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Day 39 – Wake Up

September 15, 2011

Dear God,

Last night I was gifted with new glasses. I haven’t had glasses in over four years even though I’m supposed to wear them. Somebody thought that it would be worth their investment to help me and that means a lot…

My mom is visiting and she is old and sweet now. Her mini me (my sis) is peaceful when she is here…

I am awake this morning. Big day tomorrow and I need to make sure I’m ready…

I am awake this morning. Thank you. I see that life and the world is bigger than my present paradigm.  I see that I am surrounded by Love and blessings. I see that I, too, can be Love and I can be a blessing to others.

I am awake today, and in this moment, I see the promise of my dream life being real. With your permission, I allow myself to wake up and see. I stand in strength and power knowing that this day is filled with blessings. This day I have a choice. This day, just like any day, there is goodness in the air. Thank you.

I know it is possible.


Day 39

Wake Up

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