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Day 176 – Focus

October 16, 2012

Good morning World,

I’m running a little late today, so this entry won’t be so long. I spent the first night in my temporary new place last night. It was cool. I slept well. I’ve never lived in this part of town before, and it’s a very active part. I actually think it’s the perfect place I need to be right now, because right now is the time that I need to be active.

It’s funny, Elizabeth Gilbert said it in “Eat, Pray, Love”. Different places really do have different vibes. This place says, “Get up and Get out” (like get outside) and that’s really what I need to do at this point in my life. The people here are what you would call “hipsters”. Tight pants with boots, hats, piercings and tatoos. They read a lot of books and many of them come from educated families. They are artistically inclined and social activists of sorts. They use Dr. Bonner’s soap, but do drugs or whatever makes them feel good. It’s a different kind of world, but I like it for now. I got invited to a dinner with a bunch of folks that I already hit it off with. That’s at the end of the week, but before then, I think I’ll get some real work done.

I didn’t break down yesterday. My body doesn’t feel so bad. I got help moving in. This is a busy, metropolitan part of town, so the buses get going right before the crack of dawn and they woke me up right on time. Perhaps I am exactly where I need to be. Not in the ghetto in my old apartment where everyone seems broken and hopeless and not where I was the past couple of days where people are affluent, but passive. This get up and go place motivates me to get up, get out of the house and take some action.

Wow. I actually didn’t break down and run to whoever. I’m proud of myself. Thank you, God, for taking me through yesterday and helping me. I’m not alone, and that’s good to know. I just have to open my mouth and ask the people who care about me for help and let them help me. My brain works, and that’s good to know. I have a safe place to sleep and the motivation to get things done. I have a community of potential friends, just like that, and that’s good to know. This is actually becoming slightly exciting, and that’s good to know too. And maybe even my lack of a man at this juncture in my life is a good thing too, because I am learning that I don’t need a man to save me. I am learning the difference between allowing people to support you and making others feel like you are a burdensome obligation. It’s weird. People feel more inclined to help you when they know that you can help yourself. Go figure. The scholarships never go to the people who seem like they can’t live with out them, they go to the ones who seem like they are going to do something for themselves after they have been given a boost.

So thank you, God, for this day, for this reminder, for this realization, for this life. Thank you for all that has come and all that is yet to come. Today I set my intention again. I choose again. The same thing again. I choose to be happy and joyous. I choose peace of mind and harmonious relationships. I choose to express the ideas that are in me and share them with the world, if they are good for the world. I choose to be deeply connected with the Spirit that dwells in me and the Spirit that dwells in every living thing, and at the same, I choose to be safe from all that might harm me or deter me from my true path. Today I choose Love. Again. Again and again and again I choose Love. And I open my arms for Your support. I open my mind for Your guidance. I open my heart for Your Love and I allow my Spirit to receive Your inspiration.

Today I choose to follow directions and do the work I have been guided to do, and I allow it to be easy for me. I choose it to be easy. I dig deep and pull out and let go of everything that needs to be pulled out, everything that needs to be let go of, so that I may do the work that I am called to do, and I am sure that I am called to do this work, and so I do it. I do the work now. I’m choosing it. I know that You, Lord, will provide the way, and so I allow the way to be provided. I allow the work to be done. I allow my life to be my life. I make this prayer clear. I make this intention true. I allow it to come forth as my life and I focus. I can do that now…

Day 176


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