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Day 164 – Patience

September 20, 2012


This is my favorite thing…

Good morning. I’m feeling alive today and I’d like to participate in the world outside of my own. How are you? I am sending you the most heartfelt smile, whoever and wherever you are. Thank you for being a part of my life…

Today is a new day. Today is a new day. Today is a new day. I mean, it’s really a new day, and I have the option to participate in it without worry or fear. I really have that choice.

I had such a good prayer and meditation this morning and little miracles happened already. I don’t want to talk about them yet. I just want to let them settle into their correct places. I love you. You. Me. Laydie. I Love you. You haven’t heard that in a while. You haven’t felt it in a while, from someone who is strong enough to demonstrate what that really means.

Well, you are strong enough. You are strong enough, you hear? I know you don’t like that about yourself, you being so strong and a female at the same time, but your strength is your saving grace. And I love you for it. Do you understand? This is not a war anymore. It’s not you against the world. This is not about you being a victim to all that has happened anymore. This is not about you thinking that nobody else loves you, so you have to fight to love yourself. No. A lot of people love you. They really do. Maybe they don’t know about love like you do, because love is your thing, but they love you how they can.

But let’s not think about them for right now. This is between me and you. You and you. We’re not schizo. This is me, the part of you who knows what you need, talking to you, the part of you that is crawling out of the past into your true self. I am talking to you. So listen now.

You see, life can be a good thing. In fact, life is a good thing. You have spent a long time thinking that life was a bad thing, and life was a hard thing, and life was a lonely thing and not a fair thing. You have spent a long time thinking that you had to fight and scrape and cry and protect and repress and lie and struggle just to survive here, and that’s fine. That’s the path you have walked. But today, I’d like you to know something.

That time is over. Today. Not tomorrow. Not in some future or after you’ve done some thing. But today. Right now. That time is over if you will only but accept it. And yes, you will. Yes, you do. Let’s play. Relax for a moment and allow yourself to experience the thought of what it feels like to be ok. Just feel ok for a moment. No more silly dramas. None of this constant busyness for the sake of busyness. A life of purpose. You are already walking in that direction. I want you to recognize Laydie. You are already there. You are already you.

You have been getting stronger and stronger. You are beautiful and lovely. It’s only a matter of time before your outer world reflects all that you have been cultivating inside. So you keep cultivating the good stuff. You keep being honest with yourself and loving and giving in the ways that you can. You rest when you need your rest and you work when you are able to work. I will take care of you. You have to let me. Will you let me?


I have ways that you can not even imagine. Trust me this time. Trust me. I Love you. I Love you. I Love You…

Day 164


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