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Day 75 – Welcome to Your Life

December 3, 2011

Dear Me,

This week has been pretty busy. Sorry I haven’t made much time to be still and reflect. It makes so much of a difference. It brings back the magic and keeps away the boredom. This morning has been fantastic so far, sitting with you and seeing what’s going on inside. I am proud of you. So proud of you. I can say that because I am you. It’s not bragging. It’s accepting.

This is your new thing now. Accepting. It is the new thing moving forward, because you have already done enough releasing to create space for other things. You, my dear, have already done more work than you are aware of, and this is a good thing.

Now the man thing. It bothers you, I know. Practice patience. No need to fill the silence with fluff anymore. Fluff doesn’t last. Desperation is no longer a part of your vocabulary and honor and integrity are becoming your life. So in that spirit, I say, be patient. Control the things that you can control and leave the rest to Me. You can make sure that your heart stays open and clean. You can take care of your body and your home so that you feel comfortable opening it and sharing it with another. You can choose to cultivate life-enhancing relationships and remove yourself from those that bring you down. You can take actions to enhance your career and the flow of resources in your life. You can sit and talk to Me and choose to accept My guidance. These things you can do. Have faith. He is on his way.

We don’t need to tell the world of the many blessings that have already come. They are for you. They are your blessings. Others have their own blessings. What you can do now is be a blessing. Be a blessing. That is the next thing. You are strong enough now. You are happy enough now. You are wise enough now. You are powerful enough now, and you know Me.

Don’t waste time on small things. Small, almost loves. Tiny endeavors of survival. Now, handle your business, but trust me to buoy you up to the place where you are no longer worried about survival, about loneliness. There was a time for that in your life, but it is no longer now…

My Dear, dear, You, open your arms wide because there is much coming your way, and much will be asked of you. You, timid, shy, awkward, stubborn, beautiful, Loving woman. Yes, you. Welcome to your life.

Day 75

Welcome to Your Life

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