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Day 8 – Create Your Own World

August 2, 2011

My sister says I live in my own world… She’s probably right, but don’t we all?

I have lived with several different roommates over the past few years and I am amazed and in awe about the different paradigms that we all operate from. Some people spend their time watching TV all day and finding ways to distract themselves and others never turn on the tube and spend most of the time in their own head.  I used to have a roommate who went running in nature early in the morning and left fresh picked oranges by my doorstep.

I have hung out with girls who believe that “if you got it, flaunt it” and still others who think that a woman “must veil their beauty and be modest”, people who never seem to have or want a job, and others who wouldn’t even think of living without a 9 to 5… Some people bring drama, disaster and heartache into every situation and others light up a room. today I talked to a long distance friend and realized how even from miles away, his enthusiasm for life was contagious and i was glowing after our conversation.

We do that to each other, bring each other into our own worlds. A recent roommate of mine helped me to realize that most times when we interact with each other, one person’s worldview dominates the other’s.  Most of us are unaware of the dynamic we are engaging in, but the crafty (and sometimes the wise, the smart and the stupid) go into relationships with a mission to bend the wills of others to suit their own desires. We affect each other either way it goes.

Deepak Chopra says that relationship dynamics are one of three ways: either someone wants to give something to you, someone wants to take something from you, or someone doesn’t care either way it goes.

As I am creating this new life for myself, I am learning to ask myself the questions: D o i want to be in this or that person’s world? What’s really going on here? Is this person trying to drag me into their world (and do i want to be there) or are they all right with me being in my own? I think we can create our own worlds if we are aware of what it is we are trying to create.

Life is getting better and better… Thank you for reading.

Day 8

Create Your Own World

  1. Red Feather permalink

    “Do not be satisfied with the stories that come before you. Unfold your own myth.”
    — Rumi

  2. Gopika permalink

    Creating your own world!

    I didn’t quite think about what Deepak had stated, however, in general we can get a sense of person and figure out where they are coming from. I personally enjoy the folks where when you are with them you both feel elevated and I have had times in my life where I have provided that ignition for others. What I do want to say is, yes I do believe we create our own worlds but often for the sharing!!!– What a joy it can be to share them- not so much demand that others join them or be a fixture in our worlds but to enjoy the journey through and inspire or alter or reiterate what is in their world they wish to continue.

    I too am so amazed at how their are infinite possibilities of how people live! And it is good to see how others live because occasionally a drastic shift is what we need to get back on track!

    Much Love,

    Sistah Gopika 🙂 Stay in Spirit AUM

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