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Day 12 – Practice, Practice, Practice

August 6, 2011

Nothing lasts without practice. It has been a little over two weeks since I have embarked on this endeavor to make it to the other side of happy and create the life of my dreams, and I am glad to say that life is changing already…

I found a wonderful new place to live, got out of a dysfunctional relationship, i sent my children’s book out into the world, my brother got his car back, and i started back writing my script. I Love this process. I Love being able to share,  and today I am excited!

I am growing up, and this time growing up doesn’t make me feel like an old lady, it makes me feel wise, and this time i am ok with feeling wise. i am standing up in the knowledge that it is all right to be all right and make it to the other side.

So, the psychologists say that it takes 28 days for the human brain to make a change. I know that the thing that makes change stick is practice, and so I’m going to start practicing and  I’m making myself accountable to you. One day things will be different, but right now, it helps to have someone to give account to.

As a daily practice,  every day I’m going reinforce and practice these concepts:

1. Get off the Bed- even if I feel sad or lazy

2. Remember that Help is Everywhere- and look for one instance in my day where I have been helped by an outside source.

3. Fight for It- Write my script for at least two hours,  even if my head starts hurting and i feel sick, lol

4. Do the Work – Make a reasonable “to-do” list, and complete it before the day is over

5. Keep Moving – Daily, find a relationship/idea that is no longer constructive in my life and allow myself to let it go deep down in my spirit and subconscious mind.

6. Dreams Come True – Find one place in my life where I am already living a dream and be thankful for it on a daily basis

7. It’s all Right to Be All Right- Daily, I’m going to remind myself that  It’s all Right to be All Right, Happy, Great, Powerful, Peaceful, Righteous, Beautiful, Successful, Giving, Loving, Kind, Caring, Cared For, Loved, etc. This one sounds fun!

8. Create Your Own World – Spend time visioning on what my dream life really looks like, and then I am going to ask God what His dream life for me looks like.  This one is heavy. After I come up with an answer, I am going to practice accepting that it’s all right to have this dream life.

9. Get it Done- Finish one uncompleted task from the past a day

10. Pray- daily, no matter what

11. Stay on Purpose- Write a life mission/purpose statement. Yes, a purpose statement, like what I’d like to do on this Earth literally.

OK. This is a lot, and I’m being realistic about what I can do and when. I know this is corny and systematic, but systematic seems to be the way I am able to get things done.

I’m going to start by writing all twelve of these actions on a card and posting them on my wall today. Realistically, I can make these all a part of my daily practice, but not all at once. So, what I’ll do, I’ll start with at least one a day, whichever one speaks to me most, and I’ll add one a day (or more if I’m up to it) until I get to all 11. So in twelve days this will be a routine.

I’m excited! Thanks for being with me. 🙂

Day 12

Practice, Practice, Practice

One Comment
  1. Shanon permalink

    Getting hurt from love is inevitable. I’ve been through my streaks of breakups as well and even in relationships I find myself crying and getting hurt over and over again but finding myself forgiving the person over and over again as well. I feel your pain and I’m sorry I didn’t know what was going in your life until now. I recently stumbled upon this song that you can probably relate to as well.

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