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Day 86 – Be A Blessing

January 10, 2012

Good morning God,

I woke up feeling so good today. I had a nice dream and then my sprite of a sister texted me and woke me up before the sun today. Thank you already for this new day.

The other day I had a dream that I had lost my purse. In the dream, I was getting all worried and then I heard my own voice in the dream. I said to myself, “Wake up. You didn’t lose your purse. This is just a dream.” And I woke up in real life laughing.

Is life like this? A dream that we must wake up from and slowly come to define? Like the Matrix? I know, I’m talking nonsense, but I’m beginning to find that everyone is living in their own dream… Just thinking about how I grew up and where I come from. My family, our view of the world, is so so different than the view of these people in the big city…

So I just wanted to talk to you a bit today, God. You already know what’s going on with me, I know. This morning is different. My heart is open and I’m not feeling sick today. I’m feeling something like a release instead. My new yoga class was great last night… I am finding blessings wherever I go, and Lord I need you to help me to accept them. I’m not used to all this good stuff.   “Well get used to it, babe”, You say. “Remember, you are going farther.” My vacation is over, but it has been so sweet, here in my room-cave with my healthy foods and my yoga mat, my books and my music. Can you believe I am becoming a writer and feeling good and stuff? “Yes. It’s about time”. Ha!

OK. So I’m rambling. Do you have anything for me today, God? “Yes, you say. I thought you’d never ask… Be a blessing. On purpose. Give something sweet, something of yourself. Don’t do the easy thing and give some money to a homeless person. Give something special to someone who may not want to accept it. This is how you get over your fear of rejection. This is how you learn to give and follow your dreams. You will find a gift in this practice…  I told you I have all the answers, if you will only ask and be patient and faithful. You will have them, your dreams. We both know this. You are doing the work and you are doing a good job. Do you see now? You needed all this. All of this so-called pain and struggle has been a gift. I have been giving you wisdom and strength and you have been calling it pain. What a world!”

So go ahead. Do something good for someone else. Give something. Not out of guilt or obligation. Give something sweet to someone that you really want to give something sweet to and see what happens…

Thank you God.  Ameen

Day 86

Be a Blessing

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