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Day 276- Shine Baby, Shine

December 18, 2013

Drama averted.

Good morning Love.

My body is vibrating this morning. I am aware of Love all around me and Grace. Nothing seemingly good has happened. In fact, the seeming opposite has happened.

The powers that be at my work are on an aggressive mission to keep me and the “new crop” of employees that started with me from advancing. This includes falsifying policy and writing us up for violating rules we didn’t violate and preventing us from applying for advancement opportunities.

I think “My One” may be gone for good, even though I thought he was the one. Other dudes have been coming out of the woodworks quickly. Mr. Voodoo Man almost got me, trying to feed my mind with concepts that don’t fit me. He’s powerful and smart, but he’s not the Truth.

If I was on Mario Brother’s I would be leveling up right now, eating one of those gold coins that turn me into big Mario.

I am realizing something. No one has any power over my life. It sounds like a cliche, small realization, but it’s really big. There is One Creator that I bow down to. I am exploring the nature of that Creator. Other than that, no one has any power over me. No one can hurt me. Do you understand? There is a Divine Plan for me and there is nothing that can hinder it.

I am realizing all the times in my life when people have said things are impossible. I am thinking about my car parked in the parking garage outside. My management had threatened to evict me if I parked in this lot. I didn’t give in to their idle threats. I didn’t succumb to their perceived power. I’ve been in the parking spot for some months now, and just last week, I found out that my management had lost the contract to this apartment. They had been fired for so many deeds of mismanagement. God took care of it and I don’t have to suffer from their arbitrary retaliation any more.

So I’m understanding what it means to stick to truth. I’m understanding what it means to say what you need to say. With understanding comes responsibility. I get it. I’m always that girl. Raging against the machine.

It’s OK. I’m not angry anymore. Not really. This is called faith and knowledge. You have a plan for me. Fear no longer gets to rule. Nope. The end of that. I wrote My One a letter and told him all the Truth I have for him. There is nothing left to say, but I can rest in peace now. I’m sorry. I planted fear in our relationship. I’m sorry. I won’t do that ever again. To anyone.

It’s OK to look our obstacles in the eye and see them for what they really are: opportunities for growth and demonstration. Beginnings of a new way of life. Final exams and lessons. Initiations helping us step into truth. Reminders of who we are.

We rise above all that would hinder us from reaching Our full potential in this life in this time. We infuse our very being into every act. The highest possible good for all involved. The highest possible good for all involved. The highest possible good for all involved. We shall not be broken. We stand in Unison with Our Creator, the Power of all Power, the Comforter of all Comforter. Love and Divine Wisdom are the order of the day. Love, Love, Love, Love, Love from the center of my very being. A light so bright that no darkness can stand in it’s presence.

We let it shine and from this place we begin our day. And so it is. Ameen.

Day 276

Shine Baby, Shine

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