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Day 38 – Let His Will Be Done

September 13, 2011

The length of time of my low moments has reduced drastically from years to months to days and now they don’t even last a full day. I am thankful.

I’m up with the sun this morning and I don’t have to go to work. My objective today is to transform my apartment into a comfy home before my mom shows up later this evening. It breaks her heart if she thinks her kids aren’t happy.

I’d like to share something with you. The sweetest thing happened last night. A friend of mine sent me this text:

“Dream lofty dreams, and as u dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one  day be: your ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil”.

I don’t know where he got it from or if he made it up, but I’m going to write that on my wall.

Another friend once told me that we think our dreams are only for us, but we don’t know what God’s plans are and how He is trying to do other things through us…

I think this happy thing, this integrity thing, can be treated like anything else a person wants to accomplish. It is a practice. You have to set an intention, just as if you were trying to learn a new skill or go to school or lose weight. You have to decide that you are going to do something and then you have to develop practices that reinforce your decision.

Today I am going to do at least one thing that reinforces my decision to live the life of my dreams. I guess I’ve never told you what the life of my dreams is. It’s a big lofty one, and I don’t share it with many people because I think they will laugh at me and say that I’m asking for too much. It is the dream that has been in me since I was a kid, though, and I haven’t been able to let it go. So here it is:

Firstly and foremost, I would like to live a life of integrity with a clear conscience. Before I leave this Earth, I would like to serve the purpose that I was put here to serve. This part gets murky, but I know that I have a talent and ability to help people with my words and with my hands, and I know that I am a natural leader. I envision my life as me being ridiculously wealthy. Money is never a thought in my mind because I have on overflow of it. I envision a wonderful husband who I am passionate about, compatible with, and deeply in Love with, and the feeling is mutual. I envision a relationship based on a foundation of truth, kindness, compassion, respect and real Love. Maybe I have a few children. Yeah, there are some kids in this dream and they are cute kids. My life work involves writing, teaching and helping to build up communities and individuals and I travel around the world doing this. I have a network of true friends and family where our relationships are mutually satisfactory, comforting and inspirational…. I am insanely happy and in tune with my spirit and life is a grand adventure.

This is my lofty dream. I don’t know who teaches us at some point that our dreams can’t come true. Why not? If I honestly think about it, I have spent a lot of time in my life doing many different things, working some random job, being involved in relationships that aren’t working, laying around on the bed, starting projects I don’t finish, etc…

In 25+ years I have not even dedicated more than five months at a time to trying to create the life of my dreams. Heck, I have even been afraid of saying my dream out loud until recently. But no more. I’m putting in the time and the work. They say that God’s will for us is joy, not sorrow, and so I say, Let His Will Be Done.


Day 38

Let His Will Be Done

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