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Day 148 – You Don’t Have To Be Cool

June 30, 2012

Hitting the road in a bit. Back to LA, back to life, back to reality, except I don’t think I’m going back to my old reality at all. Everything has really changed a lot.

Thank you for a wonderful summer so far, God. I’ve gotten to see so many different worlds and be around so many wonderful people. This has been fantastic, and it’s not even over. Wow.

Dream Lover and I made a lot of progress these past two weeks. He’s something special. Yesterday I saw him perform for the first time. He’s great. We were in a little hippy town in the middle of nowhere. Everyone knew each other and the kids were playing guitars and singing songs about being free. I’ve only seen things like this in the old movies.

One of the ladies there was throwing this big community event, and Dream Lover was one of the performers. He was so full of energy, and he has such a gentle way about him. I was standing in the audience watching him, wondering how did I get a man like this. He had so much energy and he was so alive… And he could dance!!! How did I get a man like this, God? How did I get a life like this? He’s perfect for me…

My family and I had a conference call and we talked about things that we want to do overseas to help the world. My family is really great. We are going to work together. I am going to take my place and lead some stuff and it doesn’t feel like a burden this time. It feels like an honor. It feels like such an honor to be alive…

So, nothing to complain about today, God. No problems. Clean heart. Clean conscience. Peace in my mind. Feeling able. Actually, knowing that I am able and safe and protected. Feeling lucky to have the opportunity to love and be loved. The opportunity is always there, man or not. He asks me to help him grow, teach him how to express himself and help him to love me. He’s not used to this kind of thing, he says… I’m an expert at the love thing and he’s an expert at everything else. I think we make a good team. We both like avocados and peanut butter and we both smell the pillowcases whenever we sleep on someone else’s bed. Lol… Thank You, God, for this new chapter.

Sorry I don’t have anything fancy or inspirational or witty to say today. I’m just my simple self today, but I still wanted to reach out anyway. You don’t have to be cool to be happy, and you don’ t have to be bad to be good. Have a blessed day.

Day 148

You Don’t Have To Be Cool


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