down. Until her nerves calm down. Until the tears of disbelief stop and a smie takes over. Again, she writes “I can believe how good life is!!”


She is going to see her two-year-old nephew. She can laugh out loud with him without looking silly. They both can say I CAN BELIEVE HOW GOOD LIFE IS and make a game out of it.

The woman, me, I, am happy. I look out of the plane window at the clouds. I am contemplating limitlessness and possibilities again. “ I can believe how good life is” will be my meditation while I am on this trip to this beautiful island. You, Lord, have given me an out. My dad wasn’t able to say, “Here, Laydie. Go pursue your dreams. I will pay for everything until you succeed.” But you have done that for me. I can believe how good life is. And so, in honor of my dead father who loved me so much, in honor of my beautiful mother, who never doubted that we could be anything we wanted to be with our lives, in honor of everything that came before this moment, I accept at last. I CAN BELIEVE HOW GOOD LIFE IS!
I accept with a smile in my heart and a smile on my hips. Somehow I know that a man will never be a worry of mine again. Oooh weee, a good man is on his way! He’s fine, too! And I am gonna be that good woman standing next to him. That good woman who pays her bills, LOL.

That’s the next thing on the list: debt. In the land of limitlessness, debt does not exist, and I am contemplating limitlessness. I am not worried. You will show me where to find money. Use my brain, you whisper. Use my heart. Brilliance, You whisper. The word for next week. I can believe how good life is. Yes. I use my brain. I use my heart. I use my body. I use my Spirit. I use all of ME. My passion, too. All of me. My smile, indeed. All of me.

I think about the plane I’m in. Before the plane, there was the inspiration from You and someone knew that one day they would fly. I think about the plane and prepare for flight.

Day 369
Before the Flight

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