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Day 133 – A New Foundation

May 18, 2012

This is another one of those days. I’ve been writing for the past two hours, just sorting out thoughts, and I’d like to start over.

I had a dream last night that I saved a little girl from being shot by a gun. I also dreamed that someone who I submitted one of my children’s books to callled and said he wanted to work with me.

Other than that, the days have been pretty uneventful here and I haven’t had much to write about. For the past four days, I’ve been going running with my brother every morning, but today we decided not to go.

I had been sinking for the past few days, like a heavy quicksand kind of sinking, not even realizing what’s going on, but today I’m pulling my feet out of the mud. Nothing in particular happened, I just finally understood what it means to live a life differently than how you’ve been raised and why the people you have grown up with might look at you funny.

Today I am looking for flowers. My friend said that there are always flowers for those who seek them, and so I am starting the day in this way. With the exception of one writing submission, I’ve been mostly apathetic this week, and I’d like to come back to life now. So let’s go, God. I know we can do this. I’m up for whatever.

I am open and receptive on purpose now. I am choosing to put my own will upon the palate of life, no longer a victim to other people’s visions of who and what they think I should be. I am choosing, Allah, a good life by any means and through all means. In the midst of whatever chaos I might find, I am choosing peace. I am choosing love. I am choosing success. I am choosing Divine alignment. Over and over again. I am choosing goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Goodness. Goodness. For a moment, I am getting out of my mind and invoking you, oh Spirit. You, The Creator and The Guide. You, the Comforter of Disheartened People. You, the Compassionate and the Omnipotent. They say that the secret is believing that for any action, the highest possible result is automatically forthcoming, and so, I allow myself to believe it.

The highest possible result is automatically forthcoming. I trust. I release all resistance to my good. Over and over again until it is gone. I open and accept the new life that is bursting to come out of me. I trust. I release. I open. I am choosing Truth and Ease as my name and I’m not fighting anymore. Nope. I’m not fighting anyone anymore. Harmonious relationships are my new lot in life. I trust that now. It’s okay if people don’t like me. It’s okay if they don’t understand. It’s even okay if I don’t understand. Harmonious relationships are still my lot in life.

We are creating new patterns in place of the old. We are building a new identity from a place of trust and love and openness. We are doing the work, and God, you said that if we ask, You will be there for us, and so I am trusting that even during the times that I can not see clearly, You are there for me and the highest possible result is automatically forthcoming. This is my new foundation. Out with the old and in with the new. Keep what has been working and change the rest. I’m not scared about it today. I’m actually happy and excited about this new life and I think this is exactly where I’m supposed to be…

One day at a time, one thought, one action, one brick, one relationship, we are building a foundation for our new life. Thank you God.

Day 133

A New Foundation


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