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Day 191 – A Good Thing Today

November 29, 2012

Good morning world. I woke up today with a smile on my heart and on my face. I don’t know why it happens like that some days, but I’m grateful any way.

Can’t write long, because I have to get dressed so I can go to my internship at my writing center. I’m excited about going anywhere new these days, lol. I guess when you go somewhere new, there’s always the possibility of something new happening.

The holiday season is upon us. I could go down south and visit fam. They say the world is going to end, and maybe it would be nice to be with fam just in case that happens. But I don’t want to. I Love them, but I’ve got new on the mind. New what? I don’t know. One of my friends suggested that I am always living in the future or the past, never in today, so in the spirit of intentional adventures, Lord, I’d like to be a part of this day today. Let ambition and regret rest for a moment. Give nostalgia and hope a break and just participate in exactly what is here right now.

At this moment, it’s this magic computer that connects me with people all over the world. It’s my room with the bushy tree out of the window, the place I’ve come to know as home. Right now it is me. You are whispering to my heart that I am enough. Right here and right now. With all my issues and all the good things about me. With my hopes and successes and failures. Alone or surrounded by people. I am enough right here and right now. This is the smile I woke up with. I am enough. You are telling me to say it again and add the last part in. I am good enough. I am good enough. I am good enough. I am good enough. I am good enough. I am good enough. My life is valuable just as it is. People will tell you otherwise. That you have to be this, that and the other to have value, but you have value just as you are, flawed and all. You have value in your simple smile and in the smallest acts of creation. A good meal.

I have to get ready to go. Another moment in time with you, God. I Love you. Make this day a good day on purpose, You tell me. On purpose. You are going outside today. Congratulations. Remember that just your presence wherever you go is a good thing. You are a good thing. Oh, you need to remember and practice that remembrance. It’s not conditional. They will tell you you need money or stuff. It’s not true. You are a good thing regardless. You are a good thing even if you don’t always see it. You are still a good thing… Today, today, and today…

Day 191

A Good Thing Today

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