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Day 46 – Spend Time With Someone You Like

September 25, 2011

One of my readers asked me to write more on “how not to cry every day”  and I’d like to comment on that. I think that there are many different paths to reach an end, but there are certain methods that seem to work no matter what you are trying to accomplish in your life. I can only tell you what has been working for me: getting off the bed every day, setting clear intentions, being honest with myself, taking responsibility for my life and blaming absolutely no one (not even my parents) for the situation I am in, being consistent, and, finally, being willing to change.

There are a million plus self-help books, philosophies, people and doctrines that will tell you how to improve your life, but it has been my experience that nothing seems to work better than setting a sincere intention and then actually doing the things that you are led to do…

I saw one of my most favorite people in the world yesterday. He’s leaving town soon and I went to spend some time with him…  He reminded me that I am not made of stone or ice and that “relationship” can be a good word. I had forgotten. “Relationship”  is actually one of my favorite words…

We get caught up in the drama and surround ourselves with folks we don’t even like, much less Love, and then we begin to despise each other…  Maybe someone wants something from us that we are not willing to give or someone doesn’t want to or isn’t able to give us what we want and instead of finding people whose desires are compatible with ours, we stick around, all the while forgetting what it feels like to be easy, to feel accepted, to be honest.

It’s so much easier just to spend time with someone who wants the same type of relationship you want and is willing and able to build that with you. It seems so simple in retrospect, but I have spent a lot of time pushing and pulling, trying to make people be a certain thing for me when they don’t want to be that way, or trying to make myself be a certain thing for someone else when I don’t really want to be that way.

Thank you, my dear friend, for reminding me. I am grateful.

Day 46

Spend Time With Someone You Like

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