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Day 45 – Stop Procrastinating

September 24, 2011

I took some time out to sit still, meditate and pray this morning. It always helps to clear my mind. What a gift.

So then I checked my email and I had a couple invitations to some events and someone asked if it was possible that I could be lucky in addition to everything else. I guess so… I guess it’s possible if luck is possible. That’s a whole other can of worms, though, and I don’t want to open it…

Love has been on my mind lately. I read my “Calling in the One” book this morning and the chapter was “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”. The author asserts that whatever life a person is living is reflection of their current state and their deep subconscious beliefs. Example: if you believe that all men are horrible liars, you will most likely experience relationships with men who constantly lie to you, etc.

So, per the authors suggestion, I did a mental audit to see what was going on in my brain. I found a lot of good stuff, but there was still some murky lurky dark stuff. Something in particular resonated with me.

I really want to marry a fabulous man. I mean, not someone who has the potential to be a fabulous man, someone who actually is. I must say i am proud of myself for the progress that I have made in the past month or so, and I am encouraged to realize how quickly one’s life can change, but if I was to look at myself from the outside, I would say, “Well, she has the potential to be fabulous. She’s doing good and she’s on her way, but she’s still got a little more work to do before she can get with that  man.”

So, there are only three things left for me to do. They’re really simple and I’ve been putting them on the back burner for months now. Clean up, organize my schtuff, and finish writing and submitting my screenplay. It sounds simple enough, but the possibility of finishing them scares the mess out of me sometimes. If I am lucky, which I know I am, then when I finish these things, I will be permanently on the other side of happy. I will have a different kind of book to write and another kind of song to sing. But I have been sitting back and not doing these simple things. Why are we so afraid of the things that we want??? I will have an actual good man in my life and a family of my own… I will actually make a whole bunch of money doing fulfilling work… Wow. What a concept.

I’m doing it. Yep. I’m going there today. You are my witness. It’s up to me how long it takes to manifest this thing and I’d like to do it now. Yeah, now. It seems like a good time. Why not? So, off to start the day!

Today I learned that God is the Most Gracious. If this is true, and if God is for me and not against me, then I have the Most Gracious Creator of the wind on my side and I can go forth knowing that whatever challenges may come my way, I am blessed beyond my fondest dreams and I will make it joyfully to the other side. Ameen.

Day 45

Stop Procrastinating

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