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Day 138 – Anything Is Possible

June 3, 2012

Oh, life. I’m so chill today. The words don’t seem like enough. My heart feels like it wants to burst open.

Will you marry me, Life? Let’s you and I make a promise, okay? Let’s make the rest of this a good time. You say you will show me a good time if I will show you a good time. Sounds good to me…

If and when moments of despair or confusion or fear come my way, I will remember this moment. The moment when I sat in the back of my new car, my gift from Heaven, and typed in a blog. The moment when my little sister came out of the house looking all happy and invited me to go somewhere with her. The moment where I got to be happy while I was happy instead of looking back at it.

I will remember that anything is possible. I promise. You say that knowing this is the key that can unlock any door, and I am unlocking them. With gratitude. So much gratitude.

You came in the night and took away my fear and anxiety. You brought such peace to my Spirit, and I know what happens when I am peaceful. You and I work so well together when I am in this state.

You whispered to me last night and told me that the rest of what happens in life is up to me. All I have to do is make up my mind about the what and You will take care of the how. It sounds too good to be true, and You tell me to erase the doubts by remembering that anything is possible. Seal my prayers with this mantra and I will see… I already know.

You know, the rest of what I’d like to experience here is really big compared to what I have seen thus far. I think I’m not so scared anymore, though. You say I’m not.

– We are out of recovery and into the world now. We are going to practice manifestation, and don’t let this word scare you. You can still call God the boss or Life or the Universe or whatever, and indeed I am the boss. But you are the boss, too.

– This will thing that you have? What do you think that’s about? Use it. And use it big. So, from now on, we are going to do things a little differently. You have already been doing it, but lets do it on purpose now. We are going to use our will to be Creators instead of reactors. Example. No more, “I wish such and such will be nice to me.” No. That’s giving your power away. Instead, say “I am choosing to create relationships that are mutually uplifting” and set that as the tone for your experiences. That way, you give Me more to work with. That way, you create positive relationships and reject detrimental ones as an unconscious way of life. Maybe such and such will be nice to you, if both of your wills are in alignment, but if they are not, then such and such will just disappear and I can give you something better than you have ever imagined.

– There is no need to try and control or manipulate other people anymore. Leave them alone. They are on their own journeys. Just be clear about what you would like for yourself and you will be able find the people who complement your path.

– Trust me. You are learning to do that, I know, and as you can see, it is good for you. Sweet, sweet, Laydie, I have so many good gifts for you. I know, the good things still overwhelm you, but we are breaking those patterns. Let’s take it slow and as you get stronger in accepting good things, as funny as that sounds, I will give you more, and in turn I know that you will give the world more, because you will be bringing it the best of who you are. So let’s start this beautiful, blessed day out right today. Your momma needs a smile. Go share one with her…

Day 138

Anything Is Possible


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