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Day 347 – Change Comes (Accept It)

July 19, 2014

Beep beep. This one won’t be long. Had a marvelous, low-key day. Spent most of the time meditating, praying, stretching, reading… It was lovely. I love my book “Oneness”. I read it and reread it and every time I open it, there is something relevant.

Today, it spoke about the actualized dream already being here. But I don’t want to talk about that.

After being in the house almost all day long, I walked down the street to meet with my producer. After the meeting, I decided to hang out outside a bit and get some fresh air. I ended up having conversations with three different people: a lady and her three kids, a guy selling cell phone accessories, and a young dude on a skateboard who said I light up the street. As I was heading home, I ran right into my neighbor. He had decided to come outside and take a walk because he was frustrated. He asked if I’d walk with him, and so I did. We talked, went to the corner store, stopped at a concert in the park, and then I hung out with him for a few more minutes. He told me about his soon-to-be wife and I wasn’t mad. Only slightly envious that I don’t have a soon-to-be husband… I realized that I had let him go. I had let him free and that made me happy. I think it made him happy, too. I have a neighbor/friend. He called me a blessing before I left and thanked me for talking to him.

Later, I had a phone conversation with the most interesting of people. A new person that I’ve met who is doing phenomenal things in the world and builds a life out of helping other people do phenomenal things in the world. He wants to help me with my international initiative. Don’t ask me why.

I accept it, though. I’m not afraid today. I sat down on my prayer mat and found the place where I can accept good things. It’s a lovely place. I prayed for my body and I don’t know how or why, but it’s not hurting as much right now. I am looking for the places where there was pain just this morning, but the pain is gone.

I think that my life may have already changed. I think I am already changed. I think I am already on the other side of happy. I just need to accept it. Change comes. The change has already come. Accept it…


Day 347
Change Comes (Accept It)

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