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Day 24 – Work Through It

August 28, 2011

It’s midday. I’m in a computer lab at my Alma Mater. Internet at home will be hooked up soon.

I have a lot to do: get bed, finish script in few days, fancy up apartment and call manager about minor repairs needed, pay bills, figure out a way to make a very significant amount of money by the end of this month, help change a kid’s life.

What’s on my mind right now is a teenage boy i know, who doesn’t have a mother. His mom died when he was much younger and he’s not doing to well in many aspects of his life. He’s at that age where kids drop out of school and start doing all kind of crazy… Today at my spiritual center, i was praying and he was on my heart so strong…

I used to date his father but i don’t any more. I told his father that i wanted to be a part of the boy’s life and help him get to college, and the dad was really excited and open to the idea. Later on, i saw the boy and he had a bloodied lip. I asked him, the dad, and his brother what happened, and all three of them gave me different answers. When I left, the dad tried to kiss me goodbye…

Now I’m sitting in a computer lab, looking at my to-do list, and wondering if i should just mind my own business. I’m not his mom, but i feel so motherly towards him. I’m not the wife or girlfriend either, so i really don’t have a say in his life. He’s a special kind of kid and it seems a little unfair for him not to have a mom.

Anyway, that’s it. Not much inspiration, deep insights or advice today. Feeling so heartbroken, and i know this place too well. Things have got to change, though. They’ve got to change this time. I’m not going back to the bed. I’m not going to continue with this pity party. I said I am my own experiment, so here we go. Here is where the magic comes in. Lord, please be with me.

I’m getting back to my list.

Day 24

Work Through It

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