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Day 109 – It’s All Up To You

March 20, 2012

Dear God,

Can I say today is a good day. Thank you already. The bad spell is gone. This new book I’m reading seems like it was written just for me. You say it was.

That is the power and the beauty of writing. That is the power and beauty of what we can do for each other. What we do for each other. I’m sitting at Starbucks. My favorite Starbucks in town because it’s so big and spacious and it’s nearby everything I love to do and I love the vibe and cool people always come thru here. I am defragmenting my script preparing for the next draft and later on, I’m going to go and read some more examples of well written scripts, do some yoga at my favorite park, and pray and meditate…

How did you do it God? How did you make the sadness go away so quickly? Never mind. I don’t even need to know.

Right next to me, there is a man sitting at the next table. A friend. He’s a writer too and we decided to help motivate each other. He has been lonely like me, too. And now we are not lonely now. Now we are sitting next to each other in a coffee shop helping each other do what we love to do. I have an actual human friend within my vicinity with similar interests and a similar life view, who I can actually see in person and spend time doing productive things with… You can’t tell me that miracles aren’t real. This is a miracle. This is a dream come true already.

And so, world, no crying today. God says, He didn’t do it. He says I did it. I mean, He has been trying to do it all along, but I wouldn’t let Him. He says to me, in my deeper, more intuitive thoughts, that it’s all up to me. He says that as I set a clear and true intention, from a place of sincerity, and as I engage in actions that are in alignment to that intention, I will see greater miracles happen, so I better just go ahead and get ready. The good stuff is now. Life is here and now. It’s all up to us…

Will you tell me again, God, that it’s OK to be happy?

-Yes, You say. It’s OK. Tell yourself. Tell yourself again and again until you believe it. And then tell yourself again. And then practice until you remember the truth. Practice until you remember the truth. It’s all up to you…

Thank you God. Ameen.

Day 109

It’s All Up To You

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