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Day 244 – For The Heroes

August 17, 2013

I had such a lovely dream. I was living in a world that wasn’t safe for women. Men would break into your house and try to harm you and if you went outside, you were dead. There were no protectors. For whatever reason, I had to go outside and I was afraid. Men were chasing me and trying to get me, and this man swooped down out of nowhere and rescued me. He took me high up to some building and taught me how to do tricks and fight and run the right way. He held me tight in his arms. He was my hero. I have been waiting for him all my life…

He didn’t ask for anything. He didn’t try to change me or tell me I would be all right if only I changed this, that, or the other about me. He just picked me up, made me feel safe, and showed me what to do to keep going. When he put me down, I knew that I would be all right. I knew that if anything ever happened and I got in a rut, he would come down again and save me…

Good morning world. It’s 6:00am. A wonderful morning. A lot happens in a week. I started a new temp job and got offered a permanent job. I was very busy this week, doing something after work every day and not coming home until 10:00pm or after, being on “go” from 7 am till about 10:30 every day. I didn’t pray or meditate much. I slipped on my creative writing for two days, and I had just upgraded to more time…

I’m trying to see if I have anything to write about. Sometimes this blog is just for me, so I can sort things out and get back connected. So I can feel like I’m a part of a world bigger than me. I watched Cloud Atlas the other day.

My darling little sister just texted me from abroad. I had told her some things and I thought she was mad at me, but she wasn’t…

God, life is amazing isn’t it? I know who the hero in my dream was. I mean, in real life. I have heroes in real life. Protectors. Even though my father passed away a long time ago, there are still people here who would swoop down when I don’t know what to or where to go… they show up out of nowhere and give me a good word or a clean hug or they simply look at me and see who I am and don’t try to change anything about me. And they tell me I am ok as I am and everything is going to be all right. And I believe them. Because they have been there and they know…

They are the heroes. They are everywhere. Even my old mamma. Getting up like a lion when she thinks things aren’t right with me. My true friends. My sisters. Even my brothers sometimes. I am so grateful. I am so loved. Random strangers with bright eyes who give an encouraging word right on time. Coworkers with compassion in their voices.

The thing about heroes is that they have so much more power than the mean people. Mean people only have power in numbers. They only survive by collectively believing in the lie. But heroes… It only takes one hero to shake up a nation and they can beat out the mean people every time. I am a hero, too, and I’m glad to know that I’m not alone.

Do you know what it is like? To feel like you are all alone? To feel like you have no one to relate to and no one to protect you? To feel like you are always doing all the saving and there is no one to lean on, no one to be there for you when you are weak, no one who won’t try and manipulate you or who won’t hurt you or who won’t take from you?

And then to wake up one day and realize that you are not alone after all. To realize that there are grown-ups, and even children with their little hands, who Love you. To be aware of the times in your life when you have laid down, thinking you couldn’t go on, not knowing what to do, and some little thing has happened. A random phone call or text telling you sweet things. Some money found on the subway when you are hungry. A temp job that starts tomorrow. A stranger you meet at an event that becomes a wonderful friend. Or a dream reminding you of blessings you had forgotten.

This is an ode to the heroes. They keep the world afloat. The praying people who still know what they know. The logical thinkers who recognize that uplifting each other is in the best interest of everyone. The faithful who press on to actualize the little spark they feel in them against all seeming odds. The Lovers who love with the might of their souls. The babies who still know how to be true to themselves. The wise ones who give on purpose and fight for the good with everything they know.

I see you. I Love you. I am grateful for you… I am You. And we are not alone. Ameen.

Day 244

For The Heroes

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