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Day 13 – Come Out

August 7, 2011

This morning was wonderful… I listened to a speaker speak and was encouraged…

I admire the people who are bold enough to step into their life’s mission, who dare stand up in front of a crowd and speak about what they have found to be true, who open their voices and sing, rap, dance, draw, teach, help, build… who have the audacity to walk outside and introduce  and expose themselves to someone they have never met before.

And I think that is one of the greatest gifts in life. Getting to know each other. I have been holding back. I have been afraid of so much, but what good is a gift if it is kept in a vacuum? Why do we go to school, learn skills, even learn to talk, if it’s not so that we can share with each other?

As I am continuing with writing these blogs, and reading the comments, emails, and other communications, I realize that we are all experiencing life on so many levels and from so many different viewpoints. You can’t be responsible for another person’s viewpoint, but you can be responsible for trying to communicate your intention the best way you know how.

My intention here is to share, communicate, express, help people know that they are not alone in their quests for self-fulfillment, open up a space where people feel comfortable being honest, and finally, help myself by having an audience that holds me accountable for moving forward.

Something in the air has shifted today and I feel like I have a calling on my life… I mean, everyone has a calling on their life, whether it’s to be somebody’s daddy, lead a nation, or be the girl who sings a song that touches a man who decides to change for the better.  I  know that at some point, i’m going to help a lot of people come into their own, and i have to start somewhere. I am burning to come out.

I’d like to remember this day. The day that I decided to truly give of myself all that I can give to the world. The day that I decided to live my life with the knowledge that life is good and I, and we, have so much to offer. What is it, you ask? I can show you better then I can tell you.

I’m coming out, like the song goes, and I want the world to see.

And I am so, so, so, so so very grateful for this moment. Ameen.

Day 13

Come Out

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