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Day 408 – Garden Things

November 8, 2015

Ok. This is my last try. I have been trying to get a posting up for over two weeks now, and every time I start, I just get writer’s block. Like, it’s not going in any direction I want to go.

I am going to close my eyes. Because I’m going to post something today, God.

Let’s start at the beginning. Why am I here? Writing my way out of depression. I’m not really depressed anymore. Writing my way to the other side of depression, which is rebuilding/creating a life that you like living. The Renaissance.


So where are we now?

We are at the empty place. The beginning of creation. We have been uprooting weeds for some time. There were so many. And even now, there are pieces of pain embedded in the cellular memory of the soil I call my life. There is a massage needed. A reprogramming. The soil is not quite ready for the planting of these new seeds of life. It needs more water. More sun. A little more tilling. A few deeps weeds that were hiding deep within need an uprooting.

This is where we are in life. We are getting ready for the planting. About a month’s worth of consistent preparation, followed by a planting of beautiful seeds, should reap the beginnings of a wonderful harvest by January.

I have brought myself here without even knowing it. You have brought me here. To prepare. And to plant the seeds that will set the tone for the rest of my life. Thank you, God.

I am in Hawaii. I will be here until January. I just made that decision as I’m writing. As I’m writing, I’m realizing that everything is working out just fine. I am living a fairy tale. Somehow, something in me knows that the ending is more beautiful than I think it will be. I am in Hawaii, for goodness sake. Where my mom cooks every day and my sisters surround me with their strength and beauty. The little ones keep you present and remind you to be where you are. You have no choice but to be with them when you are with them… I am grateful.

You are whispering to my Spirit about money and about art. I am an artist, huh? Am I J.K. Rowling? Or Maya Angelou? I have work to do, like them, You say. And like them, I have been to the bottom and explored the lows of humanity for myself, and I can talk about it now. I am qualified. Soon, I will be qualified to talk about the highs as well.

You say that my King has been waiting patiently for me to recognize who I am and be my True self, my best self. And once I am ready, once I say the word, he will be by my side to continue on this journey called life.

-Be encouraged. I did not plant the Dream of your life deep in your soul so that you will not realize it. You have reached out to Me, and I have come to set You free. And free You must be. Be encouraged. It easier than you think. It does not have to be tears and struggle. It does not have to be sad. Practice smiling now. Practice joy now. Shine light upon the empty soil and burn away the remnants of pain. Wash it with pure water. Let the air dance on its surface. Offer Love whenever you can until it becomes Your way.

For surely, this is your way. Do not concern yourself with those who will misunderstand. You understand. You know your reasons… Close your eyes and see yourself as I see you… Find the path that will lead you home and walk it.

Close your eyes… Where are you now? What is the need for the garden of your life? Is it time to uproot weeds so that life may blossom? Does the empty soil need to be tilled, nourished and prepared for a new planting? Is it time to plant seeds? Is now the moment to enjoy the sunshine while your garden grows or is now the moment that the harvest must be reaped less it rot?

It is all a matter of perception. Life can be a lovely adventure if we choose to see it that way.

With Love,


Day 408
Garden Things

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