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Day One – Get Off the Bed

July 21, 2011

How Not to Cry Every Day

so i made it off the bed. immediately after our conversation, i tried to work on my script, but broke down in tears instead. so then i went to my Facebook and deleted some friends. then i went back to the bed… then i fell asleep but not a real sleep because i had too much on my mind… so i sleep cried… for what? i can’t tell you exactly. mainly feeling sorry for myself.

this has been my usual routine for a while. i sleep cry. i pray for God to take the pain away and then i sleep for real. most of the time i wake up feeling better, but sometimes sleep cry rolls over to day cry. i don’t get much done unless there is an immediate requirement that will affect me not eating or having a place to live, and even that doesn’t always move me.

so anyway, i’m writing you this evening because after about a week of chronic depression, i have managed to get off the bed. this i can do. this i would like to do/share with you. i’m going to write a bit of this book every day (among other things) and id like to share with you. i’m learning how not to cry every day and i think this would be most useful to other people if i write it as i’m going through it.

this is a self-help book/memoir. ill write the forward and flesh everything out later, but for now, it’s a bit journalesque.

so would you do me just one favor? would you just read everything i write and not just glimpse through stuff?


I Love You.

How Not to Cry Every Day (or La-Illahah Illah-la)

Day One
Get off the bed.

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