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Day 222 – Don’t Quit

April 12, 2013

I have been very busy for the past two weeks. I actually worked a 9 to 5 for a week and now I’m babysitting a one-year-old while his parents are out of town. And planning project help the world. And planning a fundraising party. And working on creative stuff.

The busyness can be overwhelming. Guys want to date me again. Open doors, closed doors. I had to take a moment to get in touch with my Spirit again today. I had to stop for a minute and rid myself of the fears that are creeping in, the sense of overwhelming panic that can take over when you don’t stop and breathe, the numbness that becomes you when you are in constant activity.

So I am here now. This is me. Back. Sure. I am not quitting. That’s it. All of the things I have started, I am seeing them through till the end. They will be finished. And I must say, this is the hardest thing for me. Finishing.But, by the Grace of God, I’m going to finish. And instead of being fearful all the time, I’m giving confidence a try.

Woman that you are, I am speaking Life into you again. Again. Again. Until you get it. We will keep doing this until it becomes your life. Until you walk in this way of Spirit. Woman. Trust again. Be born again. Love again. Give your all again. Woman. Care again. For yourself and others. Dream again and believe. Believe that Your dreams will come true. Live again.

I am speaking to you, myself, and any who will listen. Enough. The time to be strong is now. The time to know God is now. The time to open is now and the time to release is now. We open. We let go of all that hinders us. All these thoughts of fear. We welcome the empowering ones, the loving ones. We welcome Love and we give it back to the world.

We give it back. We allow ourselves to have everything we need. We open. We release the need for struggle. We realize that we have created these conditions in our life and we release the pattern in our consciousness that is responsible for these conditions. We welcome ease. We welcome support. We welcome the profound experience of reciprocity. We welcome a mighty mighty change in our lives.

What if we believed? What if we really believed in the possibility of the manifestation of our greatest thoughts? What if we were able to divorce fear for good, once and for all? What if we could actually forgive everything and really really start anew? What if we really believed in goodness?

This is my manifesto. My recommitment to You, God. This is my recommitment to Life. I’m not quitting. Things have been challenging for me for some time. I have been on the bottom and begging for life to start for some time. My heart has been a broken bag of bones for some time. And, yes, I have been trying. There was a lot of pain, you see. There was a lot of fear in me. There was a lot of resentment and sadness. Sometimes it takes a while to get rid of it all… I wasn’t even aware of all that I have been carrying for so long.

But I asked you take me to depths of things, Lord. I asked you to take me to the Truth and to teach me about life. I asked You to restore the joy in my spirit and the twinkle in my eyes. I asked you to teach me how not to cry every day and how to make it to the other side of happy. And You are teaching me. And I am grateful. I leave it to You to work my life out. I leave it to You to make all that is good come to pass. I leave it to You to have Your way with me and cleanse me of all the ugly that has burdened my heart and spirit for so long. I leave it to You to make the healing. To bring the Love. To put everything in its correct place. To restore everything to order.

I will do my part. I will be brave again. I will Love again. I will open wider than I have ever opened in my life. I will let go of everything that has ever bound me. I will activate my genius. I will smile on purpose when I feel like crying. And I will try with everything in me. I speak my will into the world.

I speak the Truth of my life into the world. A good life, God. A great life. I’m calling forth a great Life. Full of Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Love. Full of peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. Peace. And abundance. Abundance as my experience. I’m calling forth cleanliness of Spirit. Divine Guidance. Divine Guidance. Divine Guidance. And Truth. Truth. Truth. Goodwill amongst people. Mutual goodwill. And Grace. Grace. Grace. Grace. I am allowing for the work that you have put me here to do to be done. I am allowing for my work to be complete. Full expression. In this lifetime. Reaching all whom it should reach. In this lifetime. In this lifetime. I recommit my Self to myself. Now. I put my back into it. I put my heart into it. I put my spirit back into my life. I will not quit. I will not quit. I will not quit…

Day 222

Dont Quit

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