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Day 302 – The Good Fight (On Having A Good Day)

March 20, 2014

I’m trying to get ahold of time. Feels like I need a whole day to just sit and pray and meditate. Go out to some ocean somewhere and breathe in the air of trees. Pray and meditate. Read a very inspirational book. Call someone to clean up the house that is progressively becoming dirty.

Don’t work this weekend. I had signed up to work overtime at my job job this weekend. I’m canceling. I need to get a grip of my time.

In between working nine to five, working on creative projects, exercising and doing physical therapy, doing house stuff and sleeping, I barely have any free time.

And the thing about life is that it doesn’t care if you have any free time. It still goes on. The stuff that needed to be done still needs to be done. I feel like calling in to work this morning. Getting that “quit a job” itch. Want to spend my time focusing on things that lead me towards the manifestation of my life’s purpose, not survival things that keep me in the same place forever.

I need time to pray and meditate and read my books. These are my medicines and nourishment and I must take them seriously. I didn’t wake up in a particularly good mood today. The angels didn’t come in the night and lift me up like they do sometimes. I’m not feeling excited about work or excited about anything in particular. My job is a total misuse of my skills and abilities.

But there must be a way to make this day good. Even though I don’t feel good. Even though my thoughts are not the best ever. There must be a way to have a good day.

Good day World. Let us imagine that there is time enough. Let’s be radical and step out of our circumstances so we can see a little clearer. And let’s imagine that there’s time enough. And even more, let’s imagine that one can have a good day even when one is not in a good mood. Practicing alchemy. Practicing power. Yes, Power. It’s not a bad word when used correctly. Let us rise above this thought that we are victims and life is constantly just “happening” to us. Let us happen to life for a minute. Just a minute. I’m just taking a minute here. Because I’m gonna win. Or I’m gonna die trying. There are no other options.

So, God. I am sourcing Your smile in me. In spite of all my thoughts. In spite of whatever is happening or not happening. I am choosing to swim and float. Recalibrating and getting onto another wave.

I am standing on the outside of me looking down at me. At some point we must be changed. Not thinking about change. Not wanting to be changed. Not writing about it and talking about it. At some point we must be it. We must be the people we have been dreaming of being. And there is preparation. And there are trials and errors and there will always be trials and errors. But at some point, now for me, we must look at the trials and errors for what they are, simply trials and errors, and we must finally rise above them.

And fight. We must fight. But it is not a war of guns and force, killing people and stuff. There is no need to push another down for one’s dream to come true. The fight is a fight to rise above one’s own past. The fight is a fight to see the higher perspective in spite of one’s current frame of mind. The fight is a fight to have a good day even when you don’t feel like it. The fight is a fight to demonstrate all that you know you know! It is the battle to get up and have a good day even when you wake up crying for no reason. It is a sourcing of hope and faith and strength from reservoirs that you can not see but know exist. A brain trick. A seemingly crazy thing to do. A very strong thing to do. A warrior thing to do.

Today I am a warrior. I demonstrate a good day and I demonstrate progress in spite of whatever feeling is trying to usurp my life. I will accomplish a moving forward today. God willing. And God is willing. I move forward today. I fight. Yes, I fight. I take out my sword and smile…

Day 302
The Good Fight (On Having A Good Day)

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