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Day 365 – Entry Points

October 15, 2014

Hey there.

Just got done working a bit on my new script. I love it. I love working on it. The ideas are flowing easily and naturally and I get all excited when I write.

This isn’t going to be my last entry. I will keep it going a while longer, until this transition to the other side is stabilized. I’m already here, but I’m not used to living this way yet.

New players in my life script let me know that drastic change is here. Energy courses through my body and I am able to exercise and move around again. My body is finally healing for good. Due to it’s breakdown, I discovered Kundalini yoga, a different diet, deep belly breathing, vibrational chanting, and various self-care modalities.

I am so peaceful these days, I barely recognize myself. I used to be in constant fights with everyone all the time. Some of the people I used to fight are still fighting other people, but not me. I’m not a part of that anymore.

I have been meeting men galore. Every time I step outside, there is someone new. At first it seemed pretty scary. You know? Men are my weakness. In my past, I haven’t really functioned well when I’ve been emotionally engaged with men. And so when they approach me these days, I associate them with breakdowns. This weekend, though, I decided to face my fears and engage with men again. Can’t say it was 100 percent smooth sailing, but I can say that it was better than I thought. Someone took me on a date to dinner and dancing. He wanted me to meet his family the next day. Another guy made an appointment for us to go to this wonderful myofascial body therapist together. Finally, someone else told me that he sees me as a diamond in the rough and he would like to help me step into my full potential. What can I say? These men are totally different than the kind of guys I have dated in the past. They come with gifts. They see me for who I really am, and they are willing to acknowledge it and tell me good things about myself instead of constantly playing chess, trying not be vulnerable. They have been praying and meditating long before they met me. They do things in the world that help people. They tell the truth and they don’t run away. They are mature, and although they are willing to help me in some areas in life, they don’t see as a project that needs fixing, or a woman that needs to get with their program. They like me as I already am…

The last guy, who happens to be a massage therapist among other things, and who also happens to go to my spiritual center, peaks my interest the most. I like him because he lives in prayer and he doesn’t try to force anything. He is open to being completely giving and completely receptive. I’ll call him the Old Prophet, because that’s what he reminds me of. He’s a person who can see the deeper layers of things…

I can’t write long today. I have to go to work. I want to offer something to the world this morning, though, because life is reigniting in my body and I feel like I have something to offer. Whatever time you are in, whatever moment you are experiencing is an entry point to a deeper realization of the truth of life. Let it lead you. Let it inform you. And if it breaks you, let it teach you how to get back up with all of the pieces of your true self in tact.

We are riding the waves of life together, each one breathing life into the other. Each one taking life from the other. It can be a dance instead of a war. It can be peaceful instead of tumultuous. It can be open instead of closed. It can be greater than anything you can imagine in this present moment. Trust me. I know. Because I am here. And I never imagined I would be here with Love coursing through my veins in spite of all that would have me hate.

May your day be Blessed. May your life be Blessed. May this moment be an entry point for you…


Day 365

Entry Points

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