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Day 92 – Choose Another Perspective

January 17, 2012

I’m on a plane, on the first half of my trip to New York. I’m going to New York for a bit. I have a few professional meetings about my writing.

You don’t understand how big this is for me.  This is the first time that I am actually meeting with people who are currently working in my industry and presenting my work with the intention that these meetings will move my work from words on a page to books, movies and other completed works. I am going on a plane to meet with some influential people who just might help me bring the things that have been inside of me out into the world! Me. The little poor girl that people used to tease because I didn’t talk like everyone else, the one who always got picked last (or almost last) for almost every sport. This is the ugly chic that boys used to make fun of, the one who thought that the world was such a bad and sad place.

I am going to the Big Apple and the lady is telling me to put my computer away, so I will write more on the next flight. Thank you God.

Back on the plane. Second flight. Next stop New York. Something interesting happened in between flights. Before I got on the first plane, I sent a text to my fam and close friends letting them know I was on my way to New York. When I checked the responses, I got “congrats”, “good luck”, “do a good job” and “be careful. That city can be a dangerous place.” Mostly encouraging comments and one seed of fear, and guess which one sticks in my head?

Yes, New York can be dangerous, dark and lonely and I’m not even upset with that person for bringing it to my attention and I would be an idiot if I didn’t consider that. It’s true . But New York can also be safe, full of light and opportunity and filled with close relationships. This is true as well. But that discouraging comment is the one that stuck, feeding into the fears that I already have.

Your perspective colors everything, and so I choose to change my mind, God. I choose to change my mind and see the good in this situation. I choose for faith, conviction and the knowledge that life is good and very good to color my steps. No longer will worry, doubt and fear be my companions. I am evicting them for good once and for all. God, please help me to know that this life is a good life. Help me to see that love and kindness and fulfillment are my lot in life. This is what I am choosing and I am choosing with all of me. Guide my footsteps that they may walk in the direction of the fulfillment of my destiny. Take my hands that they may write the words and give and receive the things that you inspire. Open my eyes that they see clearly. Tune my ears that they hear the truth. Change my mind Lord. This time for good. Change my heart, God for real. Open my spirit.

I know that it is possible. I know it is. I have seen miracles upon miracles in my life and lives of others already. And so I accept. I accept the change that has already taken place before I asked for it. I accept the blessings, God. I allow myself to be the blessings. I stand and I walk and I talk and I be a Daughter of Yours. I stand with the conviction that the Most High Creator of the Wind is for me and not against me. I am made of the stuff of the Mover of Mountains. I am worthy of the very best in life, the greatest that life has to offer. Me. I am worthy of the fulfillment of my heart’s greatest desire. In fact, my heart’s greatest desire is the calling of my soul, and The One who placed the calling will provide a way to fulfill it. God is for me and not against me. God is for me and not against me. God is for me and not against me.

And I accept. Today I accept. This time and forever more, I accept. Ameen.

My flight is landing. Time to go. Start spreading the news…

Day 92

Choose Another Perspective

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