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Day 53 – Get Ready

October 6, 2011

I’m writing from home today.

It’s easier for me to focus when I’m sitting in a room with no distractions than when I’m at meet and greet central.

I met a few people yesterday, though. I’m also almost finished with my script. I’m excited. Different kinds of people are coming into my life. Honest people. Alive people. People who have taken some time out to work on themselves. People who are kind even though they don’t have to be.

I’ve known and met some of these kinds of folks before but this time I am different. I am able to see and appreciate the goodness in others and I am not afraid for others to see the goodness in me.

I had a dream of my ex. It was a closure dream. I know I’m weird, but I’ve had this kind of thing before. It’s happened to me twice in my life. Some estranged ex that I was, of course, thinking about marrying at one point shows up in my dream. In the dream, we are everything wonderful that we never were in real life. It seems real, though, and I usually wake up with a feeling of peace and relief. The other two times I have had this dream, shortly afterwards I would run into the estranged ex in the most random of places (I kid you not), and we would be able to put real closure on our past. It would be nice if it happens that way again, and I can part from this past relationship with mutual goodwill between us… If it doesn’t happen that way, I’m still good.

So, I was thinking about this whole dream life/dream love thing. You have to get ready. You can not have a dirty house and expect a clean man to want to come and be in it. You can’t have your schedule so busy that you don’t even have time to sleep and expect to be able to build a relationship with someone when you don’t even have time for them. You can’t be spiritually in tune unless you take the time out to tune up and no matter how many connections you make in whatever career you choose, if you can’t put your money where your mouth is when it’s time to produce, then your connections are going in vain until you are ready to use them.

I see that what has been written is true. The mist clears. It’s so simple and profound. The mist clears if you open the window. Love is born if you build a nest for it. Life changes if you plan for it. Get ready.

Day 53

Get Ready

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