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Day 9 – Get It Done

August 3, 2011

I didn’t write last night, or this morning before the sun came up like i usually do.

I went to say my prayers last night and then fell asleep on the prayer mat. I’m feeling really tired. yesterday I hung out with a friend most of the day and when I got home I was exhausted. I’ve been on go for the past week or so, but all circuits crashed last night.

I didn’t really cry yesterday. I guess I kind of did while I was praying, but not a cry cry. I guess I was just begging God to help my living situation turn out all right and to give me the strength and wisdom to know what I’m supposed to do and then act on it and be able to accept blessings when they come, and i dropped some tears…

Lately, like in the past two weeks or so since I started this blog, I’ve been getting a lot of requests and invitations to spend time with folks. People I haven’t spoken to for years have been coming our of the woodworks wanting to go for lunch, etc. Is something wrong with me if i would rather spend my time working on my writing and organizing my life than go to a fancy party or dinner with someone?

I have known workaholics before and even counseled them on living balanced lives, but right now i feel like i’m becoming one. It’s like there’s nothing else I’d rather do than complete the projects that I’ve had on the shelf for so long and get my life in order. I feel guilty because I want the people i care about to know that i care about them, but i’m just wondering, Where does everyone else get all this free time from???

I’ve read books and stories about artists and creative types and many of them spend months at a time locked up in some room somewhere so they can finish stuff. I think i’m going to become one of them and lock myself in a room somewhere for some time. I’ve got work to do, and it’s not even about me. I’m not special or chosen or trying to make anyone proud or anything like that. I’ve just work to do here, and I got to get it done. I got to get it done.

Day 9

Get it Done

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  1. Ajile permalink

    Hey “You”…..Thanks again for sharing. You know you’re always welcomed to come and hang out here in “the South”. I would love to have you. Perhaps in your field, you could even impress “some influential people” as you have me..and make things happen. I’ve been asking myself why did she feel compelled to share her inner most feelings with me….I immediately turned it over to God and was answered…this is a blessing…this is a gift so Sister…….I’m honored…thank you so very much for your honesty.

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