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Day 555 – Time To Heal

October 8, 2021
Y’all…. So, so many things going through my head. So, my ancestors or some spirit or some spell done called me back to Sierra Leone to be over here doing work. I’m sitting with sister having a meeting at the moment. Overseas. Overwhelmed. I was complaining a minute ago about everything. I’m not so complaining anymore. I have to go in a bit, but I just wanted to get on here right quick and write a little quick message about a motivation that came to me. It was about commitment. So, I don’t know what I was saying, but let me tell you something right quick. In this hellova thickofa mud, sometimes ain’t nothing else gonna do it for you. Nothing else is going to work except a real, real, real bonafide commitment to get out of it. We’ve been up in here for way too long. I want to be happy now. I’m still mad at a lot of people. I still have a lot of conversations to have. I still have a lot of processing and shaping and deciding to do. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive. I have to go to a dance class in a minute. My time is full up. I wanted to touch bases with you. So, I started seeing a therapist again a couple days ago. She told me to start looking for and seeking out people who are aligned with me and people who I’m compatible with. I’m into it. I feel hopeful. I’m learning not to judge. It’s time to heal. We’ve just been hurting for way too long. It’s time to heal. Thanks for reading. Be well. I Love you so, so much. I Love you I Love you I Love you.

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