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Day 309 – Spring

April 13, 2014

Hi there Love.

Day 309.

Just a small offering before I head out for the day.

A good day already.

I am in Love. With nothing in particular. I know what happens when I feel this way. I see white butterflies. I meet new people. I get gifts. Healings take place. My smile comes from my belly and people are blessed by me.

I have a lot of good news. Things in the works, but I’ll wait till it happens to share this time. Let’s just say that birth is taking place. Things are blossoming.

Dead skin is being shed. Spring is here at last.

I am remembering a smile. Sean Patrick. The type of memory every young girl should have. Full of passion and life. Frisky smile. Playful times. Talks about the future. I am remembering walking in front of him. Turning around. Smiling. He smiles back at me. Uninhibited. Beautiful… He was so beautiful.

I am remembering the side of me that falls in love. Oh, she’s pretty awesome. I am remembering that I’m pretty awesome. I’m pretty awesome. Not in a conceited kind of way, but in a real way. Sometimes you just have to remember that your worth something.

Sometimes you have to remember how much healing and beauty can come from your smile. Sometimes you just have to let it be Spring. Let the healings take place. Let the Love take over. Blossom at last. Just blossom, already. Stop holding back and being scared. Stop holding back. Blossom already.

It’s Spring time, y’all.


Day 309


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