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Day 440 – Your Turn

May 20, 2016

Oh, these emotions… I absolutely Love being alive and experiencing so many things!

Good morning world. I had good dreams last night. Sometimes I am lucky and beautiful dreams come to me while I am sleep. I see poems, movies, books, premonitions, comforting images, scenes of closure, and I wake up feeling renewed and empowered and able, and whatever struggle I may have been going through suddenly becomes more easy.

It is challenging to capture in words, but a shift happens after these dreams. And so last night, I had dreams. Of Peace. Of Love. Of Progress. I understood some things. I heard a poem, “After The Storm”, which I can’t completely remember right now. I saw a man, the stranger I had seen in my Hawaii prayers, covering me, being my protection…

And it is over with My Kind. It is over with My People. It is over with Dream Lover. It is over with Mr. Almost Famous. It is over with Mr. President. It is over with He Who Came Before… It is over with this way with men. It is over with this way with life. Now is the time for aligning Spirit with Will with Action… Now is the time for pure Integrity. Now is the time for Loving Truth.

And I am OK with loss. I am OK with change. I am OK with a new way of being. I am willing to move forward. I allow myself to thrive. Love, take me Over. Grace, have your way with me. God, light me up and burn away all that is not true.

On the ground, pieces of me, shattered.
I pick them up, dust them off.
They are all there.
My smile remains.
Joy around the cracked edges.
Here, my feet still work.
And oh, my heart beats stronger than ever
Put me back together, Lord.
But no, you say. “Put yourself together.
Let the lies fall off and build with Truth this time.
Own up to your power.
Own up to your self
Breathe the breath of life into your bones.
Your turn, now.
I have given all you need…

Will you dare to act upon that which you know? Will you dare to tell the truth to yourself about yourself? Will you dare acknowledge the confused parts, the hypocrisy, the places that do not give life? Will you dare let them go? Will you dare set them straight? Will you dare allow for a life that is a dream come true? Will you dare believe that a dream come true is possible for you? Will you dare to trust yourself? Will you dare to know that it is OK to move forward? The next part is the next part. Will you dare to end the cycle? Will you dare to break the curse?

Do you see how they look at you? They know that you have work to do. I know that you have work to do. You know that you have work to do. We know that a good life, a real good life, a life of excellence, is in your DNA. We know this. We know that you need not suffer. We know this. You know this. We know that the lessons from this time, the lessons from these years have been immense. A training. An initiation into compassion and humility and forgiveness and love, an awakening of Truth and Brilliance in your soul. And oh, the men. You have served them well, and they have served you well also. You have showed them who they are, and they have reflected back the best and worst of you, as you have brought out the best and worst of them… All that is left is choice and action.

Your turn, now. Can you feel the weight fall off your forehead? Can you feel your shoulders free? The chains have been broken. No matter how. Through your sheer willingness to let go of all that is not true, We are granting you a chance at Truth. You may walk more lightly now. Understand? Understand Our meaning. You may walk more lightly now. But you must walk. You must show up for your own self. You must stand up for your own self. You must take action. You already know the way. Oh, there are helpers everywhere. You not alone on this journey. Know this. You already know this…

And oh, there is Love! Real Love. True Love. Honest Love. Know this, Laydie. Know what you know, because you know. Everyone doesn’t. But you do. You know what to do. You know how to be. You know who you are. Stop pretending like you don’t. You know I have blessed you with the gift of a mighty Love, and the gift of a mighty hand and I have planted such deep Joy in you, which you are only now discovering. You know I have given you words and Grace to share and move you through this world. Put yourself together now and show up in the world as you wish to be. You know the man will come; the one to cover you with his protection and Love. You know support is here already. You know you are success. Allow for it. Allow it. Allow it now. It’s your turn, babe. Show up for yourself and show up in the world as you truly are: Blessed, Full of Light, Gracious, and all the rest… It’s Your Turn.


Day 440
Your Turn

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