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Day 11 – Stay on Purpose

August 5, 2011

I’m super late this morning. Sorry. I went to bed after the sunrise and woke up after the later sunrise. I’ve been experimenting with socializing and I’m still learning how to strike a balance.

I wrote some more on my script yesterday in spite of my heart feeling like it was being squished and I’m glad to know that I can still move forward even when I don’t feel like.

I am drawn inwards to remember the purpose of writing this blog and the deeper question, “what is the purpose of anything?’, comes to mind. In the Q’uran it says that man and Jinn were created to worship/serve God… Other religious and spiritual teachings say similar things, and  as a child, that  always confused me, because what does that mean???  What are we supposed to do?

We were always taught what not to do: Don’t cheat, steal, lie, gossip, have sex before marriage and then as far as things to do we were supposed to pray, fast, take a pilgrimage, give charity, and profess that we believe in God and His messengers, but what comes after that? What do we do in the day to day after we wake up? Write a blog? Get a job? Travel? Marry someone and take care of kids? Start a business? What kind of business? Get a heal the world/serve the people type job? Go to the beach and appreciate the water? Try to convert folks? Pray and meditate all day? Express/share your gifts/talents/self with folks?

I am surprised at how few people actually ponder this question and I am curious to know what you think. What is the purpose of life, and if we were created to worship/serve God, what exactly does that mean?

Please share your comments. Peace and Blessings

Day 11

Stay on Purpose

One Comment
  1. Tom T permalink

    You say we were created. If we are created, we are created by God. If not God, then who?
    I believe in God as my creater and so my life has always been dedicated to do His will as I
    understand it. I listen to the quiet of my heart and follow inspirations that I am drawn to. I can`t
    speak for you or anyone else. That is how my life is lived. I follow my religion and it`s teachings
    as best I can and read the Gospels for direction and meaning to my life. Sometimes it is not easy.
    Sometimes I am sad, happy, at peace, restless whatever, I take it one day at a time doing the best I
    can in what I believe is His will and hope and pray for eternal life. I pray for the forgiveness of my
    failures and faults and as a lay monk living in the secular world I fall down, I get up, I fall down, I get
    up and life for me dosen`t get any more complicated than that. Listen, listen to the whisper of your soul. That silent voice that you know comes from outside you, and follow it. The rest will be taken
    care of. Pax

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