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Day 52 – Live

October 5, 2011

Not much today. Went to work and there was a problem with the site we were at today, so they told us to go home, so I went to breakfast with coworkers. It was cool. I like them and the food was delicious!

On another note, in the past week or so, I have been contacted by several very religious guys who are interested in courting me. That is, after they convert me to their particular religion(s). I don’t get it, but it may be that the waters are opening back up again and men are recognizing that I’m available. Hmm… interesting. I wonder what’s going to happen today.

I am discreetly sitting in a coffee shop at a hot spot in town (my sister’s idea) and enjoying watching the many people pass by. I don’t know if I’m just alive today and noticing people or what, but there are so many handsome men around! Smiling and stuff… Hehehe. Makes my day!

Yesterday I completed a major phase of project “comfy home” and also moved forward on my script, and I’m glad to be moving in this direction. It’s like a momentum builds up when you walk in the direction of your dreams, and it builds quick.

So today I’m happy. Wow. I’m happy today! I’m going to capitalize on this energy and this free day and make a lot of progress on my script today. So sorry. Nothing big or grand. No advice. I guess sometimes the way to live with integrity is simply to live.

Have a good day.

Day 52


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