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Day 17 – Be Consistent

August 12, 2011

I was washing clothes this morning and I couldn’t find my roll of quarters and it almost broke me, and then a friend called (at 4am) to ask how I was doing. He suggested i look in the washer, and voila, there they were. Help is really everywhere.

I’m feeling quite exhausted. I have been on go for the past few days with very little sleep, and today isn’t going to be any different. I have to finish a job application, rewrite a writing submission that i sent in earlier this week (i think it’s a good thing that they gave me notes and actually asked me to rewrite some things), go to two different jobs, hopefully, hopefully go put a deposit down on an apartment that I saw yesterday, and then finish packing my stuff so i can move out of this apartment by tomorrow.

They say it takes 28 days to make a change. I’m on day 17, but it seems like a long time. Sometimes I feel like running back to my momma or finding somebody to wave a magic wand that will make everything OK. I don’t know what keeps me going, but I think it’s the knowledge that if I don’t keep going my life is gonna suck… Motivational, i guess. It’s the stubborn inability to settle for less than who I am. It’s the commitment that i made and somewhere it’s even a feeling of responsibility. I have quit many-a-thing before but this time I’m going to keep at it. I have to…


Day 17

Be Consistent

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