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Day 43 – Say Yes

September 21, 2011

Come in, He whispers to my spirit. Lend me you ear.

We knew this day would come. No pushing, no crying, no wondering how to make it through the day.

You have passed. Hoorah. Congratualtions… You have learned all of the lessons but one.

The last one, this one, is the greatest.

So you say you know who I AM, little one, but you are just beginning to learn.

Watch how your heart races as you think this thought… “The best is yet to come”. Take it. Swallow it. Attach it to your brain, sew it in your spirit.

This is not about you. I have work to do and you, my dear, have said yes to your calling. You, my dear, have said yes to My calling.

And, as you have have been learning in your books, I am quick to reward.

This is the last step. You must learn to say yes to the wondrous life that you are stepping into. Say yes. Yes, you. You who have cried for so long, you who have thought that you didn’t deserve anything, you who have loved and lost, you who have been in the wilderness, you shall know joy. You shall be joy. You shall bring joy. Say yes.

Look at the progress you have already made. Look at it! You have to accept the good things, not out of pride or arrogance, but out of honesty. Recognize that I am capable of all things and say Yes to it!

You have to accept that I am blessing you, and as you give me space, so shall I work in you. They will look at you funny. Yes. Some will be jealous and others will try and poke holes. You will be admired. Accept that. Accept it… Ultimately you will find that all of you, all of you want the same thing. You want to know Me. You want to know who you are. You want to love. You want to share. You want to be honest. Yes even the biggest liars want to be honest.

So you now, get to it. There is no pressure. Only that your life depends on it. Only that your blessings depend on you accepting them. Only that the lives of others depend on it. I have created you, all of you, for no small purpose. Say yes now…

Day 43

Say Yes

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