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Day 327 – A New Story (Change Does Come)

June 20, 2014

Ok. I said I was gonna write every day from now on. I have about twenty minutes until this day is over, so this one will be short.

Good Day World. Hello. Thank you For Being Here With Me. I am taking a break for the first time since 7 am. My fingers hurt.

I am slightly excited, though. I’m coming alive. I think you don’t even realize you are numb until you start coming alive again.

I don’t have a topic for today. I just want to say thank you. I just want to say bless you. Change does come. Maybe I will start writing poems from now on, or making this blog a little more beautiful. I’ve never even explored how to put up pictures, etc.

I’m falling in Love. Now don’t get any ideas and start asking me about who, because there is no who. I’m falling in Love with myself. Not in a vain way, but in a way that I’m actually beginning to like myself. I’m actually beginning to like my life. I’m actually beginning to know that I’m ok even when things don’t seem OK. I’m actually becoming happy for real.

People who haven’t been around me in a while notice the change. I can enjoy a conversation without wrinkling my forehead. I can smile and give things, and sometimes it’s not even intentional. It’s beginning to be a habit. I can bounce back from disappointments that used to linger for years in a matter of weeks or days now.

I have changed a lot. Not that I was a bad person before. I was always the person I am. I just feel more safe showing myself now. I’d like to start a new story of my life. The old story is lame now. I’d like to pick up a new life.

In this story, there is a woman. She Loves with all her heart. She is wise and smart and beautiful. Skilled at many things. But unlike my past story where the woman is betrayed and disappointed and taken for granted and used, in this story, the woman’s love is received and reciprocated. She is cherished and cared for. She connects with others who Love with all their hearts as well and through their Loving, through their openness, through their sincere desire to make their lives a good life for themselves and for all their relations, they change themselves. They grow themselves. They live out loud boldly and they help to make the world better by being who they are.

This new woman in this new story is not ashamed of joy. She is not ashamed of success. She is not ashamed of knowing God. She is not ashamed of all she has been and all she is to become. This woman is full of passion expressed and forgiveness and life shows up for her in greater ways than she has ever dared to imagine.

This is my new story, y’all. Change does come. I’m sticking to it…

Day 327

A New Story (Change Does Come)

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