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Day Six – Dreams Come True

July 31, 2011

I’m not quite sure where to start today, but I’m writing this one with my eyes closed so that I can get out of my analytical mind.

I know that the logic mind is the one we are trained to respect, but there is value to the intuitive part of us that feels as well.

It’s early morning and I’ve been up all night just so that I could type this and say that I’m a woman of my word, and I’m proud to say, I AM. It was hard, i aint gon lie. It was hard to get off the bed today, and i almost went to sleep without writing my ten pages or sending my query letter.

but around eleven pm, a friend of me, who reads my blog, called me and reminded me to get up and be a woman of my word. and i did. i finished the first sequence of my script (it turned out to be seven pages, which i’ll trim to five, but even better!), and i wrote a heart-felt query letter for my children’s book and even typed up a fancy envelope which i put it in.

and im thinking about a time in my life when i was about eleven years old and i was a weirdo outcast in school and i didnt have a friend in the world besides my journal and i wished that i could share things with someone, anyone. and i never would have imagined that one day somebody would call me, a friend would call me, to remind me to keep moving towards my goals.

and today i am grateful. because one of my lifelong dreams have come true. i have a friend. i have more than one, but one is enough to bring me to my knees and say that anything is possible. why did anyone tell me that life could be good???

i said i was gonna talk about rewards and punishments, and i don’t really want to anymore, but i’ll keep my word… i think we never really know whether we are being punished or rewarded until the end. the best we can do is keep our conscience clean. for me, that means saying sorry when i know i’m wrong, doing what i truly believe is right, and being honest with myself when i know i don’t know. it’s getting easier for me to believe that life can be magnificent.

So many of our dreams have already come true. Thank you God.

Day Six

Dreams do Come True. Recognize.

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