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Day 64 – Say Yes (Again)

November 3, 2011

Another wonderful day off. I Love having the time to work on things that are important to me…

Today, I think I finished memorizing the 99 names of God (I’m not sure if I missed one of the basic ones). According to a particular religious tradition, there are 99 names (faces or aspects) of the Creator. A person who memorizes these names goes to Heaven. I think I was inspired to read the names because I was interested in learning the different aspects of the Creator, so that when I pray, I can call upon certain qualities that I may need assistance with…

Anyway, I feel great today, and my blog is moving to another level, probably the last for this particular sharing. It is the stage of blossoming. It happens after you have learned to stop crying, removed the drama from your life and gone through all the necessary withdrawals. It comes after you have sat down and decided what truth and righteousness (right – use – ness) means to you and practiced those principals in your daily life and decisions… You have no idea. I can’t believe that I am sitting here typing this blog feeling happy and able. Praise God…

So after all of the stuff is cleared, and there is always more stuff to be cleared, but after you’ve got to a certain point, other things are easy. I think life is like doing the splits. You have to change some things around if you want to do them. You know, don’t eat so much ice cream. You have to get rid of your fat belly and things in the way and stretch out your stiff unused muscles and exercise so that you gain flexibility. Commit to a practice, and finally, one day, you do the splits. But then, that’s not it, because who just wants to sit on the floor doing the splits all day. Now that you know what to do, and now that you are at a certain level of strength and flexibility, you can dance! Go to a ballet class, modern, or jazz, and it won’t take that long for you to catch on. You still have to cut down on the fats and practice, and you still have to be careful to maintain good posture and not go too long without stretching, but you can move on to the creation part of life now. That is where I am. I did the splits today and now I’d like to do some dancing…

A very prominent writer has agreed to give me notes on my script, and I have a meeting with a popular singer, whom I wrote a song for a while ago. There is a man who Loves me and is willing and able to hold my hand and walk with me through this life. I have green juice in my fridge and pink flowers blow in the wind outside of my window. My life is beckoning, and, I don’t want to say it, but I can’t believe this is my life! This is my life now. It is a good life that I like to be a part of…

So now, I learned this morning in my meditations that at some point, you will be able to see your life, all of it, like you are sitting in a glass compartment and your life is right there on the outside of you. This is the crossroads of the giants. Your mind will tell you no, for so many reasons. How dare you cross over when those other people you know haven’t? No, you don’t deserve that. That’s too much. You’re being greedy. Your mind will say, no, you wanted to accomplish everything on your own so that you can say me me me me! I did that! You can’t possibly let a man pay your bills or stand by you and push you into the manifestation of your dreams! Your mind will give you every reason to stop now, and this is the point that you tell your mind to shut up.

This is what I am doing… I am inside of the glass peering at the magnificent possibility of my life, of which I have yet to see the best. I am saying yes, God. Yes. Yes. I know that there are many layers to life. Yes, God, I choose to cross over to the other side now. I even choose for it to be easy. Yes, I know it can be easy. Yes, I allow my mind to change so that my thoughts will be supportive of the new life I am creating and they will fuel my actions so that I demonstrate Your Will. I say yes. Yes to living my best life now. Yes to being a beneficial presence on this planet. Yes to having all of the resources that I need to fulfill my life’s work. Yes, God. Yes to Love and good food every day. Yes to Love. Yes to Love. Yes to giving and receiving a greater Love than I have ever imagined. You have done so much for me. I am in awe of Your Grace. Thank You. Yes. Yes. Yes yes yes…

My will in thee is faith, not fear… Wisdom, not foolishness… Health, not disease… My will within thee is thy awareness of My love for thee; let My will within thee be done. – M.A.W.

Day 64

Say Yes

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