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Day 35 – Tell The Truth

September 10, 2011

Elizabeth Gilbert said it in her book “Eat, Pray Love”. “Tell the truth, tell the truth tell the truth”.

I talked to my mom yesterday.

I Love my mom. She and I have had a very volatile relationship throughout my life for various reasons, but last night she spoke some wisdom to me, and I remembered the things that are so fabulous about her.

She is a different kind of bird and as long as I have known her, she has taught us to be honest. I am thankful for having come from such a woman of integrity and I am thankful for the way she has taught us to Love and forgive and be strong and tell the truth. I hope to be a good mommy one day and I hope my kids will be able to say I taught them something good.

Anyway, I was telling my mom about an issue that I had with one of my siblings and she reminded me of a time when I had displayed the same behavior I was complaining about. She told me that if i have grown, I shouldn’t look down on my sibling now and I should remember how I felt when I was behaving like him and try to understand him. Then she said that if I really want to talk to him, I should just sit down with him, don’t be afraid, and tell him the truth.

I’ve heard this before, but I heard it in my heart yesterday and it seemed profound. You should tell the truth even when the person you are talking to might not want to hear it or they might reject you or it might change a relationship that is already fragile? ” Yeah”, I thought to myself. Why not?

So many things have happened these past two days… I Love tutoring my Godson. He is so honest and genuine and he’s smart. I knew he was smart and I’m glad that his life is going to be good… I have an opportunity to make a lot of money very soon. I made a deal with a writer friend of mine for both of us to finish our major writing projects within the next few weeks, I’ve cleared up all the haze around my relationships with the males in my life and I started back exercising regularly.

I feel good this morning, alive and awake and strong. I am choosing to live with integrity…


Day 35

Tell The Truth

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